My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 108

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟖: 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 (4)

In the colony worlds of the triple star system, the host structures of the Chimeraz construction, which had become hosts for the Parahtoria mycelium, were purified with fire by the Vehlpciaarct ground forces and orbital bombardment.

And now, the Vehlpciaarct fleet has set their sights on the most heavily defended central colony world.

In the fleet battle that ensued near the planet, although the number of Parahtoria fleets was greater, the Vehlpciaarct still had the upper hand in the engagement.

The fragmented bio-planet can no longer be energized.

Gigigigiii. . .!

The host entities on the ground fought, letting out peculiar cries.


The Vehlpciaarct ground forces that confronted them uniformly resembled spaceships. They darted across the battlefield, regardless of the ground or air, and precisely fired destructive crimson energy.


The Vehlpciaarct, which had been sliced by the claws of the host Kabana, was severed terribly, but then it magnetically reconnected in midair, like iron filings drawn together.

The Vehlpciaarct, which had been attacked by any means, was inevitably contaminated by the Parahtoria during the process.

Kiriki! Kirikirikikiri!

However, the contaminated Vehlpciaarct, making a sharp and bizarre roar, reconnected into the shape of a sphere. Then it rolled its contaminated body on the ground and charged into the Chimeraz camp.


The Vehlpciaarct’s self-destruction was powerful for its size. It was unknown by what principle, but every time the Vehlpciaarct rushed into the Chimeraz camp and self-destructed, the flash of light was more intense than the flames.

Right after the flash of light faded, what remained in its place was a sunken crater and flesh that burned fiercely.

The host Cresecters, without organizing themselves, individually fought in dogfights and conducted bombardments. Then, the Vehlpciaarct forces, taking on the role of aircraft as well, thoroughly intercepted them.

Occasionally, when the darkness of the bio-barrier fell, the Vehlpciaarct unsparingly self-destructed their forces to instantly clear away the bio-barrier.

The Xenotera on the ground evaporated whenever an engagement occurred.

In this way, the front lines of the central colony world kept falling back.

Drexus, who had been watching this whole situation from the outer reaches of the triple star system, has been silent so far.

Beside him, the Parahtoria that took the Elite as its host asks.

“Is this a situation where, even if Drexus-nim gives advice, we will not be able to win?”

“I didn’t know that even after supporting so many legions, we would be pushed back so helplessly.”

“We didn’t know either.”

“It looks like the Vehlpciaarct were too much for you to handle.”

They are on the verge of handing over the triple star system. The Vehlpciaarct had descended on the central colony world, the last bastion, and are leading the front lines, and the fleet battle is being pushed back so badly that orbital bombardment is already falling on the ground.

In the meantime, the antimatter missiles flying at sub-light speeds displayed a destructive force that was closer to the concept of elimination than purification of the opponent.

“I’m sorry. Because we are inferior, we have lost the territory Nazar-nim reclaimed and the precious bio-planet.”

“When we return, you and I will have to properly apologize to Nazar-nim.”

“We will do that.”

The defense of the triple star system is definitively a failure.

Now, all that remains is to closely observe and memorize what tactics and weapons the Vehlpciaarct use and return.

“. . .?”

Drexus, who had given up on victory, intended to do so. However, something was being transmitted into Drexus’s head.

“Why is that?”

“. . . .”

Drexus received waves that had reached here from a very distant place through Mind Repeaters.

“Fortunately, we won’t have to apologize to Nazar-nim.”

“Have reinforcements arrived?”

“They’re not reinforcements.”

Drexus’s eyes turned fierce.

“Hand over all the dominion over the Chimeraz in this territory to me.”

“Can I do that?”

“As of this moment, the Chimeraz will directly intervene.”


Before you know it, the royal palace of the Aooa, which has become the center of diplomatic news, is packed.

The Aooa, the Ririm, the Hyraguroa, the Parahtoria, humans, and other races that have displayed large and small influence in the Local Group of Galaxies have each sent their leaders or appointed members as diplomatic representatives and seated them.

From the Chimeraz’s side, Rundalt was sent to this place.

“Everyone except the Vehlpciaarct has gathered. Since there has been no response from the Vehlpciaarct’s side, we will begin now.”

The reason why Kreion or Anima did not come here was simple.

This is because the content that will be declared immediately could pose a threat to Kreion and Anima.

“The Parahtoria are a subordinate race of our Chimeraz.”

“The Vehlpciaarct attacked the Parahtoria of the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy, and the Parahtoria annihilated the Vehlpciaarct fleet in question during their defense.”

“After that, the Vehlpciaarct declared war on the Parahtoria and are currently engaged in battle with the Parahtoria in the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.”

“We, the Chimeraz, have promised the Parahtoria, our subordinate race, survival and security, and have also decided to hand over some of the territorial rights within the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.”

From the moment this is declared, the enemy and allies will be divided.

“The Vehlpciaarct’s attack and declaration of war is judged to be a clear threat to the Parahtoria. Furthermore, the Vehlpciaarct’s actions of declaring war on the Parahtoria in such a short period of time even after signing a peace treaty with the Chimeraz are considered to have some intention.”

“This is a war strategy in which the muzzle of their guns is actually aimed at the Chimeraz behind the Parahtoria.”

“Therefore, the Chimeraz hereby announce that it is an unavoidable situation to counter the Vehlpciaarct’s force with force for the survival and well-being of the Chimeraz and for the protection of the subordinate race Parahtoria, with whom we have joined hands.”

“In conclusion, on March 6, 2621 of the solar calendar, by the decision of Kemet Agele Kreion-nim, the first ruler of the Chimeraz and leader of the race. . .”

“As of this moment, the Chimeraz hereby declare to the entire Local Group of Galaxies that we have entered a ‘state of total war’ with the Vehlpciaarct.”


➖ . . . hereby declare to the entire Local Group of Galaxies.

“Hand over all the dominion over the Chimeraz in this territory to me.”

“Can I do that?”

“As of this moment, the Chimeraz will directly intervene.”

Immediately, all the Chimeraz entities in the triple star system separated themselves from the Parahtoria.


As if an old, dried-up ruin had crumbled in the wind, the Chimeraz entities shook off the Parahtoria mycelium attached to their bodies.

Kuweek. . .!

And then they vomited out the Parahtoria’s spores that had accumulated in their bodies, along with sticky blood.

【A collective abnormal reaction has been confirmed in hostile life forms.】

【The host entities are expelling the Parahtoria.】

The waves that passed through the Mind Repeater and Mind Advocate’s powerful gravitational wave cable transmitted the news faster than the Vehlpciaarct’s communication network.

Therefore, the Vehlpciaarct here still do not know that the Chimeraz have declared war.

【The movements of the Chimeraz fleet and ground entities have changed all at once.】

【Is a commanding entity involved?】


The legions that had broken away from the Parahtoria accepted Drexus’s dominion.

Starting from highly evolved entities like Euryale and Mindrocker to lower-ranked entities like Cresecter and Hounz, they began to wage war under systematic dominion.

The Xenotera, which had been playing the role of mere nutrients, changed aggressively, such as by shooting black liquid or swinging their tentacles towards the low-flying Vehlpciaarct.

The Cresecters, who had not known how to form groups, instantly gathered in the air and formed several squadrons of aircraft. Then they flew to places that needed fire support on the ground and conducted plasma bombardments.


The contaminated Vehlpciaarct, which had been rolling around and self-destructing, were suddenly devoured by the crocodile-like snout of Skeletunnels that sprang up from the ground,


And exploded meaninglessly underground.

The ground, air, and space, all battlefields were connected by Drexus’s collective consciousness, and they influenced each other as if they were one battlefield.

Only then did the Vehlpciaarct realize.

【We are not dealing with the Parahtoria right now.】

The Vehlpciaarct, who were almost unilaterally destroying the colony, stopped their attack on the ground. They hurriedly withdrew their forces and invested them in the fleet battle.

Crepitus rushed in and self-destructed, and Cresecters moved erratically and engaged in battle.

In the front lines, a group of Shockphonia with their sharp jaws open charged, unfolding a bio-barrier, and behind them Fleetcutters provided fire support.

Turng. . . . . .!

The physical projectiles that collided with the Vehlpciaarct ships all contained Parahtoria. Previously, the Parahtoria had rarely come into contact with Vehlpciaarct ships.

However, the Chimeraz fleet’s improved movements allowed them to frequently inflict physical damage on Vehlpciaarct ships.

Therefore, the Vehlpciaarct fleet had no choice but to dismantle the part even if it was just a small scratch.

【It has been confirmed that the exoskeletons are greatly developed from the appearance of the additional Chimeraz group.】

【This is the leader’s intervention. The Chimeraz subordinates are following the leader’s characteristics.】

【. . . If it is a developed exoskeleton, it is the leader who has experienced it once in the Hecartra battle.】

【Unfortunately, it is not Ludwig, Nazar, Phlegeth, Berne, Gorgo, Jiannettera, or Equillocke.】

【We do not know what leader we are dealing with, but if this is the level of power considering the numbers, it is estimated to be at least a leader ranked 20th or higher.】

【Then, what are the chances of winning?】

【. . . .】

With the exception of one planet, everything else was purified. All those colony worlds, the Xenotera on the surface, all sorts of hives and structures, and legions were wiped away.

And even the bio-planet was destroyed.

If they had continued as they were, they would have won. Even though they had consumed a lot of members and energy, they would have been able to destroy the one remaining planet and the enemy fleet.

After all, this side consumed as much as the other side, and the other side had much more destroyed than this side.

【The question is, do we have a chance of winning?】


The problem is that the Parahtoria, which have separated from the Chimeraz, have become resources, and the Chimeraz are exploiting the Parahtoria.

The enemies’ suddenly improved productivity in the enemy camp results in an extremely disadvantageous situation.

【However, that’s fine. Our main role here is not victory.】

Therefore, if the Vehlpciaarct had intended to take over this triple star system in the first place, they would not have sent only 30 fleets like this.

The defeat here was an anticipated battle.

For a greater victory.

【We have succeeded in diverting one leader from the main territory with 30 fleets.】

【The purpose has been achieved.】

That’s right.

What the Vehlpciaarct are aiming for now is the Chimeraz.

They are not just aiming for Kreion, the ruler of the Chimeraz, or Anima, the second ruler.

They are not just aiming for a certain star system or planet. They are also not just aiming for Gorgo’s Star, which was considered such a great threat.

They are aiming for all the members of the Chimeraz race.

【This has slightly increased the probability of the Chimeraz’s extinction.】

Kreion, Anima, Gorgo’s Star.

Colony worlds, fleets, bio-planets.

All leaders and all Chimeraz under them.

Even a single drop of Xenotera.

They can only be ‘extinguished’ by purifying all of them.

【Resist as much as possible.】

‘Destroy those machines!’

It was March 7th,

And there were only four days left until the Vehlpciaarct gathered in the capital star system completed their preparations.


Her white hair fluttered in the warm wind.

Gorgo is on her right.

Rundalt is on her left.

“Let’s go.”

Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

This is the Anima group boasting 397 fleets.

Gorgo’s Star, with four satellites, consumes enormous energy while stretching out its tentacles.

As Gorgo’s Star accelerated, the surrounding space was distorted.

“Heh heh. . . . I bought the coordinates of the Vehlpciaarct’s capital from the Hyraguroa.”

“Well done, Rundalt. You go and get some rest.”

“Anima-nim, are there any coordinates you will pass by on the way?”


This place where Anima is standing.

The stars in the night sky have turned into an enchanting tangle of lines.

“Let’s change the owner of the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation like this.”

There is no reason to wait.

Attack first.

The Chimeraz should be a race that invades rather than being invaded.

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