My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 157

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟕: 𝐍𝐨 𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐓𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐌𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 (3)

Anima buried her face in Kreion’s chest. She must have had many things she wanted to say right now.

“. . . .”

However, when she was told that she could be happy, the ‘strength’ she had maintained until then collapsed, and she was confused by the sight of herself acting spoiled.

Anima isn’t Kreion.

Anima is afraid of more things than Kreion, and unlike him, she has memories of living as a human.

Her heart wants to hate all humans, but unlike Kreion, she knows in her head that it is wrong to hate all humans because she has memories of being human,

Her inevitable aversion to humans is not actually the instinct of the Chimeraz, but the result of her memories from when she was a human,

And because even those memories are fake and never actually happened, she was constantly confused,

And she didn’t know whether to resent the researcher from Apoptology who implanted those memories, resent Francis Darwin who ordered the researcher, or resent Lopez who turned a blind eye to Darwin’s obsession with the project to arbitrarily create a second ruler that didn’t exist in the original scenario.

However, if she hadn’t existed, Kreion would have continued to attack all of humanity until he died, and the Chimeraz of today would have been extinct, so she should be grateful for her intentional birth.

Because she had such terrible memories, she didn’t hesitate to become a Chimeraz instead of a human, and she didn’t feel any aversion to living in the world of the Chimeraz instead of humans,

Even so, because she had been human, she could tell the Kreion of that time that it was wrong to annihilate all of humanity,

Anyway, thanks to her own existence, her own birth, her own memories, and her own past actions, she was able to avoid the worst situation and somehow get this result. . .

“If you want to kneel, you can do it now. If you want to cry, you can cry now.”

She had always shown only a strong appearance.

In fact, she wasn’t strong, but she had to be strong.

So if she showed a strong appearance until the end, wasn’t that strong? Wasn’t it something that benefited the entire race rather than just herself? Wasn’t that what a ruler should be like?

The strength that she had thought and maintained in that way was now crumbling before Kreion.

That’s why she’s even more confused and can’t show her face.


It was when the Vehlpciaarct was defeated.

When she was looking at the sunset from a place that protruded like a balcony on the top floor of the colony.

Kreion looked at Anima’s back at that time and said,

“Thank you.”

“. . . . . .What?”

Kreion didn’t know what expression she was making because he could only see Anima’s back.

“Thank you for filling in what I don’t have and helping me. And. . . .”

“. . . .”

“I want to promise that one day I will erase the anxiety and sadness that has taken root in you.”

Kreion didn’t see it at that time.

The fact that Anima had a weak expression for a moment.

“. . .You have it too.”

So Anima turned her body as if to resist herself and approached Kreion and asked.

“Isn’t the anxiety you have greater than mine?”

“I have a role and responsibility, so I can’t erase it.”

Kreion gave the right but very frustrating answer. So she stabbed the center of his chest with her index finger and asked accusingly.

“Are you going to carry it with you for the rest of your life?”


Kreion gave another correct but frustrating answer. That’s why she brought up the story that she herself couldn’t let go of.

“If you have that, I can’t let it go either. So I won’t accept that promise you just made.”

“Then when do you think it will be? The day when you escape from those hellish memories.”

Kreion was actually concerned about her weak inner self.

She realized that she had been showing a strong appearance all along, but in fact, she was constantly struggling in the hell of her inner self.

Then, what kind of weight must Kreion, who has greater anxiety than Anima, be thinking?

Anima couldn’t know that, but if she was going to get out of hell anyway, she wanted to get out with him.

“When the hell that surrounds ‘you and me’, of which we don’t know the shape or size, disappears.”

Kreion must have confirmed her feelings then,

When the wind didn’t blow again that time, Kreion approached her first and hugged her.

It wasn’t love.

After struggling in the painful hell of their inner selves, they wanted to find a place to rely on, and they wanted to be saved by each other when hell was over someday. Both sides.

So they experienced the hope called happiness for a very short while, and then they were going to fall apart after cherishing it deeply for each other.

They were only going to bury the seeds, but the problem is that some kind of feeling had already sprouted the moment they hugged each other.

If they hadn’t hugged, it wouldn’t have happened like that.

They wouldn’t have kept chewing on that moment like that.

So Anima spoke first. She conveyed. She burst out.

She was the one whose emotions were a little richer.

“I love you. Kreion.”


“I loved you too.”

I knew it. I knew it would turn out like this. I hoped it would turn out like this, and I hoped that the moment when this could happen would come. I endured and struggled, desperately wishing for it.

I guess it’s all okay now. I don’t feel scared or anxious or in pain anymore.

Anyway, I escaped. Because that’s the result now. Because there was always someone in front of me in that process. Because they were always the motivation and the support, whether or not they were visible.

Anima was finally able to face Kreion.

“Hold me.”

Kreion kissed Anima.

After their lips parted, the sound of mucous membranes touching could be heard. It felt like electricity was flowing from the spine to the crown of the head, and her eyes were half-closed with ecstasy and a dreamy feeling, and then her eyes were completely closed due to the continued contact.

The cold body became warm and then hot. There was no need to wear what they had been wearing to protect their bodies from external threats in front of each other. So they absorbed it under their skin and became naked.

His body looked strong as if it had endured all kinds of trials and hardships. Her body was pale, but it was as clear as fresh white snow.

The Gloworms on the ceiling turned faintly like moonlight. So the outlines of their bodies seemed to glow transparently.

Their bodies were enveloped in a soft darkness.

She whispered in his ear.

“I want to have it.”

The inevitable love, the dependence that was close to obsession, the happiness that had been saved.

It was a sweet voice that tickled her ears with her breath.

“We . . . . will continue.”

As beings with hearts, as living and breathing creatures, they cherished it dearly in their chests. And it continued.

It didn’t end when it was thought to be over.

“One more time.”

Their two hearts were already beating fast. The rough breathing was moist, and their eyes were filled with love.

“My genes are strong. It will succeed with one time.”

“It’s a failure. I absorbed it all before it reached.”

“. . .Why?”

“Because it’s insufficient.”

Kreion judged that she wanted the momentary electrical capture of the neuroreceptors and more hormone secretion from the pituitary gland.

The price for that kind of survival was infinite love, intense pleasure, and a heavy sense of responsibility. It was also the happiness that had been so desired.

I found a definite reason to live. Above all, I found something precious to protect.

After that, the dark nebula was dark and quiet.

Only now is the static flowing.

Kreion asked her.

“What kind of child do you want?”

Anima answered him.

“I want to leave it to chance.”

The two were born intentionally, but they decided not to put any intention into the birth between them.

That’s how they kept the miracle of the future. The miracle of being born.


The dominant race of the Andromeda galaxy.

A collective consciousness race that aspires to transcend life, and has made a name for itself as a rising force belonging to the Hive Alliance.

It’s the Quakacor.

➖Two weak collective consciousness races have offered themselves to be absorbed by us. They say they asked the Chimeraz to absorb their entire race, but they refused, so they came to us.

The being who dominates the collective consciousness of the Quakacor is Empress Karcon. And the empress dominates the thought entities, similar to how the Chimeraz employs their leaders.

The large empress, with hundreds of legs, dozens of eyes, and tentacles, communicates with her own waves in the collective consciousness.

➖Transmit that we will absorb them.

➖Then, after quickly absorbing the two races, we will declare the extinction and integration of the two races.


➖It has been detected that the Drataiden race is reporting the large races of our galaxy to the Reptured and drawing them to the New Universe Civilization Union.

The Drataiden are the mechanical transcendence race of this Andromeda galaxy. Unlike the Reptured, they are a race that has completely transcended the body into a machine, but the brain is still intact.

➖The Drataiden. . . . Are you saying that those gear worshipers are under the orders of the Reptured?

➖It cannot be confirmed, but it is a possible conjecture. Previously, the Drataiden, who were friendly only to mechanical races, seem to be trying to draw anyone into the New Universe Civilization Union, regardless of the characteristics of the race.

➖Also, I think it is clear that the Reptured, who are considered to be the superior beings by their system, are the cause of their being able to change their attitude like this.

The Reptured, a mechanical transcendence race that connects the Vehlpciaarct, replaced the Lomro-or and became the dominant race of the Triangulum galaxy. And the Reptured joined the New Universe Civilization Union of humans.

As a result, most of the races in the Triangulum galaxy are following the New Universe Civilization Union rather than the Hive Alliance. Following the superior Reptured.

➖That’s because the Caycaconick and Conda Bloodline of the Triangulum galaxy are not as powerful as the Reptured.

➖However, if the Drataiden of our Andromeda galaxy follow the New Universe Civilization Union, it will be a strong check on the Hive Alliance.

It was a nerve-wracking story for Empress Karcon. What would the thought entities, whose minds were shallower than Empress Karcon, feel?

➖The dominant race of this galaxy is us. It means that we, the Quakacor, have been recognized as the official dominant race of the Andromeda galaxy.

➖But the Drataiden are propagating behind the Reptured. They don’t seem to want to admit that we are the dominant race of this galaxy.

➖They are strangely expanding their power without crossing the line.

➖Master. Have you spoken to Kreion-nim about this matter?

➖I did. But he said there’s no need to be so vigilant.

The thought entities resisted.

➖Wasn’t Triangulum galaxy originally not part of the Hive Alliance? The Hive Alliance yielded the vacant seat of the Lomro-or to the Reptured, and the Reptured joined the New Universe Civilization Union.

➖Furthermore, even the races that used to belong to the Le-orantarum Federation are joining the New Universe Civilization Union.

➖If this is something that the Reptured, who dominate the Triangulum galaxy, do, I will accept it, but it is difficult to tolerate that they are yielding power in this Andromeda galaxy, which I clearly dominate.

➖How much more should our Hive Alliance yield?

The Quakacor have fought against the mechanical race for a long time. That’s why the thought entities are wary of the Drataiden of this galaxy or the Reptured of the Triangulum galaxy.

➖Andromeda is vast. There are so many stars and planets for us to occupy in this place that it will take centuries to conquer them all.

For the Quakacor, the strong is the truth.

The Chimeraz, whom they served, defeated the Le-orantarum Federation and formed a powerful force. However, for some reason, the Chimeraz were not carrying out any conquest activities, but rather were adhering to the method of avoiding war.

The New Universe Civilization Union of humans was ‘utilized’ in the task of defeating the Le-orantarum Federation. Now that the New Universe Civilization Union had done its part, the Chimeraz and the Hive Alliance’s remaining opponent was naturally the New Universe Civilization Union.

If they succeeded in bringing down the New Universe Civilization Union as well, the Local Group of Galaxies would belong to the Hive Alliance.

However, the Chimeraz is not doing that.

Empress Karcon, who thought that there must be a deep reason for not doing that, was not waging war.

➖We also agree with the deep meaning of the Chimeraz and Kreion-nim. I do not understand what they value more with our humble brains, but I think it is right to follow if it is the cause of the absolute strong.

➖However, the Drataiden. If we leave them alone like this, the situation may change where the dominant race of the Andromeda galaxy will change in the future.

➖Our Hive Alliance will not allow that to happen.

➖If it had been like before, we could have exterminated the Drataiden in a large-scale invasion for a few months. Moreover, we now have the power to destroy them hundreds of times over, so what use is useless power?

➖That’s right. This is not a true collective consciousness. Perhaps the Chimeraz have been ideologically contaminated by humans since birth. . .

➖Shut up. How dare you babble about whose ideology is contaminated.

The intense waves of Empress Karcon instilled fear into the collective consciousness.

When the empress ordered them to shut up, the thought entities really did shut up.

➖If you can’t think deeply, realize that your thoughts are shallow. At least now that we have useless power, it is much better than the situation in the Andromeda galaxy, which used to be a battlefield.

Empress Karcon, unlike the thought entities, understood the value of peace, however little.

. . . but isn’t peace something that is established only when the axis of power is right?

The Andromeda galaxy is the largest galaxy in the Local Group of Galaxies. It is currently the territory that the Quakacor dominates, but it is true that the position of the dominant race may be threatened someday due to the activities of the Drataiden.

If Andromeda, which belongs to the Hive Alliance, becomes part of the New Universe Civilization Union, the influence that is taken away without a fight will never be negligible.

Then it will also affect the axis of power. In a negative way for the Hive Alliance.

As a result, Empress Karcon is conflicted in that part.

➖. . .If you have anything else to say, tell me.

➖Master. . . .

➖After the dissolution of the Le-orantarum Federation, the Drataiden have been consistently arguing that we should divide the dominance of this galaxy in half.

➖What they are aiming for is the dominance of this galaxy. In addition, they intend to turn both the Andromeda galaxy and the Triangulum galaxy into machines.

➖It’s a problem that they are leading the surrounding species to the New Universe Civilization Union. . . . I’m worried about the ‘mechanical rebellion’ that will come decades later if we just leave this alone.

➖The Drataiden are machines on the outside, but they are life on the inside. I think their double standards and selfish intentions can be a threat to both the New Universe Civilization Union and the Hive Alliance.

➖And they will not cross the line until the time comes, by conspiring with the Reptured. The mechanical-oriented races they are gathering will move suddenly, like the Vehlpciaarct or the Lomro-or, in the distant future.

➖I think we have a duty to deter the Drataiden’s expansion of power by force, not only for our dominance but also for the Hive Alliance.

How is this peace achieved?

Of course, the Quakacor was a race that was not particularly interested in peace, but the value of peace that the Chimeraz emphasized with humans must have been much more important than what Empress Karcon is thinking now.

However, paradoxically, if the machines grow and the future era is ruined because of this peace, the balance of power, and the safety and survival of the vast majority, which were achieved with such difficulty.

It is the Drataiden who seem to be making that starting point and, as the thought entities say with one voice, it is a threat that is possible in any way.

In addition, the Andromeda galaxy belongs to the Quakacor.

It belongs to the Hive Alliance, the Quakacor.

How many children were sacrificed to belong to the Hive Alliance, to be embraced by the Chimeraz, and to occupy the largest galaxy in the Local Group of Galaxies? How many were engulfed in flames and shed blood fighting with machines for how many years?

➖. . .War needs a justification

➖We need to create a situation where we are forced into an armed conflict because the Drataiden were the first to make a mistake.

➖In addition, before the mediation enters, we must attack the leadership of the Drataiden, and by taking advantage of the power of that situation, we must widely warn the foolish races who have decided to follow the Drataiden so that they can realize it.

➖Wait a minute, but shouldn’t we get permission from the Chimeraz side to proceed?

➖This is the Andromeda galaxy. Do we need permission to resolve the conflict between us and the Drataiden in our galaxy that we dominate?

➖I agree. If we proceed with such trivial matters with permission, we will not be able to do anything. It is just bothering the Chimeraz without recognizing our autonomous dominance.

➖Externally, this is just a short friction between the Quakacor and the Drataiden. With that, we can check the power of the machines in the future.

All intelligent beings are perfected through experience.

Empress Karcon lived over 4,000 years in solar years. The long years were stained with war, so the race did not have much time to evolve greatly or to increase the legion.

What was accumulated in the empress’s experience was a life-and-death war, terrible hatred, and a fierce struggle to protect her own and take away the enemies’.

Therefore, Empress Karcon’s thinking is bound to move in this direction the more conflicts there are.

➖If possible, the leadership of the Drataiden. . . . I want to take away their brains and check. Whether the Reptured is really behind them.

➖If we can confirm that fact, there will be justification to keep the Drataiden and the Reptured in check.

If an immature spiritual transcendent listens to this conversation, he or she will say that there is a basis, but it is a ‘hasty judgment’.

➖Let’s take care of the dirty work ourselves. We will shed blood and instill fear instead of the Chimeraz. Isn’t that the role of the Quakacor, a collective consciousness?

If a mature mental transcendent eavesdrops on their conversation, he or she will say that their thoughts are ‘foolish’.

➖Even if there is no connection with the Reptured, at least the machines in this galaxy must be controlled properly.

➖If we do well, we will be able to take the Parahtoria’s position, which has the full trust of the Chimeraz.

And if a true mental transcendent eavesdrops on their conversation, he or she will say that they are ‘pathetic’.

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