Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Final Chapter

This season, they have decided to attend the royal court’s evening gathering together. Since Friedrich’s memory has returned, they can’t afford to skip socializing too much.

“Husband. Somehow, I’m nervous…”

Liddellina blushes as she is escorted by her husband down the long hallway of the palace. She didn’t feel this kind of excitement when she came here for the first time.

“Liddy, not “husband”. We promised to call each other by our nicknames, remember?”

“Yes, Fried.”

(TL: the “Husband” originally is “Danna-sama” we change it for aesthetic purposes.)

The two of them awkwardly meet eyes and smile.

Their behavior, which looks like they’re going beyond being friendly and being overly affectionate, causes a commotion in the venue. Everyone seems to be afraid of Friedrich. While Friedrich looks lovely to Liddellina, he seems a little different to those around him.

However, when he is called by the royal family, he returns to his dignified face, called the “military god”. Liddellina thinks that her husband, who used to be clumsy, has become quite skilled.

As Liddellina looks at Friedrich with warm feelings,


She was called out. At first she didn’t recognize him because he had changed so much, but it was Gilbert. In the past, she felt that it was somewhat well-raised, but now even that is not the case.

She was surprised that he called out to her after all these years.

“It’s been a long time.”

Ignoring it would have been fine, but Liddellina formally returns the words.

“In the past, I did something terrible to you. I’m sorry.”

She’s amazed that he’s apologizing now. If he had those feelings, he could have written a letter anytime.

“No, it’s not a problem.”

She wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible.

“So, are you happy now?”

She gets a little annoyed at his familiar tone even though she’s not his fiance anymore.

“What do you mean?”

Then Gilbert says nervously.

“Well, I heard that your husband is not feeling well.”

“What source did you get that from? My husband is very healthy. It’s still the same as before to believe in strange rumors.”

It clicks and creaks. (TL: ?)

“No, it’s different. Liddellina, I was completely deceived by that woman. Now I”ve come to my senses. But more importantly, Liddellina, you”ve become very beautiful.”


Liddellina was confused. What could be the purpose of his talking to her?

“Your manners in speaking to the Marchioness are too rude, are they not?”

Turning at the voice that interrupted, Andrea was giving Gilbert a stern look. It was the first time she had seen him with such an expression.

Gilbert, recognizing the emblem on Andrea’s collar in his formal attire, fled in fear and confusion. Liddellina was taken aback by his pitiful appearance.

“I’m amazed…”

Both at Gilbert and at the past self who was deeply hurt by him.

“That guy is really frustrating. What does he think the Marquise’s family is?”

“Andrea-sama, thank you for your help.”

“No, no, I’m always happy to help. That clown. The Tunges count’s house will be succeeded by his younger brother. Now, there are rumors spreading, and it seems he doesn’t have a marriage partner either.”

“I see… That’s what happened.”

“He’s also lost the backing of his family and seems to be working. Normally, someone like that wouldn’t be able to enter such a grand evening gathering, but perhaps he used some connection to meet you.”

While his attitude earlier made her angry, listening to Andrea’s story makes her feel a little sorry for him. He must be struggling in his own way.

After that, Andrea brought some fruit water for Liddellina. He smiles and changes the topic.

“Okusama, the second wedding was wonderful.”

“Thank you.”

Liddellina blushed. In the end, she held a second wedding with Friedrich in the territory. Is there anyone who holds a wedding twice?

From the time he was called the Marquis of Ice, he had a reputation and soldiers from all over the country gathered at the castle to admire him.

As a result, the wedding was somewhat rugged and rough rather than glamorous, but it became much more grandiose and flashy than the first one.

They held a garden party in the castle’s courtyard, ate feasts and danced, and Dorothy and Howard, among other servants, cried and rejoiced.

Then, at Friedrich’s request, they held a formal introduction in the territory.

It was embarrassing to parade through the capital in a carriage, but they were warmly blessed by the citizens more than expected.

The roads have been paved and trade has become lively, and merchants who come to buy jewels, silverware, and textiles have increased. The territory is steadily prospering.

As Liddellina was chatting with Andrea, a well-mannered couple came over.

“Excuse me, is it okay to talk to you for a moment? I am the Count of Dolan, Kane. This is my wife, Samantha. We would like to greet Marquise Weller.”

Liddellina was surprised that they were speaking to her, but returned the greeting and asked with a smile, “What is it?”

“We heard that you have some high-quality fabrics and a wonderful hot spring here,” the well-mannered lady said.

“Yes, that’s correct. Our prices are more reasonable than you would find in the capital, and we have a wide variety of fabrics. In addition, the hot spring is suitable for postpartum, recovery from illness, and rest. We also have accommodations in the capital and the roads are well-maintained, so you can have a comfortable journey. Please do come and visit us. We look forward to welcoming you.”

Words spilled out of Liddellina’s mouth, selling off her domain. Tony(Andrea), who was listening, offered his support.

“That hot spring is truly wonderful. When I go to the Northweller domain, I end up soaking in it every day.”

“Yes, Tony-sama comes often, doesn’t he? We’re grateful.”

“Yes, the Northweller domain has excellent soups and drinks.”

Before she knew it, a circle of conversation had formed around Liddellina. The ornament that Fie, who Liddellina was wearing, made also became a topic of conversation.

“Soon, it will also be distributed in the capital, so I hope you will have a chance to try it.”

Even though she intended to just show her face today after taking a long break from socializing, she found herself promoting her domain without realizing it.

Why was she so afraid of social gatherings a few years ago? She had only seen one side. And her husband…

“Hey, Liddy, you seem to be having fun.”

When Friedrich returned there, the tension in the room naturally ran high, but generally they were able to have a good time.

There was no awkwardness in dancing together, and they enjoyed the night party by dancing repeatedly until they got tired.

Liddellina thought that socializing was a surprisingly good way to relax. However, even in such splendor, the territory is always on her mind.

That northern land is her hometown.

After that, Liddellina and Friedrich went out to the balcony with champagne served at the royal palace. In front of them was a magnificent garden and a starry sky spreading out.

“By the way, why Husband not chase me away and leave me when your relative came and showed you the divorce papers?”

“That’s because you were the first to say, “Welcome home”. You were the only one who said those words besides the servants.”

He chuckled bitterly. Liddellina’s uncle’s family was terrible, but his relatives were also quite something.

However, she would probably never see them again.

“I’m really glad you’re okay.”

As Liddellina smiled, he looked down embarrassedly.

“When I was wandering around after losing my memory on the battlefield, I dreamed of a gentle and beautiful goddess descending from the heavens. That was you. So I thought… no, it might actually have been the case that I fell in love with you.”

Liddellina blushed upon hearing this. What a romantic person he was.

“Fried, I’m glad I met you.”

“Liddellina, I love you.”

Amidst the falling shooting stars, the two embraced and savored their happiness.


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