My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 116

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟔: 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 (2)

Holograms and monitors float around like mirages.

Lopez stands at the center.

➖As the Administrator predicted, the Hyraguroa has joined the war in eight star systems, excluding Hecartra.

The Chimeraz and the Ririm are allies, and the Ririm and the Hyraguroa are allies, so Lopez predicted that the Hyraguroa would enter this war, pushed by the Ririm.

➖Even so, the Phase Assault Troops still have the upper hand. The Overlecter that controls them has successfully implemented a strategy to prevent the Chimeraz and the Vehlpciaarct from attacking each other among the two races.

‘What about persuading the Vehlpciaarct?’

➖It failed. Lead Core will not back down.

‘What about Kreion?’

➖He is the same. Both races want to completely eliminate each other in this opportunity. The possibility of mediating the fight between the two races through dialogue is extremely slim.

➖If the Phase Assault Troops retreat here, one of the Chimeraz or the Vehlpciaarct will disappear from this universe.

“. . . .”

【I heard you have a dark network. And we have an intelligence network. You and we know the war situation of the same time zone.】

In front of him was the Ririm mixed with machines. The machine connected to the Ririm is outputting a hologram containing strings.

【Lopez. We understand that you, as a human, prioritize humans. And we also understand that you don’t want to lose both the Chimeraz and the Vehlpciaarct, which were created from your hands.】

【But the Chimeraz will destroy the Vehlpciaarct. The Vehlpciaarct will also try to destroy the Chimeraz to the end. Therefore, this is impossible to mediate. Even if we succeed in temporarily mediating with force, we will have to make a choice someday.】

【We hope you give up on the Vehlpciaarct. The Vehlpciaarct is an incomplete race. On the other hand, the Chimeraz is close to perfection.】

“So you guys chose the Chimeraz too?”

【Of course. In human terms, the Chimeraz is the rising sun and the Vehlpciaarct is the setting sun. And the Chimeraz is more ‘humane’ than the Vehlpciaarct.】

Now the Ririm is threatening Lopez.

【We can take away nature from humanity. The fear that is deeply ingrained in your genes. It is starvation, deformed children, famine, environmental pollution, and destruction of the ecosystem.】

【We can inflict all these miseries on humanity. If you do not withdraw the Phase Assault Troops, humanity will suffer for centuries because of your choice.】

The Ririm is a race that symbolizes peace, nature, and harmony. Who would have known that such a Ririm could make such a terrible threat?

Nature provides food, but sometimes it can be a disaster.

“Do the Ririm have any evidence that they can defeat humanity?”

【I don’t know. But the Ririm can declare war on humanity.】

【And the Ririm’s allies are the Chimeraz and the Hyraguroa.】

That was what it meant.

If the Phase Assault Troops are not withdrawn, the Ririm will declare war on humanity and start a war that will last for centuries.

Races like the ‘the Crolr’ that have superior means of transportation and strong firepower will naturally be able to drive out the Ririm, just as they did.

However, the Ririm’s allies are the Chimeraz and the Hyraguroa, and if the Ririm declares war on humanity, humanity will face two notable races. On top of that, the Parahtoria, a potential fungal race, is a bonus.

➖Administrator. Even so, humanity is strong. Even if the Chimeraz, the Ririm, the Hyraguroa, and the Parahtoria attack humanity, humanity will never be defeated.

➖And the Administrator’s science and technology are being supplied to the whole world, and the military and weapons of the whole world are showing a remarkable increase to an unprecedented level.

➖Humanity, which lives in a peaceful galaxy, has certainly realized the necessity of force, and the number of Planet Weapons currently owned by humanity has exceeded six.

➖Therefore, the Ririm’s current threat is not valid.

At least in 10 years. No, in 5 years at the longest, the whole world will have the same power as the Phase Assault Troops.

And by then, Lopez will have unimaginable technological prowess. A power beyond the Phase Assault Troops.

“Ririm. I think your persuasion to give up mediation is not convincing. And when the Ririm declares war on humanity, I wonder if Kreion will try to go to war with humanity again.”

Kreion, as an ally, will not move easily just because the Ririm declared war on humanity.

He will know what it means for the Chimeraz to fight humanity in the Local Group and what threats the Chimeraz race will face.

And among humanity, there are the Defaulstellay Stellar State, who fought alongside the Chimeraz, and the Darwin Foundation, who sincerely reconciled with Kreion. Kreion is not a leader who can easily break all those relationships.

Besides, after fighting the Vehlpciaarct, he must have shed considerable blood, and it is a threat that lacks persuasiveness in many ways to fight humanity right away.

“I think you guys are just puffing yourself up right now with the Chimeraz backing you. You’re trying to get rid of the Vehlpciaarct by somehow withdrawing the Phase Assault Troops.”

Did I hit the nail on the head? The Ririm was speechless for a moment.

“And trying to remove the Phase Assault Troops through means other than force like this means that you don’t have the power to remove the Phase Assault Troops right now.”

【You’re right. We compliment you for seeing through the fundamental flaw in our threat. So we’ll try to strengthen our persuasion and threaten you in a different way.】

“What do you mean?”

【Anima Selas. Gorgo’s Star. The second ruler of the Chimeraz is leading a group into the Human Galaxy.】

The air seemed to freeze.

“. . . So?”

【If her group invades humanity ‘now’, what do you plan to do?】


“He also hates the worst irreversible situation.”

“If the Ririm helps, we can do it.”

➖What should we help with and how?

“Go to Lopez. He’ll be at the Asilomar Ziggurat skyscraper in Drake’s Stellar State.”

➖Okay. And then?

“Go and threaten him. Tell him the Ririm will declare war on humanity if he doesn’t withdraw the Phase Assault Troops.”

➖A surprising plan. If the threat doesn’t work out and the Ririm declares war on humanity, will the Chimeraz help us?

“That will be a bit difficult.”

➖What do you mean?

“We can’t say for sure yet if we can win against the Vehlpciaarct.”

➖That’s right. The Vehlpciaarct is not a weak race.

“I feel like they’re hiding some kind of secret weapon. If we win this war, we’ll have accumulated a lot of damage by then, and it’s reckless to fight humanity, which is getting stronger, with such an injured body.”

➖I understand. You don’t really intend to declare war, but you’re just bluffing that you could?

“Yes. But Lopez probably won’t be persuaded by such a threat.”

➖How do you know that?

Because I have looked into his heart through his 20 years and forcibly understood many things about him.

“He’s just that kind of person. He probably won’t be fooled.”

➖. . . .

“So the story goes back to the beginning.”

Kreion informed the Ririm.

“The Phase Assault Troops are fundamentally a tool to protect humanity. In such a situation, if humanity is in danger, the Phase Assault Troops will have no choice but to withdraw.”


【If her group invades humanity now, what do you plan to do?】

The Phase Assault Troops are in the Hecartra star system.

But if Anima’s group invades humanity at this time, can humanity without the Phase Assault Troops be able to stop her invasion?

‘Perhaps they can stop it.’

However, several countries will perish. Civilizations will be scorched, armies will be annihilated, and countless people will die.


➖Yes. Administrator.

‘Expand the dark network to check if Gorgo’s Star is entering the Human Galaxy. As soon as possible.’

➖I was already exploring the Magellan Stream anyway.

➖Information has been received from the dark network.

➖A change in gravity corresponding to the mass of Baal-class lifeforms, presumably Gorgo’s Star, has been observed. The acceleration direction of the ring array formed by the mass is the Human Galaxy.

The fact that her group was coming to the Human Galaxy was not a bluff, but a fact.

‘Are they going to leave the Large Magellanic Cloud undefended?’

➖If the Vehlpciaarct weren’t in the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation, there would be no forces to attack the Large Magellanic Cloud even if it was left undefended.

【If the Phase Assault Troops withdraw, the difficulty of Anima’s invasion of humanity will increase. Therefore, if the Phase Assault Troops withdraw, Anima will not invade humanity. And the Ririm will not declare war on humanity either.】

【What do you think? If the threat is like this.】


Lopez let out a hollow laugh.

It was a sound mixed with a sigh and despair.

➖This could even be a trick. Her group may be heading to Hecartra, not the human territory.

‘On the other hand, we can’t rule out the possibility that it’s not a trick.’

If the Phase Assault Troops are not withdrawn.

The mediation will be successful with the overwhelming force of the Phase Assault Troops. And if the Ririm’s threat is a trick right now, humanity will not suffer any damage.

If the Phase Assault Troops are not withdrawn.

Mediation will still be successful. However, if the Ririm’s threat is true, humanity will face a centuries-long war with the Ririm and lose several countries due to Anima’s invasion. And the news will spread to the Local Group, and many races may make sudden moves.

If the Phase Assault Troops are withdrawn.

One of the two races will go extinct. He thinks the Chimeraz will probably win, but the Vehlpciaarct couldn’t have waged such a full-scale war without a secret weapon.

The Vehlpciaarct had been somewhat extreme since the past, but the fact that they were that extreme was because they had reached the limit of machine transcendence. It can be said that it was the result of focusing the choice about the characteristics of the race only on that side.

Still, if you ask him to count the races in this Local Group that can defeat the Vehlpciaarct, he  won’t be able to fill even five fingers.

One cannot be sure of the fate of the Chimeraz facing such machine transcendents.

➖Administrator. Even if they are defeated. . .

‘I know. I know.’

If mediation is stopped, one side will definitely go extinct. Even the side that avoids extinction will suffer enormous damage.

If we give up here, it will be a cosmic catastrophe.


‘I have no choice but to trust.’

Finally, Lopez opened his mouth.



The Phase Assault Troops were teleported inside Kreion’s colony and were fighting his Elite Guards.

‘Thanks to the Phase Assault Troops, the Vehlpciaarct’s planetary invasions have decreased, but we also can’t attack the Vehlpciaarct.’

Too many colony territories have been destroyed.

The Phase Assault Troops control the airspace and orbital defense network to prevent additional Chimeraz spacecraft from going into space and the Vehlpciaarct from landing on the planet at the same time.

It was the same in the fleet battle. The Phase Assault Troops’ powerful shields blocked the battle between the Chimeraz and the Vehlpciaarct, and their phase assault technology took the initiative in the attack in the fleet battle.

Fortunately, however, such a situation will soon come to an end.

“Master. . . . The Phase Assault Troops are retreating. . . .”

“It’s not a retreat, it’s a withdrawal. They’re all pulling out.”

The troops that were on the surface of all the planets turned into dust of light and disappeared in an instant, as if by magic.

Then, the spacecraft in the space of the fleet battle disappeared, and finally the main force and warships disappeared one after another.

The Phase Assault Troops were all teleported to the human territory.

The Phase Assault Troops, which had been a wall between the forces and fleets of the Chimeraz and the Vehlpciaarct, disappeared.

As much space as the Phase Assault Troops had disappeared, there was a sudden emptiness, and the gazes of the two sides who wanted to destroy each other collided fiercely in the void.

‘It’s starting again.’

Countless Chimeraz aircraft rose from each planet, embroidering red dots.

‘Destroy the Vehlpciaarct.’

The Chimeraz fleet and the Nanozator fleet clash again. It seems like two kinds of beasts, tied with leashes and staring at each other, are rushing to kill each other. It became such a fleet battle.

【Lead Core. The Chimeraz has about 351 fleets left, and we have 605 fleets left.】

【At this point, the goal of causing the extinction of the Chimeraz has a high probability of failure. The existence of the bio-planet that became the Planet Weapon, the mediation of the Phase Assault Troops, and the participation of the Hyraguroa reduced the odds of winning.】

【I agree. It is best to produce results that are as close as possible to our goal now. Leave the remaining future to humans and other races in the Local Group. That’s the last thing we can do.】

【Okay. Force Core. From this moment on, stop descending to the planet and concentrate all power on the fleet battle.】

Lead Core decided to ignite the last spark of the Vehlpciaarct.

【Making Core. Gather the shielded miniature stars within the fleet and form a fullerene array.】


【We will not allow any Chimeraz in this star system and any Chimeraz approaching this star system to survive. Kreion’s group, and even Anima’s group that will approach later, will be cleansed. The Chimeraz will regress with that.】

Where did all the energy of the old star go?

The answer lies in the 505-fleet-sized members of the Vehlpciaarct who have not participated in the battle until now. They hid the energy they had without using it.

【We are actually an extinct race from long ago.】

The purity of that time does not remain.

【Our cold bodies are already dead bodies.】

We have consciousness and mind, but we don’t have a heart.

【Still, we will be remembered.】

What is it like to have no purity and no heart?

The beings that should have disappeared long ago were able to come this far, even in this form, and were able to find the meaning of existence.

Because they were able to feel what they couldn’t feel.

It wasn’t bad to feel the senses of the time when they were alive, even though they were dead bodies.

【We will be remembered as the transcendental machine of the past.】

While Force Core was fighting a fleet battle with the Chimeraz, Making Core dismantled the spacecraft of 500 fleets.

They were like small suns. Sixty machines like soccer balls containing small suns gathered around a point and formed a large array like a soccer ball again.

The Chimeraz fleet that witnessed this also felt a sense of crisis and rushed like crazy.

The time had come.

【From now on, we will create a mechanized black hole and an accretion disk.】

Now, the star of death is born. 

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