My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 103

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟑: 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐲, 𝐀𝐛𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐛 𝐎𝐫 (4)

Based on a foundation of chitin and calcium, the Hyraguroa constructed roundish dome-like structures stacked in multilayers. Their buildings were rather short compared to other civilizations.

The Hyraguroa had accumulated wealth by trading a unique new material, developing an advanced civilization. As a result, insect-like vehicles with mechanical wings and weasel-like cars with mechanical legs could be seen moving around their cities.

A meeting room with an interior finished with the new material, which might have been chitin or metal.

In front of the sparkling decorations shaped like honeycombs were the Hyraguroa queen and her attendants.

“Kreurrr. Kreukkreukkreurrr.”

【The photonic chitin synthesis technology has been provided in its entirety. Are you saying that despite this, you have run into difficulties in handling it?】

“Yes. We need to develop a new substance that is stronger and more bio-friendly than chitin.”

The queen and Rundalt communicated with each other through a hologram that translated their speech.

【Photonic chitin synthesis is a technology that we, the Hyraguroa, pride ourselves on. If you have that, you should be able to create something far superior to most materials in this universe. I wonder why you need such a strong material.】

Rundalt pondered what to say before responding casually.

“It is related to the development of antimatter weapons. Thanks to that technology, we were able to successfully manufacture and refine antimatter, but only in small quantities. This was because our understanding of the technology was lacking. Haha.”

【Small quantities. . . . We also use antimatter in a small number of our facilities and ships. However, that could be accommodated sufficiently with the technology we provided earlier.】

【I don’t know how much you mean when you say ‘small quantities,’ but based on my judgment, it seems that you are aiming to develop a considerably enormous antimatter weapon.】

‘Could they be wary of our massive antimatter weapon?’

Judging from the tone of voice or facial expressions, she was just a Hyraguroa that resembled a weasel. Thus, it was difficult to figure out what the queen was thinking.

‘A super long-range interstellar attack weapon that shoots antimatter pulses. Bio-planet weaponization. If I tell her this, it would explain everything. . . .’

‘However, if they are wary of our weapons, it would be better not to give specific explanations.’

The Hyraguroa and the Chimeraz were friendly toward each other. The Chimeraz had rescued the younger members of the Hyraguroa from the clutches of the Crolr and liberated the Hyraguroa. In return, the Hyraguroa had provided the Chimeraz with their precious photonic chitin synthesis technology.

Moreover, the Ririm, the Hyraguroa’s long-time ally, had directly formed an alliance with the Chimeraz, so the Hyraguroa and the Chimeraz were practically like friends separated by a river.

However, judging from what the queen was saying now,

‘She seems to be saying that they won’t just give everything away.’

It seemed that she intended to be cautious even with the Chimeraz, no matter how close they were.

‘I put forward what I wanted first, but they didn’t accept it and keep trying to probe me.’

Rundalt reached his own conclusion after thinking about it.

‘The queen is too strict. If I put it nicely, she’s too smart.’

At that moment, the queen asked another question.

Another probing question.

【Is it because of the humans that you are pushing forward with weapons development?】

“Well, the territory that the Chimeraz is responsible for has expanded greatly recently. As Her Majesty said, we are also wary of the humans and the Vehlpciaarct.”

【To be honest, I did not expect that the Chimeraz would decide to form a truce there.】

“Aha. . . .”

【It is understandable that humans are strong, and the Crolr has already surrendered. However, I wondered why it was necessary to form a truce with the Vehlpciaarct after hearing the news.】

‘Your Majesty. You seem to secretly hate the Vehlpciaarct. . . .So you were being uncooperative in order to express your dissatisfaction.’

Rundalt now responded with improvisation.

“After all, a truce with the Vehlpciaarct seemed like a safe option. If we had continued the war with the Vehlpciaarct, the humans might have helped them on the sly. . . . I believe that the decision to form a truce was made with such possibilities in mind.”

【If the humans had helped the Vehlpciaarct on the sly, we could have helped the Chimeraz on the sly as well.】

Rundalt looked the queen in the eye and nodded vigorously.

“I appreciate you saying that. However. . . . However, at that time, the Chimeraz had already lost a great number of legions and Kreion-nim had exceeded his mental limits several times.”

Kreion’s name made the queen speechless.

“Of course, if Kreion-nim had known that Gorgo’s Star was headed for the Human Galaxy, he might have tried a bit harder. . . . However, the Phase Assault Troops of the humans cleaned up the situation, so we were a step too late. Haha.”

【. . . .】

“And I think Kreion-nim judged at the time that it was safer to stop the truce for the time being.”

【Safer in what sense?】

Rundalt cleverly steered the conversation.

“Ultimately, it was a judgment based on the assumption that the Chimeraz would become much stronger than the humans or the Vehlpciaarct as time passed. . . . That might have been a factor in his decision. Of course, with my humble cognitive abilities, I can only guess a fraction of what he was thinking. Haha. . . .”

【As time passes, the Chimeraz will become stronger. What do you think of that, looking at the present?】


【Do you think that the Chimeraz are becoming stronger than the Vehlpciaarct at a faster rate?】

‘This is an opportunity.’

Rundalt quickly answered without showing any sign of hesitation.

“Yes. Looking at the present, the Chimeraz are definitely becoming stronger at a rate that the Vehlpciaarct cannot catch up to.”

He added one more thing.

“However, there is still a huge force called the humans, so we are far from being able to surpass the Vehlpciaarct. That is why it is imperative that we ‘develop stronger weapons.’ After all, it is a cold war where war could break out at any time, even though it is a truce.”

Only then did the queen listen to the talk of a deal.


The Hyraguroa queen made a new deal with Rundalt to trade additional ‘photoelectric chitin synthesis technology’ related to antimatter.

And at Rundalt’s request, she introduced a ‘Hyraguroa collector’ so that the Chimeraz and the Hyraguroa could fulfill each other’s needs.

Rundalt met with the Hyraguroa collector and had a conversation.

The collector expressed gratitude, saying that he had been captured as livestock by the Crolr when he was young and was freed thanks to the Chimeraz.

This was a favor that Rundalt could use, and Rundalt and the Hyraguroa collectors decided to create corporate-like institutions on various planets throughout the Hyraguroa territory.

“An ornamental Chimeraz-exclusive colony. . . . They say that they have created a colony called a vivarium. . . .”

“An ornamental Chimeraz and a vivarium. . . .”

Kreion and Ludwig looked up at the bio-planet in the sky from the upper level of the colony.

That bio-planet, created by Gorrm and developed by Jiannettera, could house large antimatter pockets using the photoelectric chitin synthesis technology.

In other words, the bio-planet waving its tentacles in the sky right now was the Chimeraz’s first Planet Weapon.

Now, they could destroy the planets of hostile species at any time with just a word.

“Yes. . . . The Hyraguroa have their own aesthetic standards. . . . That is why they tend to favor lifeforms that are similar to them. . . . Those collectors mainly keep primitive lifeforms of the insect family as ornamental animals, so it seems that the Chimeraz fit their aesthetic standards quite well. . . .”

“If the Chimeraz are in demand in that way, we can use it.”

“The ornamental individuals that will be sold to the Hyraguroa will have their wave organs restrained. . . . They will be in the same state as wild individuals. . . .”

“They will be made to look the way the Hyraguroa collectors want.”

“Yes. . . . I hear that Rundalt is modifying the genes of the Grounsecter with his Elites to create new ornamental individuals. . . .”

“What do the Hyraguroa exchange for that?”

“There is a group of Hyraguroa sculptors. . . . They carve chitin blocks engraved with their own unique patterns and use them as currency. . . . Rundalt has decided to accept that Hyraguroa currency. . . . And later, if he needs something from the Hyraguroa, he will be able to use the currency. . . .”

It meant that Rundalt intended to earn foreign currency.

“Anima-nim has permitted Rundalt’s activities. . . . However, what is important is Master’s final permission. . . .”

“I feel a faint sense of kinship with the Hyraguroa.”

Kreion manipulated the bio-planet to construct a gravitational wave cable that connected to the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Numerous Mind Repeaters, Mind Advocates, and the faintly felt minds of Gorgo’s Star and Anima beyond them.

“I hear that they, too, are tired of being called monsters. That is why I do not want to enslave the Hyraguroa or take control of their society.”

Kreion also knew about the story that Rundalt had told Gorrm.

“Make sure that any business conducted with the Hyraguroa remains ‘business.’ I will permit Rundalt’s activities as long as he adheres to that.”

“I will convey that. . . .”

Ludwig conveyed Kreion’s will as he looked at the bio-planet in the sky.

Meanwhile, Kreion briefly closed his eyes and focused his mind on the star beyond the Hecartra territory.



His excitement could be felt from his waves.

He was more excited than ever.

‘What do you think of the black hole communication technology that Nazar brought?’ Do you think we can make it a reality?’

➖Um. . . . Well. . . . This is. . . .

‘I can tell by just looking at it that it is a very profound and abstruse technology. Just give me the conclusion.’

➖We can only imitate the principle of a very small part. Perhaps. . . .

‘Is that the conclusion?’

➖ . . .Yes. First, we need to start experimenting with creating small black holes. And then the waves. . . . In other words. . . .

Even Gnox had difficulty explaining.

➖Anyway, I think I can give you a definite answer if I experiment a little more.

‘I understand.’

At that moment, Kreion felt something sharp lightly poke his shoulder.

He turned his head to check and saw Ludwig’s stinger.

“Master. . . .”

“Are you hungry already?”

“I apologize. . . .”

Kreion held out his wrist to Ludwig.

“The wrinkles in your cerebral cortex will continue to increase, so your energy consumption will be high. If you are hungry, don’t hold back and tell me anytime. That way, you can grow as I intend.”

“Then. . . . Please excuse me. . . .”


Ludwig had been consuming a lot of energy to improve his brain function ever since a few days ago. Kreion had personally taken Ludwig to the evolution chamber and modified his genetic blueprint.

Ludwig controlled the advanced individuals of the Hecartra territory, managed the complex colony structures, and even performed a role similar to the main server that held the collective consciousness of the Chimeraz.

Moreover, since he constantly interacted with 26 leaders with strong egos within the collective consciousness, Ludwig could be said to be processing more information and emotions on a daily basis than Kreion.

Ludwig’s brain, which performed so many tasks, had to improve along with the growing size of the species, and naturally, the amount of energy required by Ludwig’s brain also increased.

He could replenish his energy by eating the nutrient-rich Xenotera, but Ludwig was the individual who had received the most of Kreion’s genetic material.

Therefore, Ludwig’s DNA craved Kreion’s DNA. Of course, Ludwig tried to hide that desire, but he could not hide anything from Kreion.

“It only happens sometimes. . . . However, lately, I feel like I owe Master a lot for my evolution. . . .”

“You do the most work out of all the members of our species. So you don’t have to feel guilty about not achieving anything or not being active.”

“. . . .”

“You are being active 24 hours a day, every moment you are with me. It means that you are the leader who does the most just by existing.”

Ludwig felt his brain being satisfied as he sucked Kreion’s pure blood.

“Consider this your privilege and enjoy it. Ludwig.”

At the same time, Kreion felt Ludwig sending him an absolute loyalty that was close to religious devotion.

➖I don’t think I’d be able to live without Master. . . .

‘I wouldn’t be able to stay sane without you.’

Everything had been going well since they had won their freedom.

They just needed to keep going like this.

“. . .Rather than that, are our subordinate species doing well?”

“. . .Ah. . . .”

Ludwig, who had been savoring Kreion’s blood for a moment, blinked his red single eye.

“I have given them a minimum of one fleet that can form a Ring Formation. . . . When the Parahtoria return to the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy, they will begin coexisting with the Chimeraz in the colony of the triple star system there. . . .”


【The Parahtoria of the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy have declared themselves a subordinate species of the Chimeraz. And the Chimeraz have declared themselves the dominant species of the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.】

【Lead Core. This is a very serious situation.】

【The Chimeraz are exerting enormous influence over the Human Galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, and even the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy. In addition, the Chimeraz are allied with the Ririm and are on very close terms with the Hyraguroa.】

【In such a situation, the Parahtoria’s declaration of subordination and the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy’s declaration of dominance are problematic.】

【The Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy was a territory where the Teterek, the Mahadto, and the Parahtoria competed fiercely. That is why our Deal Core decided to make the Teterek the dominant species of the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy in order to expand our influence.】

【But what happened to the Deal Core that such declarations were possible?】

【There is still no contact with the Deal Core. There is a possibility that the Deal Core fleet will not return.】

【Was it the Chimeraz?】

【It is possible. Or perhaps the Parahtoria were stronger than expected.】

【If the Parahtoria were a species strong enough to annihilate the Deal Core fleet, there would have been no need for them to declare subordination to the Chimeraz.】

【It is clear that this is a situation caused by the Chimeraz. Isn’t that what everyone is thinking?】

【. . . .】

【. . . .】

【. . . .】

【I will move up the plan with the Lead Core’s authority.】

【Force Core. Respond.】

【Responding to the Lead Core’s authority.】

【Form 40 fleets with your Nanozator fleet and head to the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.】

【Understood. What is the mission?】

【Try to communicate with the Parahtoria.】

【Also, check on the status of the Teterek and the Mahadto, and gather information that can help you figure out or speculate on what happened to the Deal Core. Then return safely.】

【If the information gathered there can be a cause for war, what should my course of action be then?】

【After your safe return, we will consider ‘total war.’】

Total war ultimately meant mobilizing everything that the group had for the conduct of war.

【Lead Core. Is that the right judgment?】

【We will not be able to catch up to them. Force Core.】

【. . . .】

【If there is a just cause, it is right to consider total war.】

The Vehlpciaarct, whose every unit of civilization consisted of countless mechanical members.

What would total war mean to them?

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