My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 134

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟒: 𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐬 (5)

A living planet is feasting.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa aa!!

Just by its gravity, the ground surface was shattered and the rocks in the mantle and the hot inner material were pulled up explosively. Amidst the frantic scene, huge tentacles of cosmic scale seemed to be digging deeper into the planet, causing a catastrophe.

The Federation fleet in space mobilized all the gunships they had in order to destroy the living planet. However, their resistance only managed to scratch the surface of the living planet.

On the surface of the planet being preyed upon, the Federation ground forces and aircraft experienced a catastrophe of a scale that they could not dare to confront. Their opponents were not Lemegeton roaming through space, nor Cresecter in the sky, nor were they the swarming Chimeraz army on the ground.

Their opponents were the earth that was torn apart and surged up, the extreme change in gravity, and the high-temperature magma rushing along with the wind.

Not only the Federation ground forces, but also the indigenous armies that were fighting against the Federation were sacrificed together in the face of the sudden hell.

The planet could no longer take the form of a sphere. The part that was attacked by the living planet was hideously broken like a dented ball.

The gravity weakened, the atmosphere flew away, and the axis of rotation and the orbit were ruined. The civilizations and countless living things inside the planet that became a sacrificial lamb could not offer any resistance. Only those on the opposite continent of the surface that was attacked could attempt a dramatic escape.

【Is it Gorgo’s Star?!】

【It is smaller than that!】

【Those are monsters that we cannot deal with! Retreat!】

The Federation fleet that was attacking this star system was shocked by the approaching Chimeraz fleet. That is why they were attempting to retreat as if they were running away, even abandoning the troops left on each planet.

【It is Anima’s horde! We must inform the Federation that her monster army has come to our galaxy!】

➖Do you think you’ll be able to escape?

At that moment, the fleet’s executor heard an eerie voice.

【Did I just hear that?】

【The communication. . . it seems like we received a communication.】

➖I will devour the planets that you have occupied one by one.

The master of the voice that squeezed their hearts was Gorgo.

【Dammit! There was a civilization of the Galgaras race on the planet that your army just destroyed! You have attacked not only our Federation forces, but also our enemies!】

➖That does not become a reason for me to not devour a hostile planet.

【What the. . .!】

➖Surrender. And if your leader declares an end to the war after seceding from the Federation, I will not touch your original territory.

【That’s ridiculous! Our race will fight as a member of the Federation!】

While saying that, the fleet was retreating. They were giving up the invasion and returning to their home base for the time being in order to spread this shocking news.

➖I ask again.

However, Gorgo forced a choice.

➖Do you think you’ll be able to escape?

【Cut off the communication! If we were going to surrender out of fear, we wouldn’t have started this! We are the proud Le-orantarum Federation’s. . .】

A fleet with a design as sharp as a bird’s beak.

A fleet of a type that they knew well was approaching from all directions, surrounding the outskirts of the star system.

【The Caycaconick’s fleet has appeared!】

【How did the Caycaconick. . .】

A race of birds that are the linchpin of the Conda bloodline.

If it were them, another executor would have gone to destroy them already.

However, from the looks of it, the Caycaconick’s fleet seemed to be siding with the Chimeraz.

【Executor! There are more Chimeraz!】

The body that destroyed a planet earlier is sending out the Chimeraz fleet. By sticking countless tentacles into the fragments of the planet scattered throughout outer space, they stole the enormous resources and energy left in the fragments.

That was an absurd level of productivity. It was as if several large-scale colonies had invaded this star system.

➖This is your last chance.

And even though they had clearly cut off the communication, the eerie voice was heard again.

【Oh my god. . .】

The ones invading this star system right now are not the Federation forces, but the Lomro-or race.

It was just that one of the many races belonging to the Federation was attacking a hostile race here.

➖Can you risk the lives of your entire race for the sake of the other race, the Lomro-or?

The executor, a mammalian race with two legs, a large curved waist, and two arms, felt that fear had already taken root inside him.

The Caycaconick’s fleet and the Chimeraz fleet were surrounding them from all sides.

And over there, the giant life form that was attached to the planet like an octopus, covering the surface with its tentacles and preying on the planet, was so surreal that it was hard to believe it even after seeing it.

➖No answer, huh. Then I will devour your fleet just like this, and even your stars. . .

【W-Wait a moment! Please wait a moment!】


【Our race was just following the Federation’s orders!】

➖What is the name of your race?

【It’s the Vtol! We are a race belonging to the Federation and. . . I, as the executor, came here only after receiving the order to annihilate the Galgaras race here! We didn’t want this level of punishment, but we had no choice because the Federation told us to. . .】

➖Enough with the excuses.

The executor from the Vtol race gulped. The Vtol soldiers in the bridge also kept silent, knowing what was going on.

Gorgo was in control of this situation.

➖Take me to your capital. Where your leader is.

【W-Well, that’s a bit. . .】

➖So, do you mean that the Vtols will continue to fight us?

This was a forced choice.

If they did not comply with Gorgo’s demands, their race would really be annihilated while fighting as a member of the Federation.

However, if they complied with Gorgo’s demands, they would be showing the location of their capital to these giant monsters and letting the enemy forces into the heart of their race.

And if their leader neither seceded from the Federation nor surrendered to the Chimeraz, a battle would start in the capital star system just like that.

They could not avoid the conflict. It was dangerous no matter which side they chose. They could not find the right answer either way.

➖I know where your capital is anyway. I’m just having this annoying conversation because I thought that if I had you guide me, I could meet your leader without any sacrifices.

Come to think of it, the Caycaconick knew the location of the Vtol’s capital. There was no way that the bird race that seemed to have sided with the Chimeraz would not provide such simple information to the Chimeraz.

So, there was no way they could hide the location of their capital anyway.

Then, is this a mercy from the Chimeraz? Does it really mean that they will not kill this fleet in order to minimize sacrifices?

Just a while ago, they showed them an atrocious scene of destroying a planet.

➖Are you more afraid of us than the Federation?

With that one sentence, the calculator in the executor’s head was completely broken.

【No! I will take you there right now! I-I think our leader will cooperate as well!】


A large ostrich-like bird race.

The Galgaras, a member of the Conda bloodline.

Their leader, the chieftain, was communicating with Caycaconick’s vanguard captain.

【What is going on. . .? No matter what, what if they destroy one of our planets with the Chimeraz’s power?】

➖I had to show you that we have enough force to easily destroy a planet. I feel sorry for the Galgaras tribesmen who were sacrificed.

【No, rather than that, if you were going to destroy it like that, couldn’t you have just annihilated that damn Vtol fleet? Why are the Vtol fleet and the Chimeraz fleet leaving in the same direction on good terms?】

➖They are the Vtol race, a member of the Le-orantarum Federation. It was to make them surrender as quickly as possible. Without the Vtol fleet, if the pure Chimeraz fleet entered the Vtol capital star system, there would be an engagement without any room for negotiation.

The chieftain of the Galgaras race barely managed to calm down his ruffled feathers.

【. . .Is Chieftain Conda of Caycaconick safe?】

➖The Chimeraz and the humans arrived at a critical moment, and we were able to avoid annihilation.

At those words, the chieftain was so surprised that he ruffled his feathers again, which he had just managed to calm down.

【Humans?! Did you just say humans?】

➖A fleet led by artificial intelligence came with the Chimeraz. They annihilated the Federation fleet with amazing power. It happened in an instant.

➖Isn’t the Galgaras race the one that admires humans the most among the Conda bloodline?

【Humans have come to our galaxy. . . As expected, they were righteous people fighting for the weak races. . . Unlike the lying Federation. . .】


【So, where is the human’s artificial intelligence fleet right now?】

➖They went to help other star systems of the Conda bloodline. It’s the same thing that the Chimeraz are doing right now.

【Then, does the Caycaconick side have anything set for the future?】

➖As you saw earlier, we, the Caycaconick, have decided to fight against the Le-orantarum Federation together with the humans & the Chimeraz. In return, we asked them to save the races of the Conda bloodline.

The chieftain of the Galgaras’s large eyeballs shook.

➖The true idols of this era are humans and the Chimeraz. Live like humans and fight like the Chimeraz.

【. . .I think I understand. This situation. . .】

➖Will you join us this time as well? As the Conda bloodline.

The scattered forces united one by one.

【We, Galgaras, will join you after we organize our army. We still have to save the suffering races of the Conda bloodline.】


The 30-bodied Gorgo rampaged in the Triangulum galaxy.

With this, Gorgo, who had established a wave network that was more extensive and powerful than before, was able to report to Anima immediately.

“The Galgaras race of the Conda bloodline has also joined us. And from the Vtol race, which belongs to the Federation, we will soon be able to receive a declaration of secession from the Federation and their surrender.”

“I don’t have time to memorize the names of all those races. Just make sure who is on whose side and have them fight as they see fit.”

“Yes. In that case, I will proceed as independently as possible.”

The Caycaconick race gave Anima a planet. Thanks to this, the bio-planet (part of the fragmented Gorgo’s Star) remaining in this star system and the Anima group, which was reduced to one-fifth of its original size, were able to successfully develop a colony.

The colony that was growing with full support from the Caycaconick boasted a productivity that could create a fleet group in one hour.

And on the geostationary orbit of the bio-planet that had become a colony, a small dimensional passageway, approximately 80km wide, was being constructed. Once the dimensional passageway was completed, it would be possible to communicate with the human group or the Chimeraz group in the human galaxy in near real time.

While everything was going smoothly, Ark’s humanoid came to her.

“What’s wrong? Ark.”

“There is a problem in one of the star systems of the Conda bloodline.”


“It’s the star system that Caycaconick used to own. My Elise fleet entered that star system and engaged in battle with an unusual transcendent machine race.”

A transcendent machine race.

Just hearing those words seemed to trigger an instinctive sense of caution.

“Judging from their technological level, they seem to be a race that is deeply involved with the Le-orantarum Federation. Some of their fleets have implemented phase assault technology and shields, and their ground forces consisted of anti-gravity based tanks, ground carriers, and drone-centered armies that could operate at supersonic speeds on the ground.”

“They absolutely refuse to surrender?”

“The battle is still ongoing. We have been trying to persuade them, but they seem to have no intention of surrendering yet.”

“What kind of race is it?”

“They are the Reptured race. They are a machine transcendent race that has long been a member of the Le-orantarum Federation. It is said that they are a large-scale race that taught the Lomro-or race the methodology of machine & physical transcendence through active exchanges in this galaxy.”

In a word, they could be considered machines that were treated as the Lomro-or’s right-hand men.

“The Reptured claim that they idolized the Vehlpciaarct, but the Chimeraz caused the Vehlpciaarct to go extinct, and the humans did not properly help the Vehlpciaarct.”

Rundalt, who had been listening quietly next to Anima, spoke up.

“Master. I will try to persuade those machines.”

“It is very difficult to persuade a machine race. They won’t be moved by threats or even sincerity.”

“If neither threats nor sincerity works, then we can make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?”

“I’ll have to go and ask them what they want first. Haha.”

“You fool.”

“Y-Yes. . .?”

“They hate both the humans and the Chimeraz, and they have been affiliated with the Federation for a long time. And they have also had frequent exchanges with the Lomro-or. . . Deals won’t work on them.”

Ark agreed.

“That’s right. We have already proposed a deal several times, but the only response we got from the Reptured was ‘surrender to the Federation’.”

“Master. Then let’s just destroy them all? If they are difficult enemies to deal with, I think it would be better to quickly push them aside with some support from our corps.”


“Why. . .?”

Anima looked at Ark’s humanoid and said,

“The Reptured are a race that would be of great help if they were on our side. And if we eliminate the Reptured following the Vehlpciaarct, what do you think other machine races will think of us when they hear the news?”

“They will think that the Chimeraz hate machine races. And all the machine races in the Local Group of Galaxies will analyze the Chimeraz as a clear threat.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“That’s right. Eliminating the Reptured is nothing more than creating more enemies in the long run.”

“Then what should we do?”

“Rather, this is an opportunity. It’s about showing that a life-transcendent race can join hands with a machine-transcendent race.”

“Anima-nim. Can you persuade them?”

She walked forward.

Creak. . .

The tightly shut front gate of the colony in the distance opened wide to the left and right, revealing sharp fangs.

“Threats, deals, and sincerity won’t work. Those machines only pursue cold and rational choices. You have to tell them a convincing story based only on facts. That’s the only way they’ll stop fighting us.”

“But they’ve been close to the Federation or the Lomro-or for a long time, haven’t they?”

“They don’t have the expression ‘close’ to them. They have been doing what they have been doing because they thought that going with the Federation and the Lomro-or would benefit and secure their race.”

Emotions must not be included in the way of thinking, even a single one.

“That’s why, if we succeed in persuading them, they could become a race that could antagonize the Federation in an instant, just like turning over their palm. They are cold and rational, but they are emotionless, cold machines.”

She came out of the colony.

A pure white mutant Asotus was waiting.

“I’ll go and persuade them myself.”

Kreion regretted it when it came to the Vehlpciaarct.

Was there no way to fight, did he really have to hate them, what if he had been a little more proactive and tried to talk to them, what if he had accepted Lopez’s mediation instead, he had such regrets.

If he had made different choices in the past, maybe the Vehlpciaarct would be fighting as an ally with the humans & the Chimeraz right now.

The regret and sorrow that Kreion felt remained with the current Chimeraz.

‘Let’s go.’

The previous transcendent machine race, the Vehlpciaarct.

Now, the later transcendent machine race, the Reptured, who idolized them, who had now disappeared into the pages of history.

She had hope.

‘I don’t want to see the same tragedy again.’

It would be a choice without regrets, even if she failed to persuade them.

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