My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 123

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟑: 𝐀𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞 (4)

Kreion decided to make a deal with the Believer. It was to permanently suppress the Crolr’s movement to wage war again and achieve true peace in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

In the previous war, the Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud suffered a major defeat and lost a significant amount of territory and population.

The Crolr, a warlike race engaged in conquests, inspired fear in some and became a symbol of power to others.

However, they now found themselves living under the watchful eyes of the Aooa, whom they had once exploited, and the Ririm, whom they had burned.

The defeated Crolr were forced to pay reparations to many races and their military was placed under control. They were not allowed to raise any army beyond a certain size necessary for defending their race.

“I thought there would be no more problems in the future, but it turned out to be different. The Crolr were secretly modifying their star to be like a Planet Weapon.”

Kreion and Rundalt sat across a table made of black minerals.

Rundalt was slicing and eating the fresh brain of a Crolr pirate with a knife and fork. It was Kreion’s way of taking care of Rundalt.

“It is extremely difficult to modify a star, which is much more dynamic than a planet, into a Planet Weapon. I don’t know when the Crolr will succeed in weaponizing their star, but it means that it will happen someday.”

“Will war break out again then?”



Rundalt put down the knife and fork. He then wiped the dried blood around his mouth with a handkerchief.

“But Kreion-nim, when those war-mongers start a war, won’t our race be stronger and easily subdue them?”

“You’re right. Whether they wage war in the future or not, they will never be a threat to us.”

“Then, in any case. . .”

“The problem is how much damage races other than us will suffer when that happens.”

Rundalt realized that Kreion was not just looking at the Chimeraz.

“The Aooa would be the most pissed. . . no, the most furious. If I were the ruling class of the Aooa, I would turn the Crolr’s capital to dust before the star weapon is completed.”

“That’s not the end of it.”

“There’s more?”

An unidentified liquid on the table squirmed and then transformed into dolls.

They were tiny dolls representing the Chimeraz, the Ririm, the Hyraguroa, the Parahtoria, the Crolr, the Aooa, humans, and various other races.


The Crolr doll hit the Aooa doll.


At that, all the dolls, which had been looking in different directions, focused their gaze on the Crolr doll.

“If the Crolr attack the Aooa, on what grounds can we subdue the Crolr?”

“A pretext, that damn pretext is really important in this era. Of course, if we don’t consider that, it would be no different from the old Crolr. . .”

Rundalt rubbed his chin and came up with a perfect answer.

“The Chimeraz is the ruling race of the Large Magellanic Cloud. We can order the Crolr, who are waging war in the galaxy we own, to stop. Of course, the Crolr, who have prepared for the war at that time, will not listen to us.”

As Rundalt spoke, the Chimeraz, Ririm, Hyraguroa, and Parahtoria dolls approached the Crolr doll.

“As a result, since we are the linchpin of the Hive Alliance, I think we can create enough pretext to deal with the Crolr at that time.”

The dolls of the Hive Alliance surrounded and beat the Crolr doll.

Bam. . .

The Crolr doll was broken, and Rundalt smiled pleasantly.

“In short, you’re saying that it’s certain that the Crolr will wage war in the future?”


“Then let’s just watch and use that as an excuse to eliminate them? Weren’t they a thorn in the side of the peace-loving naive races anyway? The Chimeraz and the Hive Alliance will once again become the image of justice, drawing their swords and implementing justice. Hehe. . .”


“Yes. It’s a very just justice!”


The Crolr doll lay miserably broken. The Hive Alliance dolls surrounded the fallen doll,

“Hmm. . .”

And many race dolls watched the scene from a distance.

Meanwhile, none of the dolls paid any attention to the fallen Aooa doll.

“What do you think these gazes of many races look like to you now?”

“Oh. . . that’s. . . haha. . . um. . .”

“It can be said that justice has been served. And the majority of the races will agree. There is enough pretext, and the Crolr, who were a threat, have been severely punished. But then again, some races will think differently.”

A sense of alienation.

It was the creation of a ‘new sense of fear’ by the Hive Alliance races, following the Crolr’s fear-mongering.

“This is the reality of diplomacy. War and force are very effective, but they have their side effects. And the side effects of this war can come in forms that we cannot predict.”

Rundalt scratched his head, unable to say anything in response. The playful smile that was always present on Rundalt’s face seemed to have completely disappeared.

“. . .That’s why you called me. I was wondering why you were telling me a story that would suit Phlegeth or Gorgo.”

“As expected, you understand this kind of thing quickly.”

“That’s too much praise. Haha. . . Still, I don’t understand everything. For now, two thoughts come to mind. If I dare to infer Kreion-nim’s intention. . .?”

“I’d like to hear it.”

“Yes. In any case, it sounds like you’re saying that the Crolr will act like that in the future, causing trouble for our race and the Hive Alliance, so you want to take action before that happens.”

Kreion nodded for Rundalt to continue.

“I think the surest way is to create a pretext for war on our side and completely eliminate the Crolr, who are the source of the problem. To do that, the Hive Alliance or the Chimeraz must wipe out the Crolr. . . in a way that other races would accept as reasonable. That’s my first thought.”

“What’s your second thought?”

“In fact, it is a truism that no matter what pretext we create, completely eliminating the Crolr will have diplomatic side effects, as Kreion-nim said. So if there is another way, we should consider the possibility of ‘completely and permanently controlling’ the Crolr without eliminating them.”


Kreion rose from his seat. At that, Rundalt also jumped up and straightened his clothes.

Kreion approached Rundalt expressionlessly and raised his hand.

“. . .”

Rundalt lowered his gaze with a tense expression and bowed his head slightly. He seemed to have stopped breathing, trying not to make any sound.

To him, Kreion was like a creator who was beyond his reach. It was also the first time he had a private conversation with Kreion like this.

Therefore, his body stiffened and tensed up involuntarily.


Kreion patted Rundalt’s shoulder a couple of times.

“. . .”

“That’s the kind of thinking that suits your role. Rundalt.”

Only then did Rundalt’s usual playful smile return to his face.

“Oh. . . haha! It’s an honor to be alone with Kreion-nim and to be entrusted with such an important task. . .!”

“We’ll do it the second way.”


“You don’t have to be nervous in front of me.”


“In my eyes, all of you are precious and lovely children. Not subordinates.”

“Oh, yes. I understand. When you come to me like this, I don’t know why, but. . . haha.”

Kreion gave specific instructions to Rundalt.

“It’s a ruling system similar to a military dictatorship. Humans call it an absolute monarchy.”


➖Rundalt. Find a suitable member among their warrior class who harbors resentment towards the current ruling class of the Crolr.

➖Cultivate that member carefully and have them carry out a coup.

Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

An unnamed star system.

It is a small town with cattle ranches, slaughterhouses, and factories that process meat.

The Crolr, with four legs, two arms, one eye, and an average height of 8 meters, have vehicles and structures that are also large to fit their bodies.

Ordinary Crolr workers, called the labor class, do their jobs, while a small number of armed warrior class protect the Crolr civilization of this star system.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

A number of polyhedral tanks and a single bulky Colossus marched in a row. At that, the labor class, who had been working in front of the factory or on the street, stopped what they were doing and shouted in loud voices.

“Carrdrarrk Crola! Dracatarr Caarida!”

【The Crolr shall reign supreme! We are in awe. Warrior Dracatarr!】

A civilization ruled by the military. To compare it to human civilization, the commander currently riding the Colossus would be something like the star president of this star system.


The name Dracatarr means ‘prosperous power’. He is a warrior class who, at the young age of 95, is the commander of the Crolr special forces.

Originally, when the Crolr race attacked other races, the regular army would go out, and therefore, there was no need for the special forces to go out unless special means of attack were needed.

However, a few months ago, the Crolr special forces were hastily drafted from the capital under the command of the monarch’s fleet and fought a fleet battle against Anima’s horde. At that time, the previous commander of the special forces, who had been placed in the forefront, was killed in action.

The warrior class Dracatarr, who unexpectedly became the commander of the special forces, was assigned to a remote rural area and given the task of defending this small star system and a few towns.

The special forces, who were alienated even before the war with the Chimeraz, are now even less recognized for their necessity.

An office cut off from everything outside.

Dracatarr was facing two Elites dressed in human suits and a white-haired leader wearing a gray and white suit.

They were unexpected visitors who had come to see him.

“The idea is to select only the bad guys and weed them out. There are things the Crolr did, but that doesn’t mean all the Crolr are bad guys, right?”

At that, Dracatarr’s voice was translated into holographic text and displayed in front of Rundalt.

【A really tempting and grateful offer. But I’m worried. I’m afraid.】

“What are you worried about?”

【Talking to Rundalt-nim like this without the ruling class knowing. I could be sentenced to death just for this fact. I’ll be thrown alive onto the hot surface of my home star. Also, if I fail, all of the special forces under my command will be held jointly responsible. You could be demoted or sentenced to death.】

【That’s why Warrior Clorta also chose to commit suicide after seeing his men being taken prisoner. He took upon himself the sin of his men being taken prisoner. . .】

“Ha, hahahaha!”

Suddenly, Rundalt began to laugh.

He was laughing so hard that he was banging on the table, wondering what was so funny.

“You’re really good at wrapping things up. But that’s not the point. Commander Dracatarr.”


“You love your race, don’t you?”


Rundalt leaned back against the black mineral chair. He put both hands in his pants pockets.

It was a very arrogant, leisurely posture.

“At this rate, the Crolr will have no future but ruin. The ruling class who are turning their home star into a weapon and preparing for war, are you just going to watch? Sitting in this rural backwater?”

【. . .】

“When that day comes, you’ll be drafted again. Like the previous special forces commander who died, you’ll be dragged to the regular army or the monarch’s fleet and placed in the forefront. And you’ll face the Lemegetons. Is that the future you, Commander, are waiting for?”

Knock, knock, knock.

Rundalt tapped his head three times with his finger.

“Think about it. What is the real scary thing? And realize that the opportunity to preserve the existence of the Crolr race has fallen to you. Commander.”

【Aren’t you trying to use me? The Chimeraz cannot be trusted.】

“What can Commander and I do if we don’t use each other?”

【What do you ultimately want from me?】

“I hear that the Crolr is not hereditary? The member with the stronger power moves up in rank, and if that continues, you become the monarch. Like a coup.”

【That’s right.】

“And Commander, you put the safety of your race first? You’re far from those petty acts of plunder, territorial expansion, or primitive violence or ambition for such things, right?”

【What is important is a society where all Crolr are safe, regardless of their class differences. Frequent wars are a culture of the past that must be abandoned.】

“That’s it. The current Crolr needs a transformation.”

Rundalt straightened his posture and leaned towards Dracatarr.

“We can’t keep taking advantage of the race only through primitive means such as war. We trade, do diplomacy, join a union somewhere. We sincerely apologize to the races we have plundered and reconcile with them. Wouldn’t such a future be better?”

【But there are too many races that hate the Crolr.】

“Still, if you sincerely apologize and try to reconcile, most races will accept it? Wouldn’t it be cooler than living like a defeated punk, always looking at the faces of powerful races like us and secretly harboring ill will? It has a vision.”

【Your words are somewhat extreme, but I completely agree with that. However, the coup you mentioned. That must be done by the power of the Crolr themselves, not by borrowing the power of other races.】

“Who said I’d lend you my race’s legion for the coup? That’s not a civil war or a coup, it’s just the Chimeraz invading.”

【Wasn’t it the Chimeraz’s army that you were going to use?】

“Of course not. There are eyes watching.”

Rundalt sensed that Dracatarr’s heart, which had just wavered slightly, was now wavering. So he continued without stopping.

“I’ll prepare planets that are very rich in resources. If you tell me the coordinates, you can bring resources from there and build your army, Commander.”

【Are you saying that I should overthrow the current Carrd monarch with the power of my special forces?】

“Yes. Ships, weapons, bombs, and. . . I’ll even prepare antimatter if you need it. Once the preparations for the coup are complete, you cut off Carrd’s monarch’s head.”

【. . .】


He no longer makes excuses or raises problems.

‘I guess I can hear the sound of his appetite all the way here.’

Rundalt decided to deliver the final blow here.

Thud. . .

He got up from his seat and approached Dracatarr.

【This. . . Is this something I can do?】

“Who knows if you can do it if you, the commander, don’t know?”

Knock, knock.

Rundalt tried to find Dracatarr’s shoulder, but he realized belatedly that the Crolr’s shoulder was about 6 meters up due to his height.

“Let’s just end it with a procedure when we can. If we go into surgery later, your race won’t be able to survive.”

And here’s the final blow.

“Honestly, we’d welcome Dracatarr ‘the monarch’ too. Is the progress of the relationship with the Chimeraz an ordinary gain?”

Finally, there was a moment of silence and contemplation.

From Dracatarr’s point of view, it was an offer that he could not refuse. Even if it was a devil’s offer, it was clear that the future of the Crolr was headed for ruin.

【I’ll try.】

At that moment, Rundalt patted one of Dracatarr’s four legs a couple of times.


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