My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 147

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒𝟕: 𝐆𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 (3)

“The capital planet’s shield has been disabled . . . .”

The capital planet, which had boasted an astonishing shield output, was now exposed. The shield that had protected the entire planet, preventing any troop landings or phase assaults, had been turned off.

‘Amazing. Gorgo.’

➖Master, who devised the strategy to hide me in the debris of a star, is even more amazing. I will quickly stabilize the colony sites and advance towards the Supreme Council.

‘Now follow Anima’s command. I want you to spill a little more blood.’

➖I’ll do my best.

Kreion refocuses on the fleet battle.

“Ludwig. Connect me to Ark.”

“Connecting . . . .”

A mechanical voice resonates within the heart of Euryale.

➖Kreion-nim. I have intercepted that the capital planet’s shield has been disabled. Was the infiltration operation via Gorgo successful?

“Yes, it was. How many nuclear warheads do we have left?”

➖Despite the intense fleet battle, the Elise fleet still has 6,000 nuclear warheads in reserve.

“Use them as planned. Once the ground forces on the planet’s surface are scorched, Gorgo will enter the ashes of the Supreme Council.”

➖Isn’t it necessary to ask Federal Supreme Justice one more time?

“What are you talking about?”

Kreion asks, even though he knows what Ark is referring to.

➖If we were to transmit 6,000 nuclear warheads to the capital planet’s surface on a large scale, the ground forces would suffer near-total annihilation. In that case, Gorgo might also get caught in the nuclear attack.

“Gorgo won’t die that easily.”

➖Furthermore, while the ground forces are a clear enemy, this would be a provocative act of mass murder. Therefore, before executing this strategy, we should at least ask Federal Supreme Justice . . .

“It’s obvious that the planet’s shield has been disabled and that our troops will soon be attacking the planet.”

➖ . . . .

“Besides, I’ve already warned them twice, including today’s ultimatum. I have no intention of showing them mercy at this point.”

➖I understand that it’s part of the plan. However, the Supreme Council fleet was much larger than we had anticipated.

➖If we use 6,000 nuclear warheads in the fleet battle, there is a risk that the Allied fleet’s response capability will be somewhat diminished in case the enemy intervenes with a fleet from outside.

In any case, Gorgo’s infiltration was successful, and the planet’s shield had been disabled. The capital planet could be subdued at any time, even if it took a little longer.

However, if the enemy were to appear from outside again, 6,000 nuclear warheads could be overkill.

“Is there no chance that we’ll get support from allies outside?”

➖The Le-orantarum Federation has a vast territory. The fact that we were able to come to this capital star system is a one-time surprise attack that was made possible by the combined forces of the local galactic group launching a full-scale attack. Therefore, it is very difficult to expect support from allies outside.

➖I told you this in advance. The battle here must be concluded entirely by the forces of the Allied forces gathered here.

‘Does that mean that the dimensional passageway 0.4 light-years away doesn’t belong to humans?’

The huge ring-shaped structure that currently exists 0.4 light-years away in this star system.

If that dimensional passageway were human, the entity that would try to use that dimensional passageway would be human.

If humans were to use that dimensional passageway, an army on the human side would naturally appear. In that case, Ark would not need to save 6,000 nuclear warheads ‘just in case’ as he is doing now. After all, the dimensional passageway would allow their own people to enter this star system.

Or, there is the worst-case scenario where the 6,000 nuclear warheads that Ark is saving as a ‘just in case’ measure are actually targeting this side.

‘. . . It’s possible that he anticipated that I would deduce this and deliberately told me to save the nuclear warheads.’

He thinks about it from a different angle.

If that unidentified dimensional passageway does not belong to humans, then what is it?

Does it belong to Ark, not to humans? Is it an artificial intelligence that is scheming on its own, regardless of human will?

‘That can’t be. It’s too sloppy to say that.’

A distance of 0.4 light-years is a bit ambiguous to say that it is very secretive.

If they were truly intent on hiding that dimensional passageway, it would have been more effective to place it further away, or to disguise the dimensional passageway itself as another celestial body, or to make it transparent with optical design.

And in the first place, all artificial intelligences in the human world are under the control of Lopez.

The UNF, where the artificial intelligence enforcer Hyper Mind is involved, is no exception. Moreover, even if we exclude the artificial intelligence’s schemes, all the humans who are in a position to plan a scheme of this size are connected to Lopez anyway. He had a secret organization within the humans called the ‘Elder’s Council’, which he controlled.

There is no way that Lopez, who is planning something behind everyone’s backs, would have left it so sloppy.

In that case, it is also ruled out.

It’s not human, it’s not artificial intelligence, and it’s not Lopez.

‘It’s not human . . . . .’

If it’s not human, who does it belong to?

The dimensional passageway is a structure that requires a high level of technology. It is a structure that all the races of the local galactic group aspire to, and it is also a symbol of human technological prowess.

If there were a force capable of building a dimensional passageway with such technological prowess, then among those forces, excluding humans,

‘The Lomro-or.’

‘. . . Or The Believer.’

But The Believer are the ones who deal with black holes and travel across the event horizon. They are transcendentalists who have established a superluminal communication network throughout the local galactic group using black holes.

There is no way that The Believer would use a ‘primitive’ structure like a dimensional passageway.

Now Kreion’s deduction comes down to one conclusion. He is now convinced after hearing Ark’s words just now.

‘It belongs to the Lomro-or.’

There is no need to hide it from Ark anymore.

There is no need to hide it from the Allied forces anymore.

No, this is something that should not be hidden.

It must be made known immediately.

“Ark. There is a dimensional passageway believed to belong to the Lomro-or in outer space, 0.4 light-years from here.”


“It’s in the direction of X11, Y5, Z60 from Elise.”

➖I can’t see it from here because of the brightness. How did you know that, Kreion-nim?

“I found out thanks to the Quakacor scouting during the fleet battle.”

➖Then why didn’t the Quakacor’s thought body tell me about that crucial fact?

“It’s because they see you as a different race. More importantly, it’s time to discuss the Lomro-or’s dimensional passageway. I’m saying that the Lomro-or fleet from outside could intervene in this battle at any moment.”

➖We must destroy it immediately.

“Then it’s right to save the 6,000 nuclear warheads. The Chimeraz will take care of the capital planet with the shield down.”

If the Quakacor and the Chimeraz had trusted the human race a little more, they could have destroyed the Lomro-or’s dimensional passageway sooner.

➖ . . . It seems like we’re a step behind after all.

Right after Ark said that, Nazar and the thought body sent waves in succession.

➖Master! A Federation fleet has emerged from the dimensional passageway that master was wary of!

➖Ruler. It seems that the dimensional passageway I mentioned earlier did not belong to humans. A large fleet, presumably belonging to the Le-orantarum Federation, is now entering from the dimensional passageway.


Federal Supreme Justice tried to remain calm.

【We almost made it in time. Federal Enforcer.】

➖Didn’t I tell you? It was the most rational choice to guard the capital planet and hold out as long as possible.

He held out.

The Supreme Council fleet, which boasted 1,300 fleets, was reduced to less than half. The capital planet, which boasted a powerful shield output, was invaded from within with its shield down. But the moment had finally come.

The structure that the Lomro-or had admired while looking at humans.

A structure that Federal Supreme Justice had barely managed to realize today thanks to the various technologies he had learned from The Believer through his dealings with them.

A structure that he had to complete before he could start the great war and subdue even the humans.

➖Federal Enforcer-nim! We’ve returned from the Andromeda Galaxy after receiving an urgent signal from the capital!

The enemies of the Le-orantarum Federation had excluded the Andromeda Galaxy, and thanks to this, the Federation had gained the upper hand in the Andromeda Galaxy.

The dimensional passageway, capable of constructing high-level gravity wave cables, used the superluminal communication network to request support from the Andromeda Galaxy. However, it was not possible to transmit specific information like the human dimensional passageway.

Most of the Federation fleets that had been fighting in the Andromeda Galaxy gave up the advantage they had and returned.

The Federation fleet that returned in this way and joined the Supreme Council fleet was about 2,200 fleets in size. Compared to the Supreme Council fleet, their armament level was far behind, but their fleet size was a number that could never be ignored.

【Enforcer. What was the situation in the Andromeda Galaxy?】

➖The collective consciousness races joined forces one by one and ran wild.

【Are you saying that those ruthless and savage insects would join forces with other races?】

➖I don’t know. Maybe they felt a sense of crisis, or maybe there was some kind of centripetal point among themselves, but the insects of the Andromeda Galaxy were rallying around the Quakacor. We returned in the midst of that.

Upon hearing the detailed news, the Federal Enforcer clenched his fists.

【The Quakacor. . .! Those insects are here too!】

➖Is it the Chimeraz?

【Humans, the Chimeraz, the Ririm, the Parahtoria, the Hyraguroa, the Caycaconick, the Quakacor, and even the Crolr! They’re all targeting the Supreme Council in this star system right now!】

➖Oh my God. . . .

【The Supreme Council fleet, which was about 1,300 fleets, has been reduced to half. . . . We’ve already lost three planets, and the shield of the capital planet has been disabled, allowing for a ground invasion. The enemy has a total of about 1,500 fleets.】

At this point, the Enforcer, who was unaware of the situation in the Triangulum galaxy, had no choice but to ask.

➖Why are the Reptured nowhere to be seen in this critical situation?

The long-time allies who taught the Lomro-or the methodology of mechanical transcendence and physical transcendence, who were the first to join the Le-orantarum Federation and had been a great source of mutual support, the representative mechanical transcendents who succeeded the Vehlpciaarct.

➖Could it be that they’re already annihilated?

【The Reptured we trusted. . . . They’re turning their backs on us and watching this war.】

➖Why would the Reptured, who have always been with us. . .

The Federal Enforcer shook his head with effort.

【Machines have neither loyalty nor emotions. That’s why we didn’t choose 100% mechanical transcendence. Have you forgotten already?】

➖B-But isn’t this the Federation’s central star system? What are the Lomro-or fleets in the surrounding star systems doing now?

【More than 30 races are moving all at once and attacking our stars. I’m saying that there aren’t enough Enforcers in the Triangulum galaxy to support the capital. Damn it, stop asking questions and defend this star!】


Looking only at the number of fleets, it was 2800 to 1500.

The Federation gained numerical superiority in an instant.

Aircraft resembling a mass of tentacles tangled in one spot fired mass weapons from their grotesquely protruding gums and fang gaps.

The main projectiles of these Quakacor fleet were pouch-like things filled with strong acid, venom, oxygen, and exploding parasites.



The pouch that hit the Lomro-or ship cut through the shield and melted the armor. Then, if there was even a small gap through which it could enter beyond the armor, earthworm-sized parasites would burrow in and explode again.

➖We will be recognized for our strength! Ruler-nim is watching!

Almost at the same time, the Parahtoria’s mycelium fleet is also fighting with enemy ships right in front of them. The mycelium fleet rampages forward, leading the corpses of allies, the weapons or ships of enemies that they have taken as hosts. And when they die, they break apart and spread their spores.

The spores of the Parahtoria were objects that were nearly impossible to intercept. Therefore, the Federation fleet was forced to block it with a shield or attack it in units of space.

If the shield is turned on in this way, the infiltration of spores can be prevented, but no attacks can be made. This is because the shield blocks attacks from both allies and enemies without distinction. It was a fatal loss of power in a fleet battle where massive cannon resources were being invested.

➖Thought body-nim. Can we eat the dead Quakacor?

➖It doesn’t matter. If you Parahtoria eat it.

The thought body fleet and the mycelium fleet are the ones that are targeting the Federation fleet first and are continuing to charge. The tactic is that when the two races force a close-range fleet battle, the aircraft of the other allied forces follow and the powerful allied ships in the rear provide firepower support.

Kukung. . . .! Kugugung. . .!

The nuclear warheads of the Elise fleet, which were supposed to be used on the capital planet, were effective in the fleet battle in space. That’s why the Allied forces were able to gain a slight upper hand in firepower and firepower, even though they were outnumbered.

Now, if we were to generalize the firepower and numbers of the fleet battle in this star system, we would come to the conclusion that it was surprisingly equal.


Federation fleets supported from the Andromeda Galaxy were deployed in conventional fleet warfare. Thanks to this, the entire Supreme Council fleet gathered on the capital planet.

The Chimeraz is concentrating its attack on the capital planet against the Supreme Council.

The Chimeraz’s goal was to break through the Supreme Council fleet and capture the capital planet.

“Damn the Lomro-or bastards!”

Phlegeth spat out his rage, which was close to a scream, with his blazing yellow eyes.

“My brave legions! Do you know and feel how much master is suffering right now because of those Lomro-or bastards!”

High energy metabolism, the most brutal and belligerent group in the Chimeraz’s collective consciousness.

The Phlegeth swarm attacked the Supreme Council fleet on the capital planet.

It is a movement that is simply a barrage of fire, rather than considering the exchange ratio of troops or efficient combat. Destructive and reckless to the extent that it looks like the behavior of Gorgo’s Star, except that its size and mass are slightly smaller.

“I can’t help but be furious!”

The aircraft under Phlegeth growled. The large-sized aircraft roared in the vacuum of space, even exhaling the air inside their bodies.

“So die knowing you’re lucky! It’s an honor to be able to die fighting where their Supreme Council is!”

The Phlegeth swarm clashed fiercely, as if to represent the suffering and anger their master felt.

One Supreme Council ship was sunk when three Lemegeton died. Six Supreme Council ships were sunk when one Euryale died.

Still, Phlegeth did not hesitate.

Phlegeth’s burning eyes were aimed at only one target.

He was simply carrying out the order his master had given him to capture the planet ‘as quickly as possible’. It doesn’t matter how many of his own group die or live, or even if he himself dies or lives in the process. All he has to do is kill all the enemies before he and his group die. That’s the way Phlegeth is.

The debris orbiting the planet’s geostationary orbit had accumulated so much that it formed a ring.

The Supreme Council fleet had not yet been annihilated, but Phlegeth’s Lemegeton and Euryale were attempting to land on the planet without a second thought. There was no such thing as stabilizing the orbit for Phlegeth.

Lemegeton and Euryale were blown up when they entered the planet and were hit by enemy ships or anti-aircraft weapons. Then, they fell down, shedding blood like rain and turning into large lumps of flesh.

➖Phlegeth-nim. This way.

It’s Gorgo’s wave.

Phlegeth’s eyes flashed and he took in the view that Gorgo was sending him into his own head.

Kieeek. . . . . .!

At that moment, a huge colony filled a large crater.

Boooooong. . . . . .!

Countless legions, hundreds of anti-aircraft Organic Accelerator Cannons, bio-barriers and aircraft covering the sky.

Kukukuk. . .!

And leafless giant trees that spewed white spores were stuck on the slopes, several at a time, eroding the very environment of the planet.

➖The sky near my colony is safe. Please send your legion nearby.

“Good! You’re in control of the air defense network over there!”

Phlegeth explosively sublimated the murderous intent boiling up inside him.

At that moment, the planet would have witnessed an unrealistic sight.

That’s because fireballs, too slow to be called orbital bombardments and too fast to be called meteor showers, fell like continental-scale rainstorms.

It was a number that was a bit excessive even for the Chimeraz.

To emphasize again, it was a number that was excessive ‘even for the Chimeraz’.

There were too many. So much so that the color of the atmosphere changed to a dark color and the clouds burned with a sunset glow.

Phlegeth literally spread his group.

➖Gorgo! Let’s wipe this planet out together!

➖Ye, it’s an honor. . . .

From that moment on, 400 million Drop Cysts poured down from the sky for three hours.

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