My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 52.2

Vatory pulled out a short knife made of black mineral from the palm of her hand. Her knife, which came out as if piercing through the palm skin, was curved like a fang.

She put her finger in the hole at the end of the handle of the knife on both sides and twirled it.

“Hmm. . . . I want to go in quickly.”

Gunshots and screams can be heard from all sides. Most of the Chimeraz group seemed to have already entered the depths of the facility.

Gnox, who had put his hand on the colony structure, seemed to be concentrating on the electronic world with his eyes closed.

“Is it still far?”

“I’m looking for the location first because there’s a restriction on the facility control authority. A hierarchical network structure with a complex file system. . . .”

“What are you talking about?”

“The system here is very closed.”

“So how long will it take?”

“. . . .I found it.”

Gnox pointed his finger at the empty floor. The direction of a straight line from the tip of his finger is diagonally downwards into the ground.

“The server is in that direction. The blueprints and technical data of the Babylonia Planet Weapon. . . . It’s a closed server that stores usage records and the like.”

“Got it. Shall we go?”

“Wait a minute. Take the map.”

Gnox sent the map data obtained from the makeshift colony as a wave to Kreion and Vatory.

Vatory pressed her finger hard against her temple and made a stupid face.

“Something just came into my head.”

“There’s a place called ‘Closed Archive’ on the map. The location classification is Sector D. You’re over there. . . .”

“Should I eliminate the troops and guard until your tentacles are connected?”

“That’s right. But the weapons used by the soldiers of this facility seem to be somewhat unique. They’re called fission rifles, and they can be dangerous if hit head-on.”

“You’ve grown a lot. You’re even worried about me.”

“I’m telling you not to go overboard. You should avoid unnecessary fighting. In the meantime, I’ve sent out a group to break through there separately, so join them and fight together.”

“Got it, got it.”



He is a 25-year-old man with brown hair and dark green eyes. He is a soldier who does not belong to Babylonia or Mirnyy, but to another place.

Asher, armed with a special energy shotgun in each of his two hands and wearing a mechanical mask that covers his lower face, is wearing a new combat uniform.

Unlike soldiers armed with full-body combat suits, Asher has his head exposed to the external environment, except for the mask part. The reason for this is that he is not an ordinary human being.

【Closed Archive】

On a wide, flat floor, angular server equipment is stacked like bookshelves, as quiet as a machine library.

The troops guarding this place went out to form a defensive line on the path leading to Sector D. If even that defensive line is broken through by the Chimeraz, Asher will be the last defender.

Clank. . . . Clank. . . .

He sits down at a glass table and inserts a square cartridge into his energy shotgun.

➖The 3rd defensive line of Sector D has been breached! We’re the last ones here! Request support!


Clank. . . . Clank. . . .

After fully loading the two energy shotguns, Asher attached two more energy shotguns to the electromagnet on his back in an X shape. He was the only one equipped with four energy shotguns.

He attached a large-bore pistol to the electromagnet on the right side of his waist, and an axe-shaped cutter to the left. And on the electromagnet on his hip, he attached a variety of projectiles.


➖Creuk. . . .! Creek. . .!


Asher lowered the volume of the noisy intercom built into his combat suit. Then he got up from the glass table and picked up the energy shotguns in both hands.


The thick blast door was blown away by the bright red plasma.

Swoosh. . . .

And then, Cresecter, whose head was curved like a crescent moon, barely squeezed into the narrow passage from beyond. The gaze felt from the guy’s red one eye is creepy.


Following that, the Hounz darted under Cresecter’s body and rushed into the closed archive.


Ashel ran silently. He aimed the energy shotgun at the Cresecter farthest away and fired it, replacing the trigger with his brain waves alone.


A 2-stage explosive bullet fired from the muzzle hits Cresecter’s sturdy head and explodes. At the same time, the cluster bullet that had penetrated the exoskeleton exploded again, blowing Cresecter’s head off.

In the meantime, the Hounz group ran up to Asher’s nose.

Zheung. . .!

This time, high-power lasers were fired like countless beams, piercing the bodies of the three Hounz in front.


On top of the fallen Hounz’s bodies, another Hounz ran and swung its tail. The cutter of the tail, which sharply cut through the air, aimed at Asher, and he pointed both energy shotguns forward.


This time, physical energy bullets exploded the Hounz, and Asher used the recoil to jump back a great distance.

However, the Hounz seemed to be vaguely aware of Asher’s tactics, not rushing in a straight line, but spreading out here and there in an attempt to surround him.

Asher soon had to deal with a group of Hounz rushing from various directions.

Phooosh! Phooosh! Phooosh!

He freely uses recoil as a means of moving his body. He evades the tail of the Hounz, avoids the flying claws, and jumps away, then shoots at the floor and jumps into the air. Each time he fired, the Hounz died in droves.

By the time the bodies of the Hounz that had exploded and died were piled up, two Tritulas had entered the space.

Kahaak. . .!

Before they could spit out their bone awls, Asher quickly attached his main weapon to his back and threw two grenade-like projectiles with one hand.

The projectiles fired flames like rockets as they flew. And then it went right into the snouts of the two Tritulas.


It was a laser grenade.


The moment the white flash flashed, in the light, the green rays that were fired in all directions pierced the Tritula’s entire body, and the wall, ceiling, and floor at the end of the laser’s path were blackened with black spots.

And at that moment, Asher deployed the energy shield of his combat suit forward to be safe from the crossfire of the laser grenade.

After a successful defense, Asher stopped in place and listened.

A steady echo can be heard from the passage beyond the entrance.

It was a regular sound, like the sound of footsteps.

The identity of the echo, which was gradually approaching, finally entered this space.

“What are you, you. . . . Could it be Asher?”

“. . . .Vatory.”

Vatory, who was covered in human blood all over her body, came in.

“Nice to see you. But why are you here?”

“I’m a member of the anti-Chimeraz special forces.”

Asher’s voice sounded very rough, as if it had been distorted by a machine due to the mask.


“You’re on that side. I’m a human resource on this side.”

Asher aimed the energy shotgun at Vatory without hesitation, and she seemed to be thinking about something intently with an innocent expression, as if she had no sense of vigilance.


Then she points at Asher with her curved sword.

“6 out of 13 were sold to New Ark! So are you affiliated with New Ark now?”

“A special anti-Chimeraz force dispatched all over the world. I became a soldier who kills you and your race. I don’t know where I belong.”

“Then you are. . . . an artificial human who received the physical abilities of the Chimeraz. . . .? I see. Do you feel the waves coming out of my head by any chance?”

“I’m not a Chimeraz.”

“Too bad.”

“. . . .How many of your party have woken up?”

“Gnox and I for now. The other five are being infused with memories.”

“Infuse memories?”

“The experiences we know are all fake. You won’t believe me even if I tell you.”

“Did the monster brainwash you?”

“You, me, and the other friends never met in real life? Everything you know is fake.”

“. . . . . . .”

“Look, you don’t believe me.”

Asher’s eyes showed clear hostility.

“I don’t have any affection for you, unlike my other colleagues.”

“That’s a bit too much. . . . Just come under Kreion-nim with good words. It’s more fun here.”

“I hate bioweapons. If you, who have no heart, have become a bioweapon, I have no choice but to kill you even more. You were a monster even before you became what you are now.”

“Huh. . . . . . .”

Vatory tried hard to suppress the ridicule that was about to burst out.

“Well, if you don’t intend to be on our side, will you step aside? I have to occupy this place. . . .”


Asher’s muzzle fired without warning.

Vatory, who was hit by the energy bullet as it was, had shallow holes pierced all over her body and face. Blood-mixed flesh fell to the floor, and even broken bone fragments were exposed in the area where she was shot.


But she didn’t collapse, and she opened her eyes wide with her face flushed red.

“Shit. . . . I’m bleeding. . . .”

She is already recovering from her gunshot wound.

“Crazy bitch.”

Immediately afterwards, Vatory charged at Asher.

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