My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 142

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒𝟐: 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐈𝐬 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐇𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐝 (3)

Today, what is the force that can prevent the division of mankind, which has so many groups such as countries, organizations, associations, companies, etc.?

If you ask any race, they will all say it is because of the ‘dimensional passageway’.

The importance of the dimensional passageway to humanity cannot be overstated. The dimensional passageway is a structure that all races desire to build, and it can move substances within the galaxy very quickly without the need for a ring gate, while also realizing a huge communication network with near-real-time superluminal speeds.

Of course, the biggest reason why humans have been able to influence so many races culturally today is also thanks to the dimensional passageway. Humans are culturally strong because they can always communicate and interact without delay, even if they are far apart in the Human Galaxy.

Lastly, the dimensional passageway is also the ultimate structure that can maximize its strategic advantage when performing the function of war. It is a structure with much higher strategic value than a Planet Weapon that can destroy other celestial bodies in the galaxy.

‘If there is a dimensional passageway, large fleets can be moved very quickly without being observed by the enemy.’

Inside Euryale, Ark’s voice was heard.

➖The small dimensional passageway connecting the Human Galaxy to this place has been completed.

The Anima group and Ark’s Elise fleet, who had been secretly attacking from the outskirts of the Triangulum Galaxy, had finished their preparations.

The leading race of the Le-orantarum Federation.

The heart of the Lomro-or.

Preparations to strike the Supreme Council in the capital star system.

As expected, the Federation noticed the continued expansion of power on the outskirts of the Triangulum Galaxy. The power had grown too large to continue hiding.

However, the Chimeraz and humans had finished all preparations in time for the Federation to notice.

“It’s a spectacular view that you can’t help but admire.”

Colony in Gorgo’s Star.

In Euryale floating above the colony, Anima, Gorgo, and Rundalt focused their eyes on one place.

A small dimensional passageway was floating in the dark space.

Lights were coming from there.

Not one light, but several.

➖Ark informs all allied forces. Kreion and the leaders, Ludwig, Phlegeth, and Nazar’s corps, have arrived.

The reconciliation between the Chimeraz and humans was of great help to humans. However, it does not mean that it was not helpful to the Chimeraz.

In the Human Galaxy, the Chimeraz corps led by Kreion were able to occupy the areas in the Human Galaxy without any restrictions.

They no longer needed to avoid human sight or drive out humans to occupy rich areas.

As a result, the Chimeraz army exploded’.

‘Welcome! Kreion!’

➖You prepared perfectly. I believed in you.

Upon hearing his voice and praise, Anima smiled bashfully. How could she smile like this when she was about to enter the Lomro-or star system and fight the most intense battle?

‘I wonder how many fleets you brought.’

➖Combining 8 bio-planets, it is about 1210 fleets.

‘You could bring that many?’

➖The remaining leaders and humans will be guarding the Human Galaxy. And I judged that the Federation, which recently lost its elite fleet by investing in the invasion, would not have the military power to attack at this time.

‘They are in a defensive position. We are in an offensive position.’

➖That is correct.

Then, the angular human fleets also appeared in the small dimensional passageway.

➖Ark informs all allied forces. The Overlecter’s Phase Assault Troops and the UNF fleet of humanity have arrived. The Phase Assault Troops will be organized as part of the Elise fleet.

The human fleet was about 340 fleets. It seems to be the result of focusing on protecting the Human Galaxy, which has humans and the Chimeraz. Even so, 340 fleets are comparable to the main force of most races.

Then, the forces that would participate in this final battle arrived at intervals of a few hours.

➖Ark informs all allied forces. The honor guard of the Hyraguroa and the aggressive seeds of the Ririm have arrived.

➖Ark informs all allied forces. The fleet of the monarch of the Crolr has arrived.

➖Ark informs all allied forces. Leader Drexus and the mycelial fleet of the Parahtoria have arrived.

➖Ark informs all allied forces. The Conda fleet of the Conda Blood Alliance has gathered.

➖Ark informs all allied forces. The thought-form corps of the Quakacor has arrived.

Serious business was taking place in the capital star system of the avian race, the Caycaconick, whom Ark and Anima first encountered when they arrived in the Triangulum Galaxy.

➖June 12, 2621, 01:02 AM. We will conduct a briefing on the operation to strike the Lomro-or Supreme Council.

➖The language will be translated from the main server of the Elise fleet into human language and shared with everyone in real time as hologram data. Please note that the speaker is displayed in front of the hologram text.

Ark kindly analyzed and integrated the languages and voices of the races gathered in this star system.

【Speech: The Chimeraz/Army/First Ruler】

【Thank you all for gathering. This is Kreion, the first ruler of the Chimeraz, who planned today’s operation with Lopez.】

【I have sent you the destination coordinates in advance. As you may know if you have checked, it is the capital star system of the Lomro-or. There is the Supreme Council, a political organization that governs the current Le-orantarum Federation and the Lomro-or race, and the Le-orantarum Owron Federal Supreme Justice.】

【Speech: Human/UNF Fleet/Commander-in-Chief】

【Is it reliable information that the heart of the Lomro-or is there? If the location is even slightly off, the surprise attack of the fleets gathered here today could be in vain.】

【Speech: The Caycaconick/Conda Fleet/Chieftain】

【It is common sense that we learned naturally while communicating with the Federation for a long time. Before the war, there was trade with the capital star system of the Lomro-or. We know it for sure, so you can believe it.】

【Speech: Artificial Intelligence/Elise Fleet/Overlecter】

【That sounds interesting. What is the strategy after arriving?】

【Speech: The Chimeraz/Corps/First Ruler】

【After a simple ultimatum, it is an all-out attack. If the enemies do not surrender even if the planet is destroyed and the stars explode, we plan to destroy everything.】

【Speech: The Hyraguroa/Honor Guard/Captain】

【Wouldn’t it be an excessive attack that would cause controversy? Of course, if we have to, we will.】

【Speech: The Parahtoria/Mycelial Fleet】

【If it is the Chimeraz’s perfectly prepared strategy, there is no doubt.】

【Speech: The Chimeraz/Corps/Second Ruler】

【Rather, it could cause more damage if we do it slowly. First of all, this operation must be successful without fail, so we have gathered enough forces to make it successful. That’s Plan A. The Lomro-or surrenders.】

【Speech: The Crolr/Lord’s Fleet/Commander-in-Chief】

【Plan B. Is it when the Lomro-or does not surrender to the end?】

【Speech: The Chimeraz/Corps/Second-in-Command Leader】

【If the Lomro-or chooses to fight to the end, we must destroy everything in the capital star system, including the Supreme Council, and quickly retreat. . . . That is Plan B, and if Plan B is successful, the Lomro-or, whose Supreme Council and capital have collapsed, will be significantly weakened. . . .】

【Speech: The Ririm/Most Aggressive Seed】

【Is there a Plan C?】

【Speech: The Chimeraz/Corps/Second-in-Command Leader】

【I don’t think we’ll ever have to execute Plan C. . . . Plan C is if the Lomro-or withstands or even seizes the opportunity despite the fact that we attacked the capital with this much force. . . .】

【In that case, the Chimeraz’s bio-planets, the Elise fleet, and the Parahtoria mycelial fleet will sacrifice themselves to buy time, and the rest will retreat from the battlefield. . . .】

【We are prepared for that much, so I hope you will trust and follow us. . . .】

【Speech: The Quakacor/Thought-form Fleet/Thought-form】

【I don’t like the fact that only the Hive Alliance will be sacrificed in case of failure. . . . However, if the ruler judges it to be right, our corps will be willing to sacrifice ourselves in the case of Plan C.】


The long operational meeting was over.

A total of 3427 fleets gathered from 7 races.

The scale of the force to attack only their capital star system, not the entire Le-orantarum Federation, is as much as 3427 fleets.

A number that seems absolutely impossible to fail.

However, Kreion said.

“We may not be able to destroy their entire star system just because the Lomro-or does not surrender.”

➖What is that? We gathered this many troops, but we could lose?

“Is the Lomro-or that strong. . . ?”

Kreion, who is gradually reaching a transcendental stage, pictured the other side of this grand strategy in his head.

“It doesn’t mean we’ll lose. It just means that we might be stopped from annihilating their capital.”

➖Why? We win the battle, so why would we be stopped?

“The Vehlpciaarct also attacked the Hecartra star system with 2048 fleets.”

“They did. . . .”

“At that time, they probably also calculated that they would definitely succeed. Moreover, they had prepared Plans B and C, but they all failed.”

Who would have expected it?

No, who would have imagined it?

That those words would come out of his mouth.

“The ‘Believer’ may intervene at the end of this operation. There is a possibility that they will intervene and mediate our fight with overwhelming technology.”

Do you mean you foresaw that far?

➖Then. . . . What if that really happens?

“Are you considering attacking the Believer by any chance. . . ?”

He hadn’t foreseen that far.

Kreion saw further, further.

“No. If they mediate, we will respond.”


“They are The Believer that only a very small number of races knew about. After this is over, their existence will become widely known in the Local Group of Galaxies.”

“I’m sorry. . . . I lack insight, so I can’t predict what the master is aiming for. . . .”

➖Wait, wait a minute.

➖I get it. Then The Believer intervene at the end and mediate the fight, and since we can’t fight The Believer, let’s say we respond to their mediation.

➖Then what’s left?

➖What do you want, Kreion?

“In exchange for responding to the mediation, we will ask them to transfer what they traded with the Lomro-or.”

➖What did The Believer trade with the Lomro-or?

“I don’t know.”

➖. . . Huh?

“But we will end the great war and willingly become the protagonists of peace. We will ask for that in return. Then The Believer will have no choice but to respond because they feel sorry for the Lomro-or.”

The Believer are not emotionless beings.

The fact that they also traded with the Lomro-or means that they also looked favorably upon the Lomro-or.

They would not want to see the tragedy of the Lomro-or’s heads collapsing after a great massacre.

That was how Kreion interpreted the will of The Believer.

“And in addition to that. . .”

➖There’s more?!

“. . . If The Believer show their power this time, many races will pay attention to them. And the Chimeraz will be the race that boldly ‘demanded’ something from such powerful transcendental beings.”

“Oh my god. . . . Master. . . . How can you. . . .”

The Believer’s highly advanced technology will seem like mysterious magic.

It will be the final battle watched by the 7 races that exert influence in each galaxy. However, the fact that the Chimeraz boldly demanded and received something from the transcendental beings who suddenly appeared and mediated is one thing.

That one fact will open up the Chimeraz’s future very far.

“It doesn’t matter if we win against the Lomro-or or not. From the moment this war started, I’ve been looking at the future of our race, not theirs. The fastest and surest way is to use the most advanced force. It’s that simple.”

“Not simple at all. . . . No. . . .”

➖Kreion. . . . You’re the best.

“If that happens, the invisible hell that surrounds us will disappear. We will be the masters of this world for the time being.”

The time has come.

➖Ark notifies all allied forces.

➖Allied fleet, slow down and enter the Lomro-or’s capital star system.

A single light was seen far away.

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