My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 139

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟗: 𝐘𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐲’𝐬 𝐄𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐲, 𝐓𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲’𝐬 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 (5)

The capital of Ririm, where the ruins of the Crolr civilization are overgrown with lush vegetation.

The land of the Aboriginal.

Demitnick, who looks like a sleepy old man, came here to gain experience to contribute to the evolution of the Chimeraz’s biological weapons.

Through a broken window, the warm sunlight came in, and the Elite, who had fused with the Ririm, spoke in human language.

“Thanks to the improvement of our seeds, the speed at which we can conduct war has increased. However, our opponent is the Le-orantarum Federation, to which many races belong. To match their speed of war, further improvements are needed.”

“Mr. Kreion . . . . Oh, no, Kreion-nim. . .”

Demitnick, who recently joined the Chimeraz, felt awkward about everything.

“. . . Even Kreion-nim said that a prolonged war should be avoided. He said that the Human Milky Way has been sorted out, and that it will soon join forces with the races that follow humans.”

All the leaders are waging war. So Demitnick is handling these things with the Ririm instead of the busy leaders.

“Humans, races that follow humans, and the main force of the Chimeraz move to the Triangulum galaxy and join forces?”

“Yes. There, the Elise fleet commanded by the artificial intelligence Ark and the Anima group will join us.”

“There is a risk that such a large-scale fleet movement could be observed.”

“That’s why they say they’re building a small dimensional passageway. The Caycaconick, an avian race, is also providing resources, so the construction seems to be finished soon.”

“When that time comes, we’ll join too. We’ll try to persuade the Hyraguroa and the Crolr as well.”

It’s not a small-scale operation.

The Chimeraz put out the immediate fire by defending the Human Milky Way. At the same time, they are gathering forces from the outskirts of the Triangulum galaxy.

Once the forces are sorted out, the troops are gathered, and the preparations for the small dimensional passageway that will support large-scale covert movements are complete, the plan is to launch a full-scale attack on the capital of the Federation.

“Hit the core of the command system to minimize sacrifices. At the same time, it is a plan that calculates the strategic efficiency of war and diplomacy. I think it is very effective.”

The problem is that the Federation will eventually notice these plans and movements.

Therefore, in order to increase the probability of success of this plan even a little, the Federation’s attention must be diverted as much as possible until then. That was Kreion’s intention and is part of the common homework that the Ririm and Demitnick are currently doing.

“To sum up, we are only selecting and attacking the Lomro-or race of the Triangulum galaxy. We are hitting their morale and productivity. But at the current pace, it’s not enough.”

“There is a limit to plants.”

“There is no limit to plants.”

The Ririm had one surprisingly old-fashioned aspect.

They have no aversion to fusing tools, equipment, and living organisms of other races with plants and handling them, but they are reluctant to create something that is not a plant themselves.

“The Ririm need the power of animals. You have to accept it.”

“The moment we create something other than plants, we will cease to be ourselves.”

He doesn’t even explain why that’s not possible. It’s just that they are pure plants and cannot create anything that is not a plant. If you put it nicely, this could be a kind of belief.

‘I’m going crazy. I thought I had to do something too. . . . ‘

The same human resources. And Kreion and Anima trust and respect Demitnick completely.

However, the leaders of the Chimeraz were not like that. At first glance, the leaders seem to trust and help each other completely and unconditionally obey those who are superior to them, but that was not the case.

‘That was a place like a company too. There’s no blood or tears. . . . ‘

The leaders are constantly competing with each other.

Even if the master gives a higher rank to a leader, the leaders below him do not accept it without reason. Those above had to prove something to those below to receive their loyalty.

For example, the reason why all the leaders are loyal to Ludwig is what Ludwig is doing. In other words, it is because Ludwig’s workload is greater than that of all the other leaders combined, and above all, Ludwig has the title of the first intelligent being created by the master.

It meant that just because Kreion said that Ludwig was number two, the leaders below him didn’t just accept it.

The order of the collective consciousness is absolute, but it can be reversed at any time depending on the situation and decision, and surprisingly, the hierarchy is sometimes observed and sometimes not.

Roughly speaking, the leaders ranked 20th or higher have such proven abilities that there is little change in their ranking.

However, at this very moment, there was a change in the ranking below that due to competition.

Some variant Chimeraz, some lower leaders created by the leaders, Mindrockers with a lot of experience, and brains of the colony, etc., each wanted to gain more power and become leaders.

In the meantime, human resources who were beings outside the ranking proved their abilities and the importance of their roles.

Needless to say, Gnox created numerous individuals and provided informational assistance to the Chimeraz. Vatory was active as a joker card in the previous war and in this war as well. Yiel is constantly replacing Nazar, who is busy, in monitoring space, and Addmoon, who can transform into a giant, is said to have been recognized by all the leaders as a decisive weapon on the ground, even by the fearsome Phlegeth.

‘I. . . . ‘

But if you ask what kind of ability Alexsia Demitnick has proven and what important role he is playing, the answer is ‘none’.

I haven’t done anything yet.

If you continue to fail to do anything, you will be phased out without knowing it, and someday it seems that the leaders will ignore you.

It’s like the people in that company in my infused memory.

‘I don’t want to be phased out even in the new world I’ve entered. . . . ‘

Then the Elite, who had fused with the Ririm, said.

“We absolutely do not create anything that is not a plant as our members . . . . Still, since it is what a member of the Chimeraz is asking for, we will listen.”

Demitnick, who had been absent-minded for a while, hurriedly returned to reality.

“Oh, yes.”

“What exactly do you mean when you say the power of animals to us Ririm?”

“What about microorganisms?”

“What kind of microorganism?”

“The chronic weakness of the Ririm is that they have the slowest speed of war among all the races of the Local Group of galaxies. In order to make up for that, the Ririm need a means to perform faster circulation and expansion in the material world of the enemies they attack.”

Demitnick recalled the time when he, in his past memories, sold biological weapons to mercenaries. He actively changed his tone and attitude like he did then.

His eyes, which were always half-closed as if he was sleepy, shone as if his motivation had returned, and that small and subtle change could give the other person a sense of trust.

“Microorganisms can pass through the roots of plants and move by borrowing the pollen or bodies of other animals. You can also use groundwater, river water, or the flow of sewers.”

“Yes. If it is our microorganism that belongs to us, we can create it. Then we can make rapid progress in the circulation of the material world. But it’s not possible.”

Again, they says no for no reason.

A sigh comes out, but you have to endure it.

The other person is not a human, so you can’t read their voice, expression, or gestures.

You have to read their thoughts only through conversation. That’s the only way to persuade them to use biological weapons.

‘Why don’t you tell me why?’

Come to think of it, I heard that a peculiar leader in a certain uniform is excellent at this kind of thing, but I can’t remember the name.

“If we use microorganisms, we’ll be able to wield much greater power than we do now, so I don’t understand why you say it’s not possible. Is there something like a taboo in the Ririm society?”

” . . . It’s not possible. We are a plant race.”

“If you don’t tell me the reason why it’s not possible, I can’t find a compromise. If we don’t push the Lomro-or civilization harder internally, the Great War will be prolonged and the operation is more likely to fail.”

The Ririm need to be more active and faster in this war. Microorganisms are the means to do that.

“Is there any way you can tell me why it’s not possible? If necessary, I can even get a signature from Kreion-nim. If I do that, will you cooperate?”

He subtly expressed that if they refused even this, it would be tantamount to not cooperating in the Allied war. Even if he went this far, if they said it was not possible, he would have no choice but to give up and find another way.

. . . That’s what I was thinking.

“Okay. I’ll tell you.”

Kreion was mentioned, and the stubborn Ririm quickly gave in. Mentioning his name was a bit of a bluff, but it seems to have worked well.

” . . . . . . We were originally two races.”

Come to think of it, the Ririm were a race with many mysteries about the past.

“You mean two races. . . .?”

“Our origin started here. In the land of the Aboriginals.”

Does that mean that plants have evolved in such a way that they have become a galactic civilization that has blossomed today?

The Ririm, who can create things other than plants, but will not. What is the reason for that?

It started with a story deeply rooted in the origin of the Ririm.


A high sky boasting a very thick atmosphere with stable nitrogen, very abundant oxygen, and even the carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis.

On this planet called the Land of the Aboriginals, there was a civilization of intelligent beings who had even deployed satellites in space.

A crustacean race with a chitinous exoskeleton, dozens of pairs of legs and hands, and a large head.

The name of their race was Xenatuth.

【The environmental pollution on our planet has deteriorated to the point where it cannot be restored by photosynthesis.】

There were no fossil fuels on the planet where the Xenatuth civilization was located. So all the devices and machines that made up their civilization depended on steam engines. All the buildings and machines had complicated gears that turned and emitted steam, giving them a very rustic feel.

The fuel that this Xenatuth civilization mainly used was, of course, a heat energy source that could boil water, and improved plant species that could burn fiercely in the rich oxygen.

【Vast forests are being destroyed. Our growing population and developing civilization demanded more energy.】

【The more energy is required, the more plants are cut down and put into steam engines. It’s a story of a vicious cycle that can’t be broken.】

【We can’t reduce our population, can we?】

Divided into several countries, they did not choose war to reduce their population. Before the last resort of war, they used the power of science to devise other means. Just like everyone else did.

【The conclusion is that we need a stronger plant. 】

【Plant species improvement has been going on for centuries. There’s nothing better than Failm, which we now burn as our main fuel.】

【That’s right. Failm is the ultimate plant with a very high cellulose content and boasts hundreds of millions of cell walls. Its combustion reaction is also excellent when liquefied into oil.】

【The plant species called Failm was not restricted in genetic design so that it could be managed and controlled under our control. Failm is a species in which the potential of plants is intentionally suppressed.】

【It was a suppression for safety.】

【Anyway, the speed at which Failm grows and thrives is not keeping up with the total energy production required by our civilization.】

In any era, any group is bound to have a member who creates something great.

If that member is well-chosen by the times and emerges in the right situation, the group to which that member belongs progresses as a whole. Whether that group is a race or a nation.

The Xenatuth was no exception.

【I have a plant that I have spent my whole life improving, anticipating today’s situation. Would you like to see it?】

At that time, what a brilliant Xenatuth genius presented was a new plant.

It was a seedling of a green plant with very long roots, a strong and thick stem, abundant leaves, and beautiful flowers.

【It is an improved species that grows 2200 times faster than Failm and can thrive on its own without distinction between male and female.】

【2200 times? At that rate, wouldn’t it have the ability to thrive to the point of destroying the existing ecosystem? It’s a very dangerous species.】

【What is dangerous now is not the natural ecosystem, but all the Xenatuth living on this land.】

The genius Xenatuth claimed.

【Right now, it is none other than us who are threatening and devouring the natural ecosystem. That’s why the ecosystem needs to be reconstructed from the ground up so that it can adequately respond to the speed at which we consume.】

Swoosh. . . .

Just then, the seedling introduced as the improved species moved at a noticeable speed.

It couldn’t be said to be fast like an animal, but it was clearly a movement unique to plants, and it was amazingly fast.

【I, did that just move?!】

【It’s because it adapted to the environment.】

【What kind of environment?】

【This is a species improved based on the genes of carnivorous plants that are highly responsive to changes in the environment. You raised your voice a little while ago and the plant tightened its body, alert to the sound wave. It thought it was an unnatural movement of the air.】

【How does it know whether it’s our voice or the wind of nature?】

【I’ve let it experience various environments so that it can distinguish between the two types of sound waves. Nothing happens when there is a natural wind, but when there is the sound of someone moving or talking, this guy’s roots were even pulled out. So I think your voice was a threat.】

【Thinking. . . .?】

【Didn’t you know? Plants are also living beings that can learn. It’s just that the species we’ve improved so far have been too slow in their chemical reactivity. . . .】

【Just in case, is that all you have to say about a plant with that kind of mobility?】

【Mobility. I was just about to talk about that. The difference between this guy and carnivorous plants is that it can devour not only insects, but also large birds, mammals, and other plant species in the existing ecosystem.】

The genius Xenatuth explained ambitiously, as if he was talking about hope, but the response that came back was ‘rejection’.

【To create such a terrible thing! I knew it! I knew there was a reason why it grows 2200 times faster than Failm!】

【Burn it and dispose of it now!】

【I was curious to see how great an improved species it was, but instead of saving the ecosystem, you created a monster that would destroy it!】

【It seems that everyone’s opinions are unanimous.】

【I’m sorry for all your hard work, but the Academy of Protozoology will order its disposal.】

No matter how serious the environmental pollution was and how energy depletion was emerging as a problem for the entire civilization, they turned away.

Their leadership was so afraid of too much change that they neglected the obvious problems that were currently underway.

It was a natural phenomenon.

Because the only ones who can truly feel a sense of crisis from such obvious and huge problems are the geniuses who realized it first.

【Now, wait! If you don’t accept what I’ve made, the Xenatuth civilization will slowly die! Don’t you all realize it!】

The genius appealed.

【You’ve all known about today’s problem for a long time, so when are you going to postpone the solution! Now we really have to make such a clear change!】

【Will you be responsible if that plant brings another disaster?】

【Responsibility. . . .?】

【What about the astronomical costs that will be incurred to control that dangerous plants?】

【That’s not important to us right now. . . .】

【No, it won’t. I’ll put it on the disposal list.】

【Listen. . . ! The ecosystem is collapsing! The diversity of flora and fauna is disappearing every moment, and the ecosystem that was already collapsing! Now the time given to us will be shorter than we think!】

【Is there a Xenatuth here who doesn’t know that?】

【That, and there’s so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that even the steam engine fuels don’t burn properly! Rather than such trivial problems, the reality we are facing is. . . .】

【It’s not a trivial problem we’re discussing. We are all facing the serious reality properly.】

【Okay. Tell me the name of the plant species you brought.】

The key to salvation created by a genius.

It was a plant that could be controlled at any time when their race joined forces. However,

【I asked you the name of the plant species. Answer quickly if you don’t want to be released from the Academy of Protozoology.】

Ironically, it was a plant that was too dangerous for their foolish ‘age’ to accept.

【. . . . . . Ririm.】

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