My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 45.1

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒𝟓: 𝐒𝐭𝐢𝐠𝐦𝐚 (5)

Through the empty space of the ring, Lemegeton’s fleet reduces their speed.

This was the visible distance of the star Defaulstellay.

Zzeraan. . .

One ship opened its mouth from within the Lemegeton fleet, and an ordinary spaceship flew out.

Vatory in the driver’s seat hears Nazar’s wavelength.

➖I have created a gravity wave cable. I can only support up to the outer orbit, so it will take 26 hours to reach the capital planet.

“Hey, Nazzar.”

➖It’s ‘Na’zar.

“The headquarters of the Venice Editorial Intelligence Agency is called Venezia?”

➖. . .Yes. Venezia is a colony in orbit. To enter there with your fake alien identity, Vatory, you must use Warsaw’s Hyper Loop Orbital Elevator. So the spaceship you are in now must be docked at Warsaw’s spaceport.

“It’s too complicated.”

➖Defaulstellay is the capital planet of Defaulstellay. Warsaw is a satellite of Defaulstellay, and in the orbit of that satellite is a colony called Venezia.

➖That Venezia is the headquarters of the Venice Editorial Intelligence Agency. You can ask the locals for the rest. Locals call it EIA.

“Anyway, you mean I can do it my way?”

➖. . .You just have to safely seize humanity’s largest galaxy map from the EIA. I’ll come back here in 3 days and wait for 7 days.


The chimeraz, who had successively defeated the Darwin Foundation’s pursuit fleet, Apoptology, and the Nemea stellar nation, recovered many human objects.

The ship Vatory was on was a civilian property obtained from the Nemea stellar nation, but Gnox hacked and modified the registration information embedded in the ship.

Also, the cell phone that Vatory is holding now was originally owned by a soldier, but thanks to Gnox, her information was modified.

[Successfully logged in]

[Account: Amanda]

A common name. Vatory borrowed the identity of a human who might be somewhere.

She skillfully planned her course by manipulating her cell phone as if she had done it before.


Defaulstellay is a federal stellar nation in which six planetary nations have united to form one nation.

With a population of 16.5 billion and ranked 1st in military power among the Kardashev Universal Civilizations, it is a civilization that exerts a strong influence in the international community.

Therefore, the Defaulstellay Federal Stellar Nation pursues the prosperity of its country and the coexistence of mankind, and also becomes the head of the UNF, which represents the nations of mankind.

This man, who is 96 years old this year and looks to be in his 50s, is the (federal) president of Defaulstellay. Sheamus Pollan.

He walked up to a luxurious wooden door and looked back at the three aides following behind him.

“Hmm. Go to your seats. I have something personal to attend to.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Pollan entered a space by himself.

Thud. . . . . .

What looked like a wooden door outside was disguised as the same metallic material as the wall on the inside.

It’s a sharp space with nothing. White light illuminates the entire ceiling, and in the center of the space is a mechanical sphere levitating with an anti-gravity device.


“I’ve been waiting for you. Pollan-nim.”

“Call Rittan and Darwin right away. I can only hang out for 30 minutes.”

“I’ll connect the hologram.”

Jiing. . . . . .

Then, Francis Darwin, the head of the Darwin Foundation, and Illinoi Rittan, the president of the Whitehole Group, appeared as holograms.

“Connection complete.”

“Nice to meet you. Pollan-nim.”

“Pollan-nim! Long time no see. Haha.”

Darwin and Rittan’s expressions look contrasting.

“So Darwin, Ark. You said you couldn’t pinpoint the planet where Kreion made its nest. Is that still the same?”

Darwin replies in an insecure voice.

“I’m fine now. . . . . I don’t know anything about it right now because I don’t have that ability.”

The mechanical sphere connected to Ark responds.

“We are checking one by one through the reconnaissance ship, but it is calculated that it will take considerable time to find Kreion’s colony in our galaxy.”

“UNF cleaned up Nemea. We destroyed the colony and chimeraz that were spread there, but Kreion was gone. The leaders Ludwig and Phlegeth, whom Darwin mentioned, were not there either. What happened to this?”

“Oh, yes. That’s because Kreion judged that he couldn’t win against UNF. So he destroyed the dimensional passageway and left Nemea to buy time, and returned to his headquarters somewhere. . .”

“Darwin. Who doesn’t know that and asks?”

” . . .”

“Even dealing with a single Kreion is a headache. So why didn’t you tell me in advance that you can create leaders like that? Are you really on the human side?”

” . . .I’m sorry.”

“Your mistakes have piled up and caused this situation. It’s different now than it was 20 years ago. As the world has become larger, there are many things that are difficult for us to solve with our own hands.”

” . . .”

“We can always prevent accidents by communicating closely. Come to think of it, you’ve always had a problem trying to make achievements that your superiors will see. Fix it a bit.”

” . . .Yes. . . .”

Darwin says little.

“If you want to make up for it even a little, do your best to train special forces for the great chimeraz and create a field manual. Only then will the Darwin Foundation be revived. Right?”

“Yes. Thank you for your advice.”

“In the first place, chimeraz was the most powerful weapon that would have become the power of mankind. That was the intention of Ark and I when we ordered it to you. Now it has transformed into a public enemy for strengthening human military power. . .”

Then, Ark’s mechanical sphere nods.

“Anyway, since chimeraz is something you created, you’ll be the best at figuring out how to deal with it. Don’t think that Ark is watching you, but think that it is protecting you from the wrong path.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Pollan turns his head to Rittan with his back turned.

“Yes, Rittan. I heard that the Aooa diplomatic fleet visited your outer space airport facility and went to the Magellan anchorage?”

“Yes. We received a reply from the facility.”

“Who was the diplomat in that fleet?”

“1st Class Diplomat, Oaaa.”

“How many ships?”

“There were 22 fleets.”

Pollan synthesizes information obtained from each of their areas.

“Darwin. I heard that you made a deal with Aooa’s fleet to catch Kreion and the chimeraz under the pretext of asking them for it. Before Apoptology broke out.”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“Was Aooa 22 fleets back then too?”


Pollan comes to a conclusion after a deep thought process.

“. . . .It means that the Aooas have already gotten what they wanted without a fight and have returned. It’s a deal with Kreion instead of the Darwin Foundation.”

“Is that so?”

“If it was 22 ships when it came and 22 ships when it returned, it means there was no damage. However, looking at what happened to Apoptology, the pursuit fleet, and the Nemea stellar nation by the chimeraz. . . . . It is hard to think that the peaceful race would not have lost a single ship when fighting against the chimeraz. They didn’t fight at all.”

“Then Kreion with 370 billion tons of organic matter. . .”

“Isn’t that possible with chimeraz?”

Rittan repeatedly twiddles the white jade cross necklace and thinks of something.

“Wasn’t it the Aooas who asked for help because they were struggling because of the Crolr race? But we, humans, rejected their request for help.”

“The Aooa might end up collaborating with the chimeraz.”

“They might be using the power of the chimeraz to deal with the Crolr race. Is this okay?”

“Then we benefit. The Crolr are the most warlike race that humans are wary of. The only thing I’m worried about is. . . . . is that the chimeraz can absorb the power of the Crolr.”

“It doesn’t seem like something we can do anything about. When that will happen. . .”

“I’ll have to talk to ‘him’ about this. He’ll be busy.”

“If it’s him, he’ll probably hear the secret talks we’re having right now.”

“Don’t worry about that. Darwin just do what I said properly, and Rittan, you should keep in touch with Aooa’s diplomats often in the future. Ark. . . . . You’ll do well on your own.”

Darwin continues to try to hide his unpleasant expression, and Rittan just looks comfortable. And Ark, who entered the mechanical sphere, still doesn’t know his mind.

“UNF’s AI enforcer has advised open war. This is the judgment that chimeraz is an obvious enemy of humanity. All of you should cooperate regardless of means and methods.”

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