My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 51.2

“If the truth of the incident that Aooa was deeply involved in becomes known to people. . . In the first place, why did you return after trading with Chimeraz without saying anything to the Foundation?”

【I have no excuse for that part. I was short-sighted at the time.】

“Then, Diplomat. Since you traded, the Aooa received the materials for the protein satellites from the Chimeraz, and in return, what did Aooa give to the Chimeraz?”

Ring formation technique.

Oaaa sold the band coil technique to the Chimeraz in order to solve his race’s famine. However, he could never confess that. Because it would not be an exaggeration to say that the technique that he sold at that time made the Chimeraz’s universal activities possible now.

【. . .】

The relationship between humans and the Aooa would become much worse. Because, in a way, he was the one providing the cause for war.


In the end, Oaaa bent his three legs that drooped down like fins and bent his already bent back even more.

【I apologize.】

The Aooa, who had achieved their current galactic civilization without experiencing civil war among their race, quarrels between neighbors, competition, feuds, or crimes, were weak against lies and violence.

So Aooa’s race had survived by bowing their heads like this for the past few centuries.

【I thought wrongly. I had no intention of leading to this situation and putting humans in trouble. Even if there was a mistake, it was my mistake alone, not our Aooa.】

Then Serlyn spoke as if she had been waiting for Aooa’s response.

“Get up. You’re still a First-class diplomat. . . I think I delved into the topic too much without knowing.”

【No. Humans are our friends, but I just. . . To make up for this enormous mistake, I will accept anything.】

“If you say so, then I’ll keep it a secret. Because I’m also aware of the Aooa’s circumstances, separate from my personal feelings.”

Serlyn, who had made Oaaa submit with those words, achieved her real goal as planned.

“Tell me the Chimeraz’s main colony planet right now. You’re the only one who knows that.”

It was a statement that Oaaa couldn’t help but question.

【Didn’t the Foundation’s pursuit fleet also know the location of Chimeraz’s main colony?】

“No. The pursuit fleet was annihilated. Every single one of them died and no one returned.”

That kind of incident happened while Oaaa’s fleet had left the Human Galaxy.

【How did that happen. . . I didn’t know. Surely, the humans still haven’t pinpointed the location of the Chimeraz’s main colony. . .】

“Chimeraz is probably continuing to grow stronger. Even as we speak, their numbers are increasing. So the UNF can’t just defend forever.”

Oaaa agreed inwardly.

The humans still didn’t know, but the Chimeraz was now attacking even the Large Magellanic Cloud’s Tarantula Nebula. The Chimeraz was probably the only race that could wage war in two galaxies simultaneously.

“Tell me. Where is the Chimeraz’s main colony? I’ll keep your wrongdoings a secret.”

What she wanted now was Chimeraz’s main colony in the Human Galaxy, so even if he told her this, the Chimeraz of the Large Magellanic Cloud would be fine. And he had no choice but to refuse her request right away.

The reality was that Aooa had received and was still receiving help from the Chimeraz, but he was also receiving help from humans. So the relationship with the two races could only be balanced by understanding.

First of all, you only need to defeat the chimeraz of the Large Magellanic Cloud led by Anima. Thus, the abominable Crolr will perish in despair. And you can get a reasonable amount of what Crolr had from chimeraz. Because they had heard that Anima, the second ruler of Chimeraz, had made that kind of promise after meeting with Emperor Aooa.

The Chimeraz of the Large Magellanic Cloud would become an opportunity to solve Aooa’s long-standing deprivation and open a new era.

The Emperor yearned for such a future and the Council of Elders decided to trust Anima.


Therefore, the ‘Chimeraz of the Human Galaxy’ led by Kreion was currently unrelated to the Aooa.

For now, that was the only way to calculate it.

It was a selfish thought, but in the end, Aooa had to force an answer as a member of Aooa.

【. . . The coordinates of Chimeraz’s main colony are recorded in my fleet. It is a red dwarf star in a dark nebula. I’ll send you the exact coordinates.】

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