Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Discussing the territory with two people

Liddellina had a plan for a hot spring facility. First, she wanted to make it easier for women to use. For this, safety was the most important, followed by cleanliness.

She would like for it to be used in the cold winter, but that will require an addition to the building, which will be expensive.

Eventually, she will have to consult with Friedrich. He said earlier that he would contribute money, but it is uncertain if he will change his mind if his memory returns. It is a difficult situation. She will have to consider this as well. No blood debt.

In addition, there is winter preparation for the territory and a portion allocated for military equipment, so it is not clear how the budget for this year will be divided.

However, Liddellina thinks that if the capital prospers, the lives of the residents will become easier.

It takes two days to camp out to get from the capital to this castle, and since coming here, she doesn’t even want to go back to the capital. The roads are not so well maintained and the circulation is bad anyway.

So, she wanted to solve that problem too.

While her husband was away, Liddellina had grown attached to this territory, even though she was just acting as a lord in his place.


It was almost dusk when they set off on their return.

“Liddellina, welcome back!”

Her husband came to meet her at the entrance hall. He seemed to have been waiting for her return, wagging his tail like a large dog.

“You must be tired. Would you like afternoon tea before dinner?”

Liddellina was escorted to the salon as is. That awkward escort seemed surreal. It felt like a real husband and wife or lovers, Liddellina thought. In the salon, Andrea was there, and it was a little relieving.

Liddellina is still not used to being alone with Friedrich.

The three of them drank tea and had dinner together, spending a peaceful evening.


The next morning, Andrea left. Liddellina feels a bit lonely without him, who was cheerful and kind.

This time, Hannah is carrying the divorce papers and the complaint that Friedrich wrote. Friedrich is talking about how he intends to sue for forgery.

“You have to do something about people like that.”

Liddellina thinks it would be better to quickly adopt a child and give them a successor education.

And at the tea time in the morning, they went to the salon instead of the office today.

Until now, they had just finished things casually in the office, but since the handover has settled down, this is the first time they have taken the time to have tea together as a couple. Friedrich seems to be in a good mood throughout. Liddellina was relieved that the atmosphere was not as awkward as she thought it would be.

—One week passed, then two weeks, and peaceful days continued. When Liddellina had become fully accustomed to her husband, news came from the capital.

While drinking morning tea and taking a break in the salon, Friedrich came in.

“Liddellina, the penman who imitated my handwriting and wrote a fake divorce document has been caught.”


That’s right, Friedrich had said he was going to file a complaint. Andrea must have arranged it.

“It seems an official who was short on money did it. In case something happens to me, it would be Liddellina who would have a problem if this is not properly taken care of. From now on, no matter what happens, they will not be able to enter this territory. If the crime is proven, they will probably be removed from the nobility and sent to labor.”

In other words, they will become criminals from nobility at once.

“Um, is that okay with you, Husband? They are your relatives.”

“They are distant relatives to begin with, and if they came again in this state concerning an heir, they would have a hard time.”

“In that case, we must adopt a child quickly.”

There will be no worries about a successor and no strange relatives will come to visit.

“No, that’s the thing, Liddellina. Can you wait a little longer?”

Friedrich pleads with a sincere expression.


“I want time to understand each other.”

Now that he mentions it, it’s true. He is currently able to have proper conversations with Liddellina. They may also be able to discuss education for an adopted child.

“I understand.”

She hopes he stays this way. If he goes back to being distant again, it will be lonely in its own way. Liddellina watched over Friedrich, who was sometimes reckless like her sister.

“So, Liddellina, you said it was inconvenient to come from the capital to here without a hotel.”

The topic changes and she feels relieved.

She thinks it’s very inconvenient. It’s dangerous for women to travel, and there are almost no travelers coming to the capital. Even the craftsman Fie seemed to have a hard time coming here. Also, it’s not easy to go to the capital casually. Even if there are more shops and inns in the town, no one will come if it stays like this.

In small territories, the lord’s mansion can sometimes serve as a substitute for an inn, but it is unusual for a territory of this size to have almost no inns. This is also because of the war.

“As you said. In addition, information from the capital tends to be delayed. That’s why I think it would be better to have inns, as you said earlier. How about trying to operate one inn on the road to the capital as a test?”

That was exactly what Liddellina was thinking.

“Absolutely! That way, I think more people will gather at the workshop.”

There are resources, but the lack of personnel is a major concern. It is difficult to expand because it is a border territory and people do not gather easily. Fie just happened to come by luck.

This is also the case with the hot spring. There is technology for excavation and maintenance, but there is a shortage of personnel.

“Yes, I currently only sell in the capital, but if the roads are improved and it becomes easier to come and go from the capital, I can expand my sales channels and increase profits.”

Friedrich thinks deeply and says.

“Yes, I also want to see the situation in the capital, and I wouldn’t know what’s popular here if I were here.”

“In that case, shall we go to the capital together?”

For some reason, Friedrich asks with sparkling eyes.

“No, not yet. Husband’s health is not perfect, and the budget is also a concern.”

There is the uncertainty of his memory, and his personality is completely different.

“There is no budget problem. I received an incentive, so I will use it for a new business.”

She didn’t expect her plans to be realized so quickly. It will probably be busy from now on, but the fun will also increase.

“Since getting married, I’ve been causing you trouble all the time.”

Friedrich said as if he were sighing.

“That’s not true. It’s much more fun and happy than when I was at my parents’ house.”

Friedrich’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Above all, the hot springs here are the best.”

His expression clouded slightly.

“You’ve really been through a lot until now.”

“Not that much.”

It’s embarrassing to be thought of that way. At least when her parents were alive, she was loved and happy.

“I won’t be sent to war anymore, and since diplomacy has been handed over from the second prince to the mild-mannered third prince, there won’t be any wars.”

Hearing that made her feel relieved.

After that, they decided to make plans and prepare for the inn before the winter preparations began.

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