My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 132

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟐: 𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐬 (3)

Triangulum galaxy, on the orbit of an outer star system.

The Le-orantarum Federation’s fleet is boxy overall, much like the human fleet. Moreover, the ones fighting these federal fleets were ships and aircrafts with designs akin to the beak of a bird.

Kookoong. . . Kookoogoong. . .

The Le-orantarum Federation’s fleet was showing off its numbers and firepower. On the other hand, the fleet resembling bird beaks that was dealing with them seemed to be sticking to the tactic of ramming their ships into the enemy vessels to crash them, due to their lacking in long-range attack means such as ship cannons.

Regrettably, the Le-orantarum Federation’s fleet has shield technology and powerful cannon resources, so it seems to be too difficult for the native species of this star system to stop them.

【Those fools will become the target of conquest in return for turning their backs on our federation!】

【Show the power of the Federation! Destroy those insignificant aircrafts before they even get close!】

The Federation High Judge ordered the creation of more allies. Therefore, the species of the Triangulum galaxy could not stay neutral.

They were essentially forced to choose between joining the Le-orantarum Federation and siding with the Lomro-or, leaving the federation and becoming hostile to the Lomro-or, or not being part of the federation but having interacted with it, and choosing to either turn against them or side with them.

【Damn Federation bastards!】

The native species of this star system had never joined the Le-orantarum Federation, so they tried to stay neutral and even rejected the federation’s strong requests for participation several times.

However, the result was hostility with the Federation, just like this.

【We can’t penetrate the Federation fleet’s shields!】

This is hopeless.

The native species here cannot beat the Federation in terms of technology, military power, or population.

【They’re landing on the planets too!】

【To think this was the extent of the Federation’s military power. . .】

The Lomro-or species and the Le-orantarum Federation had never really been at war before. Because they had never been at war before, even the ones fighting them did not know the true extent of their power.

That’s why their fleet was falling apart, and the planetary defense network was gradually being broken through.

Those who saw the overwhelming ‘strong’ force penetrating the center of their civilization for the first time must have lost their morale. Following the forceful invasion, the orbital bombardment and large-scale military raid by the strong force turned the city into scorched earth.

The military trying to protect the planet was completely wiped out by a nuclear attack before they could even fight the Federation’s military. By then, hundreds of mushroom clouds were visible in space above each of the planet’s continents.

【Le-orantarum! So you were hiding your true colors!】

The price of not siding with the Federation while living in the Triangulum galaxy was a crushing defeat, massacre, and annihilation.

【Cruel bastards. . . In the end, they would have conquered us even if we had chosen the Federation, just because we’re not the Lomro-or!】


Currently, Anima’s pack and Elise’s fleet are entering the star system on the brink of annihilation.

“Ark. Do you have any information here? It looks like this species got crushed big time by fighting the Federation.”

➖There is an artificial human embassy that humans had set up in the past in this star system.

“A species that communicated with humans?”

➖There was communication about 0.4 times a year. Please wait for a moment.

After waiting, Ark brought news.

➖. . .It seems like the artificial human embassy was destroyed by the Federation’s attack. I cannot connect to the local communication network.

That means the native species of this star system has already lost the fleet battle and is taking a direct hit to their civilization.

“Let’s go connect to the communication network ourselves. For now, tell me the information you know.”

Then, Ark gave her information about the native species of this outer star system.

➖Avian species the Caycaconick.

➖The core of the avian species who organized the ‘Conda bloodline,’ a relatively small-scale group, through genetic exchange among the avian species of the Triangulum galaxy.

Anima makes a quick judgment again.

“If we help these guys, we’ll be able to get all the avian species belonging to that bloodline completely on our side.”

➖Will you intervene?

“Yeah. This is where we’ll be establishing the first base.”


The Caycaconick’s infantry fought like aircrafts, flapping their wings roughly.

The Caycaconick, whose entire military force can rise from the ground, flies through the sky against their enemies, using firearms that have good penetrating power.

However, the problem is that an army flying in the sky these days is not so special against enemies with sufficient scientific power.

The Federation’s military operated far superior bombers than the Caycaconick’s military, and fought an air battle within the atmosphere.

“Keeeeeeeeeek! Keeeeek!”

Buildings that looked like old trees with branches fell down. The Caycaconick tribesmen beneath them are busy running away.


The high sky that once belonged to them was taken over by the Federation fleet. The clear weather turned into a harmful dark cloud due to the effects of the nuclear explosion, and it rained continuously, and the clear blue sky and atmosphere turned into a murky color.

The blood shed by numerous Caycaconick mixed with the rainwater and turned the city’s waterways red.

Corpses and empty shells were scattered everywhere like trash, and the Federation’s tank-like bioweapons and mechanized infantry occupied the streets.


The Federation’s bioweapon that walks on six legs wears tough leather and sturdy mechanical armor over its heavy weight. It was a weapon that combined the power of a living organism and the power of a machine.


The bioweapons advancing through the streets trampled and crushed Caycaconick’s vehicles.

Occasionally, when Caycaconick snipers tried to snipe from the air to kill the Federation’s bioweapons, the mechanized infantry near the bioweapons responded accurately.

“Keeeeeeek. . .! Keeeeek. . .!”

The war created widows and orphans.

A young Caycaconick who lost its mother ran clumsily like a duck. It could not fly because its wings were injured.

“Kiriruruk. . . Kirirururu. . .”

The Federation’s mechanized infantry watching it from behind communicated among themselves.

【There is an unarmed survivor.】

【We cannot have any witnesses to our flawless conquest.】

The fact that they detonated a nuclear weapon in a city with civilians was a war crime in itself.

Ironically, the Federation was a species that had emphasized the concept of war crimes to the world like humans, and had been clamoring to protect such values.

So, what happened here should never be known to the outside.

“Kiriruruk. . .! Kiriruruk. . .!”

. . .Bang!

The young Caycaconick who had been crying sadly, looking for its mother, finally went silent.

【Don’t feel guilty. The tragedies we are seeing now will never happen again after this great war is over.】

【Either way, the annoying Conda bloodline ends here.】

The Federation’s military advanced into the city center, trampling on Caycaconick’s tiny corpse.

Then, they stopped advancing one by one.

【. . .?. . .】

An ominous shadow fell over them.

A sinister shadow spread over the entire city, above their heads.

【. . .He. . .Headquarters?】

At that moment, there were things they saw for the first time in the sky.

Too black and huge.

Too many tentacles lined up strangely.

【Deputy Executor. . .?. . .】

【T. . . Those, by any chance. . .】

【Is the communication not working? What happened to the fleet?】

Before they knew it, large fireballs were falling in the distance.

Those were not fireballs.

The ships that had shown off the greatness of shield technology and cannons were falling apart like crumpled cans.

【Executor! This is the ground force! What’s the situation here?!】

➖. . .S. . . save. . .

At that moment, what was heard from the Federation fleet’s communication network sent chills down their spines.


It was Meary of hell.

➖Come here! Block it!

➖Aaaaaaaagh. . .!

➖Save me! S. . . Save me. . .!

➖Kwaaak! Kwaaakaaak. . .!. . .

➖. . . . . . . . .

And the communication with the fleet was cut off.

In the meantime, a mechanized infantry dropped the firearm it had been holding as if it had lost its mind, and just looked up at the sky.

【Something else is falling. . .】

Whooooo. . .

Something long and black was falling from beyond the sky to the ground.

【No. That can’t be. Why are they in this outer star system. . .】

They were not falling, but rather, plunging into the ground.


Organic Pipe of Euryale’s pack violently stabbed into the surface, pouring out the Chimeraz legion. At the same time, Drop Cysts like meteors of disaster fell all over the continent, raiding the Federation’s military.

At that time, the Executor of the fleet battle could not believe it even after seeing those things in space.

【Why is that monster here?!】

Gorgo’s Star.

【What are those things?!】

Elise’s fleet.

【Executor! Ground forces and fleets across the planet are under attack from all regions!】

Inside the planet, the Chimeraz is running wild. In the fleet battle, what appear to be human ships are annihilating the Federation fleet with shells that utilize phase assault technology.

【This ship is not safe either!】

【Executor! Something has infiltrated the inside of the ship!】

The bio bomb, borrowing the power of phase assault technology, was also destroying their ship from the inside. Distorted creatures infected with the Chimeraz are running wild inside the ship.

On top of that, Elise’s fleet, which annihilated dozens of fleets in just a few minutes with the firepower of the fleet battle itself, was beyond their comprehension.

【Chimeraz approaching the bridge!】

【Lockdown the compartment!】

In the meantime, Gorgo’s Star, which they had only heard of, is doing nothing.

It just seems to be sending only the Chimeraz fleet from somewhere far away.

Just that alone, just the existence of that thing over there, was despair and terror.

【This means we can only fight back if the Lomro-or’s main force or elite fleet comes!】

【A transparent humanoid has broken into the engine room!】

【Detonate a pulse in the compartment they infiltrated!】

【It seems like the humanoid has merged with the Chimeraz. . . The pulse doesn’t work. . .!】

【Then send in our bioweapon!】

【The bioweapon instantly dies as soon as it is deployed into the compartment!】

Technology, military power, numbers. They cannot beat them in any way.

It is so unfair that it’s frustrating.

【Why are humans and the Chimeraz on the same side. . .? Isn’t this too much. . .?!】


Ark informs her.

➖I have taken control of the engine rooms of all ships, so there is no way they can retreat.

“We need to capture those with high positions as prisoners.”

➖Is the planet being cleaned up well?

When Ark asked that, Anima closed her eyes and connected to Gorgo’s legion and the wave.

“Weaker than I thought? There’s almost no damage to our troops.”

➖There is no way the Federation would have sent its main forces to such an outpost. And the fleet we just fought was not the Lomro-or species either.

“You’re saying it was a different species belonging to the Federation?”

➖Yes. The fleet composed of those from the Lomro-or will be different. It’s just that this place was a relatively less important location in this great war, so there were easy enemies.

“Even so, as expected of a species that has achieved machinery, life, and the transcendence of the flesh, their ship was fine even after a pulse exploded inside. The ship’s armor regenerates even the tissue by itself.”

➖It can also be interpreted as the enemies being versatile but not having any specialized strengths. We can think of it as having gathered a little bit of the strengths of various transcendences, resulting in a crude characteristic.

“A greedy species. They use life and machinery that are difficult to be compatible.”

She paid attention to a bioweapon similar in size to Kabana walking around with a machine gun attached to its back on the ground, but it was not a big deal.

The power of the autocannon was mediocre at best, and the bioweapon, which was protected by armor, had no exoskeleton or organs to protect its major organs, so if it was slightly wounded, it collapsed.

Their firearms were not exceptional, and their bodies were not strong. They were just crude enemies that seemed to have just attached armor or firearms to the bodies of useful beasts.

“They’ve spread out their tech too much. They can’t do anything in front of my legion.”

➖Anima-nim. There is a transmission from Caycaconick.

Just in time, Caycaconick’s aircraft approached the friendly fleet and communication was established.

Soon, Anima, Ark, and the leader of Caycaconick met each other’s voices and holograms in one communication network.

The leader of Caycaconick was an owl-like creature with a dwarf body of about 1m in height and hands at the ends of both wings.

➖Thank you for your help. I am Conda, the chief of Caycaconick and the head of the Conda bloodline.

The Caycaconick species called their leader the chief.

“I’m Anima, the second ruler of the Chimeraz.”

➖I am Ark, an artificial intelligence that received orders from humans and was deployed in this battle.

➖I am honored to meet you both. Our civilization has suffered devastating damage from the Le-orantarum Federation, but thanks to you, we have been able to avoid annihilation. As a chief, I sincerely thank you.

First, Anima asks.

“Why did the Le-orantarum Federation attack Caycaconick?”

➖There is no species in this Triangulum galaxy that has not communicated with the Federation. Everyone was either a part of the Federation or was in a position to communicate with the Federation on a regular basis.

“From the fact that there is a thing called the Conda bloodline, it sounds like you were not a force directly affiliated with the Federation.”

➖That’s right. Our bloodline, made up of bird species in this galaxy, has been continuously communicating with the Federation and pursuing friendly relations.

➖But this time, the Federation launched a large-scale attack on other galaxies, forcing everyone in this galaxy to join their war as allies.

“You’re saying they forced you to do that even though you were not affiliated with the Federation or an ally?”


This time, Ark asks.

➖Chief, why did you choose the Chimeraz and humans, who had less communication with the Federation?

➖The Federation’s justification for this war was forced. And it was very suspicious, and malicious intentions were blatantly revealed.

The chief of Caycaconick argues.

➖It was so different from the usual Federation. Until now, the Federation’s rational appearance was to try to resolve conflicts between species as peacefully as possible. In that respect, they resembled humans, so we trusted the Federation. Humans are too far away, so we trusted the Federation, which is close and resembles humans.

➖But this time, I learned for the first time that the Federation was intervening in the Crolr. It seemed like a conflict between the Parahtoria and the Crolr of the Hive Alliance, but the Federation emphasized the danger of the Hive Alliance by making it clear that the Chimeraz had carried out operations inside the Crolr’s civilization, using that as an excuse.

‘Well, half is right and half is wrong, but I’d rather have this.’

➖I think the Parahtoria is at fault, but I didn’t know the Federation would come out like this. So the trust we had built with the Federation over the years collapsed, and we tried to declare neutrality, but the Federation forced us to participate in the war.

➖One of our bloodlines declared hostility to the Federation, unable to withstand their pressure, and the Federation attacked our bloodline as if they had been waiting. So from the current situation, it is clear. They were targeting us for conquest. Just like. . . the Crolr species that they had been secretly considering as a friendly species. In fact, the Federation is not human, but rather, it seems to resemble the Crolr of the past.

That was Caycaconick’s position.

“Then can we consider the Caycaconick species and the Conda bloodline to be on our side?”

➖There is no choice. And on top of that, you saved us from annihilation today. . . The Conda bloodline wants to unconditionally choose to be on your side.

Having confirmed their intentions, Ark hurriedly proceeds with the work.

➖Chief Conda. We would like to build our first base in this star system and establish a foundation for attacking the Federation one by one.

➖You can do whatever you want. I agree that we need to build up our numbers to some extent before aiming for the heart of the Federation since it is a huge force.

This side did not say that it was aiming for the heart of the Federation, but the chief guessed it very naturally.

‘They’re not a species without brains, after all.’

➖Thank you for the chief’s decision.

➖So here is what I want to say. . . There is something I would like to propose to you.

“Let’s hear it.”

➖Please help the Conda bloodline, which is under attack by the Federation at this moment. Then I will persuade them to fight on our side.

“How many species are there in the bloodline?”

➖There are six weak species including us. They rule over about 30 star systems. If you help us, you will be able to use all 30 star systems as bases. Ark-nim needs an arsenal and a shipyard, and Anima-nim needs a colony site, doesn’t she?

Then, Ark briefly disconnected the communication with the chief and spoke only to Anima.

➖I’ll tell you this so that only Anima-nim can hear it, but I think this is a pretty good strategy.

“Can we trust the Conda bloodline? I don’t know if they are choosing us because they have no choice in the current situation or if they really want to be our allies.”

➖I don’t think the sincerity of Caycaconick matters much.

“Why? It would be better if it was certain.”

➖What is certain is that they will be our allies in the future. From here, I would like to borrow Anima-nim’s words and say that fear and respect are only one piece of paper away.

“Hmm. . .”

➖I don’t think it matters whether Caycaconick is feeling fear or respect right now. And since we’ve already done things this way, we can’t just let them go.

“. . . I see. It was my choice to help them in the first place.”

➖However, it will not be easy to reclaim about 30 star systems from the Federation. If we reclaim them one by one, the Federation will notice our movements, and if we reclaim them all at the same time, we do not have enough numbers.

“It’s not a shortage. If we can just get permission from Caycaconick, it’s possible.”

Immediately, Ark noticed Anima’s intentions.

➖. . . If you execute the strategy you are thinking of right now, it will be closer to fear than respect. Is that okay?

“Reconnect with the chief.”

➖Ark-nim. Anima-nim. Will you help us?

“We can help the Conda bloodline. However, there are some realistic problems that we will face in doing so.”

➖. . . I understand that it is difficult to save all of the Conda bloodline. But we are in desperate need of help.

“We’re going to send our bio-planets to the Conda bloodline’s star systems that are in other places. Simultaneously to about 30 star systems you mentioned.”

➖If you help the bloodline in any way, we will never betray you. We will do our best to cooperate.

It was the chief’s words that showed his sincerity.

Then, shouldn’t we grant this request?

“I’ll split Gorgo’s Star into 30 pieces and send them. Each of the pieces will have to arrive at each star system and be supplied with sufficient resources and energy. That way, we will be able to create a large enough legion to overwhelm the Federation in that star system.”

➖. . .

“A few planets may be ‘eaten.’ In other words, members of the Conda bloodline may be swept away along with the planets. Is that okay?”

➖Is Gorgo’s Star. . . multiplying on its own in our Triangulum galaxy?

“Yes. A lot of planets will be destroyed. As if a very large beast has been released in this galaxy.”

The chief imagined the sight of planets eating planets.

It is said that living celestial bodies that came from a very distant galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, could invade and prey on the planets of this bloodline’s civilization.

I understand a little bit about the danger of Gorgo’s Star that Vehlpciaarct had claimed before, even though it is very small.

It is impossible not to feel fear when imagining a strategy of astronomical-sized lifeforms roaming the galaxy and preying on planets to grow further.

Still, the chief answers.

➖These are planets that would have been destroyed by the Federation’s forces anyway if you didn’t help us. So even if we have to make such sacrifices. . . If we have to, we will accept it.

“One more thing. The bloodline species that lose their planets will have to hold the chief responsible for what happened.”

➖I will take responsibility. I will step forward and ask you for such help. . . I will explain it well.

Now, there is no worry in executing this destructive strategy.

‘Gorgo. Get ready.’

➖I’m looking forward to it.

‘Your leash is off. I’ll give you the coordinates later, so run wild.’

That’s how the invasion of the Triangulum galaxy began quietly and massively.


Pieces of Gorgo’s Star, the size of an ordinary bio-planet, are moving away with their tentacles spread out in all directions.

“Ark. Didn’t you ask me to tell you Gorgo’s specs before?”


“How is it? I’m curious about how dangerous Gorgo is that you analyzed properly.”

➖Anima-nim defined Gorgo’s danger level as ‘Baal.’

Baal level.

An apocalyptic being that can threaten a galaxy or a species itself.


She asked that.

Is Gorgo enough to threaten this Triangulum galaxy?

Ark’s answer to this was very satisfactory.

➖Yes. In my opinion, Gorgo is also a ‘Baal’ level.

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