My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 130

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟎: 𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐬 (1)

In the capital structure, the riots that started as an unexplained epidemic gradually turned into Dracatarr’s doing. The warriors abandoned by Monarch Carrd and various weapons gathered around Dracatarr, and soon seized the latest Crolr ship and went up into space.

The Monarch’s fleet, which was bombing the capital structure and only dealing with anti-aircraft guns, had to face Dracatarr’s fleet.

Dracatarr’s fleet was made up of abandoned warriors and workers who had served him, and it seemed that the size of the fleet was about 10 fleets at best.

On the other hand, the monarch’s fleet, which was dealing with these and the crazy Crolr of the capital structure, was 140 fleets in size.

An absolute gap. And if it comes to it, the monarch’s fleet could abandon the capital structure and leave for another place.

Carrd, who was in the bridge, carefully observed what was happening in his civilization and came to a conclusion.

【It’s that fungal species. The Crolr, whose bodies are in contact, as well as those nearby, seem to be infected through the air.】

【Are you talking about the Parahtoria?】

【Yes. They belong to the Hive Alliance and are subordinate to the Chimeraz. You can tell by the fact that the Chimeraz fleet hasn’t shown up yet.】

The commander-in-chief, Racliaa, who was with him, grasped the enemy’s intentions.

【It seems that the Chimeraz doesn’t want to get their hands dirty.】

【Lomro-or is not helping us in this situation. He’s not responding to communications.】

【We can’t trust the same Crolr, let alone other races.】

【Warrior Racliaa.】

【Yes. Great Monarch.】

Carrd looked back at Racliaa and asked.

【You’re on my side, right?】

Then Racliaa answered right away.

【I am the one who inherited the will of the warrior Clorta and took command of the monarch’s fleet. The monarch’s fleet belongs to the monarch, and I naturally follow the Great monarch Carrd.】

【If you betray me when the conquering army is disbanded, I will have no one else to trust. I can’t trust the incompetent ruling class either.】

【Don’t worry. I will do my best to fight until the Great monarch’s life is cut short.】

【. . . Warriors.】

We don’t know if it’s Dracatarr’s or the infected host’s aircraft, but they keep coming up and attacking the monarch’s fleet.

Before we knew it, the Crolr’s capital had become a mess beyond repair.

【The Lomro-or chose us as a means to seize the local galaxy group hegemony of the Le-orantarum Federation.】

【An extraterrestrial diplomat said so.】

【It seems like a lie after all. We helped them weaponize our star, but they didn’t respond when we needed them. It doesn’t matter to them whether we make that star a weapon or not.】

【Yes. If they cared, they would have helped us by now.】

Abandoned by the Lomro-or. For them, the Crolr was just a card that could be discarded so easily when things went wrong.

【This is a plague that can only be cured by death. If left alone, the Parahtoria, which has grown by devouring the capital’s enormous productivity and population, will target our other civilizations. . . .】

【Then Dracatarr will have the opportunity to gain power. It is also true that the spread of the Parahtoria to the Tarantula Nebula must be stopped right now.】

Carrd closed his mouth.

The burning civilization was reflected in his one eye.

Racliaa asked carefully.

【Capital. . . . Will you give up?】

【If I can stop the plague and the rebellion, I will gladly turn that capital structure, where our great history and spirit are rooted, into ashes.】

【. . . . . . How about choosing the Hive Alliance instead? Now that the Le-orantarum Federation, our backer, has abandoned us. . .】

【Crazy talk. It’s not yet certain that the Le-orantarum Federation has left. Putting that aside, we will never join hands with the Chimeraz.】

【Great Monarch. . . .】

【Racliaa! Didn’t you see their ugly internal work? And look at what they’ve done to spread a dirty fungus species like the Parahtoria in our civilization now!】

Carrd didn’t change his mind.

【Racliaa. Drop plenty of antimatter bombs stored in our fleet on the capital.】

【I’m sorry.】

Quack. . .!

A sword was stuck in the center of Carrd’s chest.

The one holding the handle of the sword was a warrior who had been by his side all the time.

“Racliaa. . . . . .?”


Carrd’s four legs collapsed, his waist and shoulders bent, and he bled. Then he raised his head and looked at Racliaa with a bewildered look.

【I apologize for using a means unbecoming of a warrior.】

As Carrd bled, Racliaa shed tears.

【Why. . .? You. . .?】

【The Great monarch chose Lomro-or for us. . . . But now that I see the situation, Lomro-or doesn’t seem to have chosen us. It doesn’t look like it no matter how you look at it.】

The Crolr don’t die easily even if their hearts are pierced. Still, it was clear that Carrd was dying.

The blood flowing from his chest was enough to pool on the floor.

【Racliaa! How could you do this to me!】

【We were once strong enough to surpass the position of humans. . . . But now we are weak. Humans created the Chimeraz, and the Chimeraz is becoming the center of power. So now. . . . It’s really time to stop. . . .】

【What do you, a mere warrior, know about the affairs of a great country!】

【I don’t know. But I have a head and eyes, so I can tell one thing.】

Racliaa’s eyes widened.

【The one who burned that civilization today is not the Parahtoria.】

【What. . .!】

【Realistically, if it’s not Lomro-or, we have no choice but to choose the Chimeraz. Because we are weak. It is a reality that we must accept, even though it is humiliating and shameful.】

【I trusted you! You. . .! I thought you were a true Crolr!】

【That way is wrong. . . . That way is. . . .】

Racliaa didn’t finish Carrd there and turned his back.

At that moment, Carrd confirmed the person beyond Racliaa in his blurred vision.

He came to the bridge at some point.


【You incited my loyal Racliaa!】

Dracatarr silently approached Carrd.

It was to hold the sword that was now stuck in Carrd’s chest, the handle of which Dracatarr himself held.

【This cunning traitorous bastard. . .! I didn’t become a monarch by borrowing the power of another race like you! It means that even if our race is cornered now, we will not sell our race to other races!】

Dracatarr grabbed the hilt of the sword.

Racliaa turned his head and tried to look away.

And Carrd was furious even in the face of death.

【The Crolr will never bow down to anyone! Even if, let’s see next! Fight again, win, and conquer! That’s the Crolr!】

【. . . If so, after this is over and the local galaxy group falls into the hands of the Le-orantarum Federation, were you going to fight Lomro-or as well?】

【You’re asking an obvious question! You are not qualified to be a Crolr before you are a monarch!】

Carrd grabbed Dracatarr’s wrist with his exhausted hand.

And he was terribly angry.

【Dracatarr! You probably think you’re a hero who fought for our race, for the cause! And going to cut off my neck. Calling me a tyrant and a warmonger that no one else knows about! But you’re wrong!】

He continued to be angry.

【My way is at least not as dirty as yours! I just chose Lomro-or when you chose the Chimeraz! Do you think I don’t think?】


【When you save the Crolr abandoned in that burning civilization and raise your status and cut me down! I was willing to give up the capital structure and think about the safety of more Crolr!】


【My family and teachers are in the capital structure burning over there! Still, I ordered the bombing of that civilization with my own mouth! Because of the plague you brought. . .!】

It was the weight of the monarch, which was too much to even vomit out.

【Who dares to call someone evil! Do you think that what you see with your eyes is all? That’s why you’ve remained a warrior class, not a ruling class, until now!】

【You will never be a true monarch! Dracatarr!】

However, the work that has already progressed this far. It is the job of the new monarch to define monarch Carrd as wrong.

【Then become a part of that star and watch with our ancestors.】

Dracatarr put his strength into his hand.


The sword sank deeper into Carrd’s heart.

【A new era is opening and new trends are emerging. Many worlds are at the center of the turmoil.】

Carrd heard Dracatarr’s last voice just before he was strangled.

【Watch and see if the Crolr that I will lead from now on, instead of you, is really wrong.】

Why is that? Carrd’s hand, which had been stubbornly holding Dracatarr’s wrist, slipped off.


“Was that the best? Kreion.”

“It was a minimal sacrifice.”

The Believer, shaped like an egg, visited the conference room.

“The Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud will be ruled by Monarch Dracatarr. Dracatarr will continue to interact with the Hive Alliance, use his power for weaker races, and lead peace in the Large Magellanic Cloud.”

“That race that symbolized pure force is peace. . . . You’ve done a great job.”

“Is the Crolr pure force?”

“If you have a pure body and mind, they are pure force.”

“I find it difficult to understand what you are saying.”

“You’ll find out later. Rather, it seems time to pay the price of the deal.”

It was a deal that if the Chimeraz achieved a semi-permanent peace in the Large Magellanic Cloud, they would answer anything they were curious about.

“I want to know how to transcend the mind.”

“Why are you curious about that?”

“Our legion is dominated by mental power. If we can master the concept of mind, I judged that the Chimeraz will gain many things that cannot be compared to before.”

“I see. I’ll let you know if you want that. But how you understand and use this is entirely up to you. Ruler of the Chimeraz.”

“I will accept it.”

Kreion didn’t even tell the Believer where the colony’s brain was, but the Believer let something like a particle of light flow down like a wave below the colony’s brain.

Immediately, Kreion felt a flood of information pouring into the colony’s giant brain.

A method of transcending the mind.

How is the mind defined? This concept, which started with the understanding of it, was something that was not easily found with words suitable for human letters or language.

➖Transcending the body is not concerned with the shape of the vessel. You the Chimeraz, the Vehlpciaarct of the past, and many other races have been able to free themselves from the vessel of the flesh.

➖Transcending the mind is not being obsessed with the form of the mind. If you put your mind in the vessel called ‘brain’ and the vessel called ‘wave’, you can define, design, and recreate what will be contained in that vessel from the beginning. Just as you have created the Chimeraz’s body.

➖This is different from the instincts you put into the Chimeraz brain, or the programs that humans put into machines.


You can define and create the many elements that make it up, and you can even decide what they will experience or what direction they will take over time.

➖It’s the freedom of the mind. You can contain everything you believe is right, everything you pursue, and everything you think you need.

➖As transcendentalists of the mind, we were able to freely choose what we wanted and what we would act for. And we were able to become existences of higher dimensions from a mental point of view.

➖That’s why, in our eyes, you, the Chimeraz, and many races of the local galaxy group look like ‘children’. It was also because of our intention that we felt that way.

Legion dominance defined based on psychic power.

To strengthen it, you need to be free from what you see, feel, and think. It is not to consider seeing, feeling, and thinking as one mental activity, but to consider them as one phenomenon.

A little further away, one step away, in other words, from a transcendental perspective, look into the mind.

➖You don’t get it. But Kreion, you must have understood.

➖If you want to increase the sum of the Legion’s dominance that the Chimeraz possesses, transcend the mental powers that are its foundation.

➖How to do it seems like it will be a long homework for you.

Kreion, who had a glimpse of the information from the Believer, felt a different atmosphere.

An expressionless face. His eyes changed slightly as if he was a little sleepy, and his tightly closed lips were slightly parted, giving him a blank expression.

His eyes shone faintly purple.

“Let me give you some advice. If you master transcending the mind, you will be able to use even waves as a means of mental attack.”

“That sounds like the Believer also have mental powers.”

“You’re guessing that far with just one piece of my advice. It’s amazing the more you look at it. Have you realized something already?”

“My head feels wider. I think I need to look into what this feeling is a little more.”

“Look into the mind, not the brain. That’s how you can understand the brain.”

“Are you saying that the order in which many races study the brain to explore the mind is actually wrong?”

“The act of studying the brain itself is part of mental activity. Instead of looking at a dead brain or someone else’s brain, the subject of the study must look at the vessel called the brain and do mental activity. If that’s not perfect, someday a runaway artificial intelligence or a Chimeraz who betrays its master may emerge.”

“I think it’s hard for me to understand that with my head yet.”

“Yeah. If it was easy, everyone would have become transcendentalists. But surprisingly, there were a very small number of transcendentalists in the Earth of long ago.”

“Were they great men?”

“There were great men and there were humans who were not great men. I won’t say who it is. And this is not just a human story, it means that there may be beings who have mastered it among the members of other races.”

Just now, the Believer’s remarks sounded like the Believer existed much earlier than the humans who are considered ancestors.

“I see. Then, on this occasion, I, as a being who has come to understand a little, would like to ask you one bold question.”

“I’m looking forward to it. What is that bold question?”

“Why did you make a deal with Lomro-or?”

“. . . . . .! . . . . . .?”

The Believer showed no reaction on the surface, but Kreion saw through the Believer’s reaction in the frozen time.

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