My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 187

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟖𝟕: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐔𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐫

Capital planet of the Drake Consortium.

In the geostationary orbit of Obsidia Drake, Fractal and the biggest variant, Euryale, are anchored.

➖ The United Civilized States and the Hive Alliance will protect the Local Group.

25 War Harvesters have been destroyed here, which may give hope to the people of the Drake Consortium.

➖ The Believers will also be with us to defeat the evil. Please don’t lose hope, everyone. We have successfully counterattacked and suppressed the enemy’s power source.

Seizing this opportunity, Lopez calmed the anxious people through broadcasting a victory report.

Around the time his broadcast ended, Teptorm and the Believers entered Drake and Kreion went aboard Asotus which was already prepared to leave.

Lopez’s hologram appeared inside Asotus’s oral cavity which was heading for the biggest variant, Euryale.

“Kreion. I’ve thought about it a lot, but I think it would be better to go to the solar system with you and finish it off for sure.”

“I refuse. You will stay here and protect those who remain with Anima, Teptorm, and the Believers.”

The number of the Reptured and the Believers has become very small. Therefore, someone capable must stay and guard Drake which was recaptured from the Ycloquasar.

“70 War Harvesters in total, right? We destroyed 25 in Hecartra, 25 in Drake, 3 in the void, 7 ran away. . . The remaining 15 War Harvesters are in the solar system. There’s no way they would leave the solar system and suddenly come to Drake.”

Kreion didn’t answer him.

“Rather, it would be more dangerous for me, their harvest target, to remain here. Don’t you think?”

“Anyway, they have lost track of you.”

“But the Ycloquasar of the Local Group is being cornered more and more. There is no reason for them to suddenly leave the solar system and invade Drake in this situation.”

“A reason could arise in the meantime. If those in the solar system notice my power, they will try to retreat like the ones that went to the wandering black hole. If their course overlaps with Drake while retreating, this place will be finished.”

“You will keep those in the solar system from escaping with your own hands. . . You will repay them in the same way they did.”

Kreion has become very strong.

“It’s precarious with only you and Empress Karcon. If they harvest you or take Empress Karcon’s collective consciousness, we have no hope. Just because I will lead the Phase Assault Troops and go with you, you should receive fleet support from space.”

“What will you do if you come to the solar system and they find out your location again?”

“I made it so they can’t rush in recklessly even after finding out. Because I used the bait tactic once.”

“I don’t know what sudden actions those who are about to fail the harvest in the Local Group will take. Above all, you. . . You should get out of this fight now.”

The end of Kreion’s words was strange.

Lopez sensed a strange feeling.

“Hearing you say that, it seems like you are trying to justify leaving me here to guard Drake. . .”

It is an excuse as well as a justification.

Since Lopez found out anyway, Kreion speaks frankly.

“. . . Yes, it is a justification. You should get out of here and rest.”

“I can’t get out. They are attacking the solar system where humanity originated. Why should I stay in this safe place and just watch?”

“Then why do you have to go all the way to the solar system and fight with us? I can easily handle 15 War Harvesters with my power, even without you. Overwhelmingly so.”

“The leaders, all the soldiers, armies, and citizens of the solar system are fighting. It’s not right for me alone to keep my place comfortably. This is not a matter of you winning or losing in the solar system, but my duty.”


“Are you talking about what you have to do?”


“Who decided that? Did you decide it?”

“I didn’t fight all the things I’ve fought so far because I was ordered by someone.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. You are looking for your own grave.”

Kreion spoke harshly, but his expression was filled with complex emotions.

“If you come to the solar system with me like this, they will find you and rush in to harvest you.”

“I won’t be defeated easily.”

“Of course. But if the chances of us winning increase because you are defeated, you will be defeated. So shut up and stay here.”

“Who are you treating as a suicide bomber right now?”

“Are you planning to make someone an orphan?”

“. . .?”

“How many times do you have to bump into things before you realize the importance of your existence? When things get tough and difficult, you should step back for a while and find another way instead of thinking about bumping into things like an idiot. . .”

Someday, the child will surpass the parent.

What kind of emotions does the child feel at that time, and what kind of emotions does the parent feel? It must be a feeling that you can’t know unless you experience that moment. However, one thing is for sure. At that moment, the parent closes their mouth and the child opens their mouth.

Of course, it is difficult to say that Lopez and Kreion are in the same relationship right now. It is now difficult to distinguish who is the creator and who is the creation.

However, what each other feels right now may not be much different. Perhaps.

“You have forgotten how to live for yourself. . . And that’s my fault. It must be partly because of the influence of the subconsciousness I instilled in you.”

“. . . Even without the subconsciousness, I would have done what I have done so far. I don’t know what you saw me like in the previous universe, but that’s for sure.”

“What’s left in a life of protecting others just to survive and exist? Can you call a human trapped in such a life a human?”

The fact that Lopez, who was more human than anyone else, started living in a non-human way from a certain moment had to be corrected.

“Is that the human you think of and the image of yourself that you want? You may not be everything to you, but to humans, you are everything.”

I wanted to show him how to stop.

“Now, I, who is more capable than you and knows how to stop unlike you, will finish it. I will look after the Local Group and the Chimeraz, and in the meantime, you can look after humans and yourself.”

I wanted to show him how to end it properly.

“After living a life that makes you tired of it and when you really have no regrets in this world, lie down on your bed and close your eyes.”

That was my intention. 


Initially numbering 25, the War Harvesters’ presence in the solar system was reduced to 15 when ten of them were drawn away by the Believer and the Reptured’s roving black holes.

The Chimeraz fleet then destroyed five more War Harvesters with neutron star shots, leaving a mere ten of them.

Now isolated in their own pocket dimensions, the ten remaining War Harvesters appeared as ten dark, ominous balloons.

A single, vast pocket dimension encompassing the entire solar system was spinning, its far edges shrouded in such impenetrable darkness that those unaware of Kreion’s prior warning could not have conceived of the overall rotation.

Furthermore, what was transpiring inside the ten pocket dimensions imprisoning the ten War Harvesters remained unknown to all external observers, including Kreion.

Approximately twenty seconds passed in this manner.

Then, the pocket dimension encasing the solar system opened, revealing the glittering starlight of the Milky Way galaxy.

Simultaneously, the ten individual pocket dimensions were deactivated.

➖Where are we?

➖Whose wave is this . . . ?!

➖What happened?

➖We are honored to see you, Our Master!

➖This is definitely Master’s wave!

➖You, who are you!?


➖The Ycloquasar still remain?!

➖There are more enemies! Come out! I’ll kill you all!

➖The sun . . . that thing is the sun . . . !

At that moment, Kreion directed his command solely to his existing subordinate commanders.

‘There will be confusion. As beings born before them, maintain your composure and embrace these children emerging into the real world.’

Time had brought forth chaos, and even Empress Karcon, who had foreseen this development, could not conceal her bewilderment.

There were no longer ten War Harvesters; instead, ten unknown commanders manifested from each of the ten pocket dimensions.

One was a gargantuan, mutant Euryale in its original form, another an evolved Mindrocker, and yet another a bio-planet bereft of its Chimeraz fleet.

These ten novel commanders emerged from their pocket dimensions to confront the real world.

‘It seems none of the children perished within the pocket dimensions.’

Kreion established wave connections with the ten new commanders. Their responses varied; once the connections were established, they recognized Kreion as their master and reacted with awe, joy, or reverence.

All of these commanders were Chimeraz born of dark matter. In their respective pocket dimensions, they had spent millennia battling the Ycloquasar, independently developing their legions and evolving in the process.

‘New commanders, all those who currently reside in the solar system alongside us are allies. Do you remember that?’

The commander evolved from the Mindrocker, its multitude of tentacle clusters resembling floating mines, an entire legion and colony in its own right, responded.

➖Yes, Master. Human, Crolr, Hyraguroa, and Quakacor vessels are visible.

‘Then do you recall the names of your vanquished foes from your time in the pocket dimensions?’

This time, the colossal commander leading the corpulent mutant Euryales answered.

➖War Harvesters. The white-surfaced Redefiner and Phenomenon Tuner. The enemy Master once embedded in my instincts is the Ycloquasar.

The bio-planet commander, its surface adorned with fragments of white spheres, then posed a question.

➖Did the Chimeraz achieve victory?

‘Thanks to you, the Local Group successfully defended against their invasion. That is the current situation.’

Finally, the commander resembling a two-centimeter earthworm with a ten-centimeter colony attached to its considerably diminished neutron star mass made a request.

➖Orders . . . . Please bestow upon us your cherished orders . . . .

‘All of you are to return to our homeworld.’

The ten newly emerged commanders and their unique legions promptly set off for their homeworld’s location, etched deep within their genetic code.

‘Travel to the place where the sky is always red, where the shadow of the universe embraces us. Your genes will know that place.’


As the mechanical shroud above Mars’ megalopolis was lifted, bright sunlight poured down upon everyone’s heads.

Shadows vanished, and the darkness dissipated. The bloated Hyraguroa larvae returned to their mothership upon hearing their queen’s call, while the Aooa boarded their sleek starships.

➖Dracatarr Crolrar! Congratulations on your triumphant victory, Monarch!

The four-legged Crolr assault ships that had landed near the megalopolis deployed their imposing Colossus forces, grandly welcoming Dracatarr.

➖This was an awe-inspiring war, Grand Monarch!

The Crolr were intoxicated by the triumph and heaped praise upon Dracatarr, but Dracatarr responded with these words.

➖War is . . .

Dracatarr was not rejoicing.

➖I never want to see bloodshed and fire like this again.

➖. . . Not ever again.

➖We must return and mourn the fallen Crolr warriors. And we must remember this tragedy by recording it in our history.

At this, the jubilant Crolr fell silent.

➖Citizens of Mars, and all my comrades who fought as one under the banner of the solar system, all of humanity, and the Local Group.

➖At long last, the Local Group has vanquished the great evil known as the Ycloquasar.

Everyone declared victory. Now, they would return to their planets, their homeworlds, their homes, to reclaim their lost lives and rebuild their shattered civilizations.

【We too shall now return to the Triangulum galaxy. If remnants of extinct species’ genetic material remain somewhere there, we will focus on reviving them for the time being.】

Teptorm, hailed as the most valiant mechanical warrior, departed with a handful of Reptured members. Having gained much enlightenment, they would forge a future as a more enlightened transcendent mechanical race.

And the Local Group, having experienced all these events, would truly become one. 


➖You have worked hard. . . . master. . . .

Kreion and the leaders returned to the Drake Stellar Nation with the fleet. As Euryale landed on the spacious landing field with Organic Pipe, Ludwig’s group, who had gathered in advance, welcomed their master, and the soldiers and civilians of the Drake Stellar Nation cheered.


As Kreion stepped onto the landing field, the Believer appeared beside him.

“You’ve been through a lot, Kreion.”

“. . . Don’t you think it was too harsh for you, who sacrificed over 90% of your race and regarded the black hole as a sanctuary.”

“We just made the right choice. That is also our belief.”

“Thank you.”

“We are more grateful.”

Then, Anima came out in front of the legion.



Her belly was swollen.

The life inside her had grown.

“I was able to come back thanks to you.”

“Thank you for winning.”

Anima took Kreion’s hand and brought it to her stomach.

“It’s our child. It can’t talk yet, but it sometimes sends me waves.”

I was finally able to say these words.

“. . .It’s a daughter.”

“. . .How did you know the gender?”

Kreion smiled affectionately.

“Because it’s a ‘collective consciousness’ race that has inherited the superior genes of two rulers.”

Then Anima asked with happy eyes.

“What does it look like?”

“I don’t know that far. . . .I’ve never seen it.”

Thus, the Chimeraz, who had been in the Drake Stellar Nation, finished preparing to return to Hecartra.

Until then, the Quakacor Corps and Empress Karcon remained by the Chimeraz’s side.

➖Ruler, I don’t know what to do now.

‘Return to the Andromeda galaxy, reclaim your homeland, and rebuild your race.’

➖What’s next?

➖We, the Quakacor, have no conquests, no wars, and no enemies in the Local Group. . . . What should we live for now?

‘Make your race prosper. And find your happiness.’

➖What is happiness?

‘A sense of accomplishment and love.’

➖Where can I find it? This issue is too difficult for me, who is not used to such guaranteed peace and tranquility.

‘The children will know the answer. The children you give birth to and raise.’

Thus, Empress Karcon learned another thing from Kreion and decided to climb the stairs that Kreion presented.

➖. . . . . .I understand. I’d like to show you a good side of me.

Kreion began to move away from Hecartra, leading one bio-planet, dozens of Voyagers, and dozens of fleets of the Chimeraz fleet.

He alone departed, leading only a handful of legions without a leader.

➖When do you plan to come back, Ruler?

In this world, the former leaders and new leaders remain.

He leaves behind fellow tribesmen and colleagues he fought with, loved ones, and a beloved daughter.

So when asked when he plans to return, he replies.

‘As soon as possible.’


Emptiness where nothing can be seen except the starlight sent by luminous galaxies. When you look at this emptiness like this, you feel like it’s a universe with almost no stars.

In this place, a wandering black hole and seven War Harvesters are advancing through the vast emptiness.

➖We made a mistake in making humans who resembled our past and instilled in them the same potential as us. . . . We made them experience a different environment.

➖The plan was to harvest only a few transcendents without letting the entire human race transcend, right?

➖Yes. However, humans have covered up the shortcomings of not transcending the entire race by creating a new race.

➖The Chimeraz. . . .

➖If the environment is rich, there will be various communities. And when there are various communities, there is bound to be conflict. . . . However, even as humans entered the era of galactic clusters, they maintained the boundary between good and evil. The Chimeraz, their creations, also maintained such boundaries.

➖Is that why the Local Group wasn’t properly integrated?

➖Unlike us in the past, humans were leading the integration not with force, but with culture, influence, and shared values. In the process, they overcame their lack of strength with the Chimeraz.

➖Why were humans able to do that?

➖It must be because they had imagination and curiosity like us. That was the strength of humans. Instead, unlike us, they didn’t do things that would make them new justice.

➖If humans had been a little different, if they had made slightly different choices, the outcome would have been very different.

➖We thought they were naive. . . . It wasn’t naive, but it matured in a different way from us.

➖It’s dangerous.

➖Yes. In conclusion, it’s a threat. The beings of the Local Group have strategically deceived us several times, exploited the weapons we used, and figured out all of our weaknesses, goals, and community locations.

➖We can’t try to harvest again and have our members take away what we have. Even if we bring 100 million War Harvesters, there will be variables.

➖That’s right. It’s right to protect our safety rather than forcibly harvesting. They are the biggest potential threat to us.

➖Then let’s deal with it thoroughly.

➖Let’s go back to the colossal workforce and suggest ‘galaxy smashing.’

➖Galaxy smashing is to detach the enormous mass and energy of the colossal workforce and send a black hole the size of a galaxy to the target galaxy?

➖Who. . .?

Seven War Harvesters retreating.

And the wandering black hole that was moving together behind the War Harvesters.

The wandering black hole suddenly emitted a bright light and disappeared. And light particles emitted from all directions inside the wandering black hole took shape.

They were the bio-planet, Voyager, and the Chimeraz fleet.

➖Oh my god, Kreion. Since when have you been hiding in that black hole?

➖I wasn’t hiding, I was tracking you. We call this a similar principle to Creator’s Breath.

➖You’ll refuse if I suggest that we join forces, right?

Euryale’s group opened their mouths all at once, and the countless Organic Accelerator Cannons on the surface of the bio-planet emitted strange lights, and the living barriers spewed out by the Voyagers surrounded the seven War Harvesters.

Kreion clearly said that he would wipe out their race from this universe.

So this time it was a death sentence.

➖Even if you kill us here, the number and power of our community will far exceed your ability. . . . Can you really deal with the entire Laniakea Supercluster?

➖After I get over you, I have to clean up the beings of the invisible universe who are stronger and much more evil than you.

➖Your delusion is too much.

➖Your mass and energy will become a legion.


I transcended from the abyss of mind to beyond dimensions.

I had annihilated the Ycloquasar that invaded the Local Group, but they were just a small part of the community called the Ycloquasar.

Before me were the Great Attractor and the wall called the Laniakea Supercluster.

Except for the Local Group, there was no intact alien race anywhere in this vast supercluster.

Only the Ycloquasar existed, and the young races they had sown were growing miserably in their pens.

The Great Attractor was a pure white mass. More War Harvesters than the number of stars in a large galaxy were waiting for me.

There were also the sentient black holes of the Ycloquasar, and transcendent ships that fired neutron star shells thousands of times per second at the speed of light.

In the black hole factory, which they were hiding with pure white light, countless giant stars were being forcibly merged, and its scale was so mythical that it could wipe out an entire galaxy in an instant.

Yeah. For such a race, the Ycloquasar’s position seems understandable. Why such a powerful race failed to harvest even the Local Group, why they could ignore the boundary between good and evil and define themselves as justice.

It was because they were too strong.

Because they were too strong.

What is needed for the work of slaughtering livestock or harvesting crops is a ‘tool’.

Who would use a nuclear bomb for slaughtering livestock or harvesting crops? Who would risk their lives with sincerity and passion to pick fruits?

Who cares if countless germs on your hands die when you wash your hands clean?

To the Ycloquasar, intelligent beings younger than them were like that.

A mere resource that cannot resist. Or the material of progress. Or the seeds they sowed. Livestock in their pens.

The standards for judging the value of life, the value of civilization, and intelligent beings were different from those of others.

The War Harvesters, Redefiners, and Phenomenon Tuners that drove the Local Group into despair were all tools for harvesting. What they did to the Local Group was not ‘war’ from the beginning, but ‘harvesting’ that they had always done.

That’s why the Ycloquasar in the Great Attractor were different in dimension.

I almost died several times and died several times, but physical death to me was just destruction.

The fragments of consciousness that defined me and defined my existence were all my legion, my legion was me, and the structure of the universe around my legion was my brain.

In the end, I made the Great Attractor mine and sent my legion to become my limbs everywhere in the Laniakea Supercluster.

And killed all the Ycloquasar.

But beyond this distant future, there are beings far more powerful and evil than the Ycloquasar.

But I can overcome and fix it all.

My children are swarming in the universe.

A legion of cosmic proportions is with me.

All the evils that I think of from my point of view will disappear, and all the good will survive.

That is my decision as the ruler of this universe,

And the eternal end of this universe.

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