My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 43.3

It is an office full of various research equipment and computers.

Three Grade A personnel and two private soldiers gathered in front of the private elevator that goes down to the lowest floor, waiting for the elevator to come up.

“Did all the ground troops die?”

“Yes. The last order was to evacuate only Grade A and B personnel to the lowest floor bunker.”

“Grade B works on the ground. Evacuation is what, they must all be dead already.”

“How many private soldiers are left?”

“Including us, all four squads guarding the lowest floor are all there is.”

The Grade A personnel look calm even though the army has been annihilated and hundreds of people on the ground have died.

“It’s the first time we’ve seen an alien race.”

“Look. Don’t you think there are more aliens coveting our galaxy than we thought?”

“At this rate, they’ll soon invade the underground as well. Do we have any defensive measures?”

“We’re giving up on everyone except the lowest floor personnel. If only we go down, the lowest floor will be completely isolated with an 8-layer alloy platform.”

“That’s good. Those who should live should live.”

At that moment, a woman with white hair and a red dress appeared at the end of the office corridor.

“Who’s that?”

“Halt! Only Grade B or higher personnel can enter!”

The woman with very pale skin appeals, showing her ID card.

“I. . .I’m a Grade B personnel! Just now, a soldier on the ground told me to come down quickly. . .!”

“Stop right there!”

She is breathing heavily, perhaps because she ran all the way here. There are tears in her eyes.

“I guess you were lucky to survive on the ground.”

“Judging from her outfit, she seems to be someone who works in the first floor garden.”

“The working environment is good there. There are many pretty women.”

“Can you call that a beauty? It looks like she’s sick. . .”

“Anyway, that person’s Grade B ID card is correct. Let her come quickly for now. We don’t have time.”

At the urging of the Grade A personnel, the two private soldiers gestured knowingly.

“Come this way!”

She, who had barely reached this point, was able to barely get on the last elevator.

Just in time, the privates receive news from their combat suit’s communication.

➖Unidentified creatures have infiltrated the upper floors. Squad 3, assemble in front of the deputy director’s office.

She tried to catch her breath between the three Grade A personnel and the two privates.

Then the Grade A personnel spoke.

“Are you okay? You must have been shocked.”

“. . .”

“I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you. Do you work in the garden?”

“. . .Yes. I don’t usually come down. . .”

“You’re the only Grade B who survived. Let’s think of it as good fortune.”

“Thank you. Ah. . .by any chance, can I ask where the deputy director is?”

“Hahaha. . .Do you know the deputy director’s name?”

“Huh? Deputy Director Meary.”

“Why are you, a Grade B, suddenly looking for her?”

“She is in the deputy director’s office. By the way, did you happen to see the server room on your way here?”

“Server room?”

“Isn’t there a server room on the middle floor with an independent network? We were in a hurry and didn’t even back up before we came down. Well, I hope it doesn’t break down. . . Wasn’t there anyone left working in the server room?”

“. . .No. No one was working.”

“. . .The server room is on the lowest floor.”

“. . .”

Everyone is silent.


“Where did you get that ID card? Tsk. Shouldn’t we let her out before the alloy platform closes?”

The two privates standing right in front of the elevator door exchange glances.

And one of the privates held out his hand to the white woman.

“Let me check the ID card number for a moment.”

Silence again.

The Grade A personnel looked annoyed, and the privates took away her ID card and searched for the number with their combat suits.

Then the privates showed subtle hostility.

“What if you’re impersonating a Grade B personnel?”

“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to go back downstairs.”

At that moment, the white woman’s red dress wiggled strangely like a tangle of tiny blood vessels, and it transformed into a black armor with red energy flowing through it.

Anima asks with a completely different tone of voice and eyes.

“The deputy director is on the lowest floor now. And the important server room is also on the lowest floor. You’re going to isolate the lowest floor and the upper floor with a thick platform. Let’s summarize this, shall we?”

The Grade A personnel took a few steps back without understanding the situation, and the two privates felt the strength of their hands holding their rifles.

Although she looked like a human, humans could instinctively tell.

They could somehow tell that she was not human.


Soon, the special elevator arrived at the lowest floor.

In the large lobby on the lowest floor, war machines and dozens of private soldiers were waiting.

And the elevator door opened up and down.

Zzzzzz. . .

The blood from the five corpses flowed all the way to the front of the floor.

“What the hell is that?!”

“Survivor. . .?”

“Stop! Who’s there?!”

Between the five corpses, the strange woman wrapped in organic tissue like armor put her right hand to the back of her neck.


Kudukdukduk. . .

She pulled out a white sword from her spine. It was a living cutter that subtly resembled her spine.

“Once we were you. Once we gave you an opportunity. . . Such a race. Don’t you know?”

“What are you talking about?”

Judging from their reaction, it seems that they are the ones who do not yet know about the recent Nemea invasion and the news of chimeraz.

These are neither UNF nor New Ark. They are not the ones who first attacked the chimeraz. They are the ones who didn’t even know about the existence of chimeraz, and those who are trying to achieve something on this remote planet and those who are paid and armed by them.

But that’s the business of the ‘other species’. Because they are ‘humans’ among the ‘other species’.

“I didn’t want to do this either. But it’s already spilled milk.”

“That crazy bitch is talking nonsense. . .!”

“. . .It’s been a long time since I fought directly.”

She walks out of the elevator as is, acting strangely.

‘Ah, since it’s an injected memory, it’s not a long time, it’s the first time.’

As Anima walks forward, the blood spilled in front of the elevator seems to be following her footsteps.

“Damn it! Fire!!”

As the order to fire was given, something strange happened.


Centered on Anima, a red mist like blood mist explosively engulfed the space. And that mist was a collection of small things that were noisy enough to cause tinnitus.

Anima does not often appear on the battlefield, but she is clearly a ruler. Her personal combat power is never to be underestimated, and her abilities are beyond the understanding of those who see her for the first time.

“I can’t see anything. . .!”


Red and noisy, nothing is visible to the naked eye or infrared. So those who face it will not know.

The fact that it is a creature barrier made up of countless chimeraz.

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