My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 50.2

Kardashev Universal Civilization

It is a concept that newly defines today’s human civilization that meets certain conditions, as mankind leaves Mars and establishes new civilizations.

The UNF is an international community in which all countries of mankind today participate, and it is a powerful organization that has many regulations for macroscopic treaties for the benefit of all mankind, such as special mutual defense, special mutual non-aggression, and monopoly regulation of high-risk weapons.

And the summit meeting of the leaders of the new space civilization held by the UNF at this place can be considered as a gathering of the heads of mankind.

The leaders of each country sit around the round table as a hologram that is very similar to reality. Their number is 15.

In the center of the round table, the logo hologram of Hyper Mind, the UNF’s AI executive who synthesizes and advises their decisions, floats.

“What do you think, Mars PP (Planet President)? Regarding the decentralization of the UNF fleet.”

The planetary president of Mars, the spiritual capital of mankind, has a strong voice in his speech.

“The chimeraz is a common threat to humanity. I think it is better to maintain the current policy of setting up a garrison of allied forces in each country and protecting it.”

Then the star president of the economic power, Rubyco, expressed his doubts.

“Entrepreneurs think differently. The current policy should be revised to further decentralize power to protect corporate activities. Many corporate deep space activities are facing the huge risk of chimeraz. In fact, there are many places that are actually suffering losses.”

“However, it is also the responsibility of each company to protect such external activities on its own. If the UNF decentralizes the power of the allied forces in order to protect such activities one by one, a second Nemea invasion could break out. We need to focus on protecting each country, as we are now.”

“Hmm. . . . Do you have any comments, Nemea SP (Star President)?”

Nemea’s star president had been speaking little since the meeting began, and his expression was always bad.

“I. . . . Thanks to the UNF’s support, we have recaptured Nemea and re-established the overthrown country. . . . Yes. I agree with Rubyco SP-nim. Another situation like Nemea should not happen.”

The satellite vice president of Jupiter’s Ganymede and Europa satellites and the satellite president of the Jupiter Federal Government, who is the superior, agree.

“That’s right. If news spreads in the Local Group galaxy that we almost lost a country to a race we had never heard of before, how would other races evaluate us? If humanity, the cornerstone of all races, shows weakness, the balance of power will collapse, and the peace of the Local Group galaxy could be broken.”

Jupiter, which has the largest military power in the solar system, is giving strength to the argument to protect each country.

“Yes. And according to the latest intelligence from the Greater Magellanic Embassy, ​​the Crolr has shown suspicious movements, such as gathering a large fleet and training troops. I don’t know if they finally drew their swords against humanity after seeing the Nemea invasion, or if they are trying to do the usual conquest.

“Aooa recently asked for help because of the exploitation of the Crolr, but we refused. The reason for rejecting it was to avoid friction with the Crolr. However, if the Crolr moves like that after the Nemea invasion, we need to focus even more on the defense of each country.”

“Following the Crolr, the chimeraz. . . . It’s an ominous situation.”

As the topic began to flow elsewhere, Hyper Mind, the UNF’s official AI executive, spoke up.

“I will summarize the suggestions for the UNF’s power distribution to protect corporate deep space activities.”

The leaders remained silent.

“Raise your hands if you agree that the UNF’s power should be distributed to protect corporate deep space activities.”

The leaders of Venus, Jupiter, Rubyco, Defaulstellay, Radiake, and Drake raised their hands.

“Confirmed. Raise your hands if you are against the matter.”

The leaders of Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Nemea, Slav, Corcovado , and Ispera raised their hands.

Those who agreed were mostly militarily weak or conservative, while those who opposed were mostly powerful countries that could protect their own countries without the power of the UNF.

After the meeting and voting, Hyper Mind confirmed the positions of each country and summarized their opinions.

“With 6 votes in favor and 7 votes against, the UNF’s power distribution policy will remain the same as the current state of protecting each country, but the meeting time will be extended as the pros and cons are close to a tie. We will continue to speak freely until the pros and cons change or a compromise is proposed.”

Sheamus Pollan, the federal star president of Defaulstellay, a major power, opened his mouth.

“Executive. Is there any good advice for a compromise?”

Hyper Mind answers his question in a mechanical voice.

“Since we do not know the size, distribution, or movement of the chimeraz species, I am unable to give you the best advice at this time.”

“Hmm. . . . What should I do about this.”

There are two ways.

One is to distribute more of the UNF’s power to protect corporate activities. The chimeraz is attacking humans and organizations engaged in deep space activities, causing numerous human and material casualties.

If such corporate damage accumulates, the power of mankind will eventually weaken in the long term from the UNF’s point of view. This is because most of the existing countries were evolved forms of large corporations, and it is also corporations that raise such countries.

The other is to protect the civilizations of mankind by stationing allied forces in each country as they are now, in order to prevent tragedies such as the Nemea invasion. This is because the military power of countries lacking military power is essential for the protection of their citizens.

If the chimeraz targets a weak country and invades again, like Nemea, many people will question the raison d’etre of the UNF, and the external races may perceive the chimeraz as stronger than humanity, which could lead to the balance of power among races being disrupted.

Hyper Mind says that he cannot give advice because he does not know the variable of the chimeraz properly.

So the leaders are silent in a situation where they can neither do this nor that.

“I think this is an issue that needs to be approached a little more intelligently, rather than militarily or diplomatically.”

The leader who broke the brief silence was the planetary president of Venus.

He looks at one of the leaders.

“I think the person who solved the invasion of the alien race 20 years ago would know the best. . . .”

Everyone follows his gaze and focuses on a man with eyes to the answer.

The man who received the attention of the leaders of each country is a 53-year-old man with a black suit, a purple tie, a mechanical eye on his left eye, and the appearance of a 40-year-old.

The president of Obsidiamon Corporation, a government-level national organization of the Drake star nation, and the star administrator of the Drake star nation.

A leader who is evaluated as a living great man today and a hero of the past.

“What do you think about this issue, Drake Star Administrator?”

“. . .Yes.”

The man’s name was Lopez.

“I have one thought.”

When he opens his mouth, everyone listens, regardless of whether they are a major or minor country.

“I think that in order for the UNF to protect the deep space activities of corporations, it needs to receive help from the corporations as well. How about gathering large corporations that have the ability to counter the chimeraz in some way, and establishing a cooperative system between the UNF and the large corporations?”

Then, Sheamus Pollan mustered up the courage to mix words with Lopez.

“What you mean is. . . . Are you saying that we should come up with a compromise by making the UNF and the company help each other?”

“Yes. It is to fight against the chimeraz by joining forces with large corporations more actively. It’s about sharing information, sharing strategies, and combining human and material resources to fight against each other. . . .Executive.”


“What do you think of the compromise I mentioned?”

Hyper Mind seemed to evaluate his suggestion with a vast amount of data and sophisticated computing power, and answered a little late.

“. . .Considering various unspecified variables, it is the most efficient choice that the UNF can make at this time.”

Lopez immediately took the lead in the meeting after hearing that.

“If there is no better compromise, let’s vote right away.”

Everyone glanced at each other and nodded slightly. All the leaders seemed to simply agree that the UNF and the companies would join forces against the chimeraz.


“Yes. Raise your hands if you agree with the compromise of power distribution of the UNF and the mutual cooperation system between large corporations against the chimeraz.”

At that time, not a single leader raised his hand to disagree with the compromise.

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