Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Husband Remembers the past 1

There was a visitor the next morning.

Dorothy had come with a message, so she was rushing to get dressed, and the visitor was Colonel Andrea and Friedrich was greeting him.

As soon as she heard this, Liddellina was enveloped in a sense of tension. He had brought the will as promised. Maybe this will lead to a divorce.

With that resolve, they entered the dining room where the two of them were, and were greeted by their smiling faces.

After greeting Andrea and finishing the greeting, Liddellina got to the point.

“So, what did the will say?”

“Oh, I haven’t opened it yet. I thought we could look at it together, Liddellina.”

Friedrich answers.


“I want to build a trusting relationship with you. So let’s open it together.”

Friedrich says, embarrassed.

“Yes … thank you very much.”

She doesn’t feel bad when he says that.

After that, the three of them finished their meal in a harmonious atmosphere.

Liddellina managed to keep Andrea there again, and he decided to stay to enjoy the hot springs.

For some reason, she feels uneasy when it’s just her with Friedrich. Andrea is used to Friedrich’s treatment and the two of them are talking in a relaxed manner, so it’s a relief.

After that, Andrea went to the bath house to relax from his travels, and the two of them moved to the office to open the will.

The contents were no different from the contract signed at the time of the marriage, but there were additional items.

First, the naming of an heir.

“It seems that I was trying to make a relative’s child in another country my successor.”

“Do you have relatives in other countries?”

“There are documents in this office, and I confirmed them. According to them, “his” family seems to have many children. Oh, and Liddellina, look at this. He’s asking you to raise the successor.”

“Well, really…”

She was surprised. Friedrich seemed to trust Liddellina for some reason.

“Then, there’s a section about the distribution of assets. I’m giving you one third of the assets and lands in the area along with a separate residence.”


Liddellina was surprised. she has a rough understanding of the assets of this house. If she could get a third of it, she wouldn’t have to worry about food for the rest of her life. Plus, it comes with land.

“Why did Husband treat me so well?”

“I told you, didn’t I? I have no intention of divorcing you. Plus, I think I liked you. It was strange. The letters you sent me were carefully stored, even on the battlefield. And then the pressed flowers you sent me.”


She had no idea who Friedrich was before he lost his memory. Wasn’t he a cold-hearted person…?

“And, look here, read this. Those relatives are excluded from the heirs. In other words, they have cut off their ties. Look, Hannah’s name is also here. After all, there’s no way I would divorce you and marry her. Maybe she found out I was missing and came here? Transportation to the capital is inconvenient and the information tends to be delayed. What a bunch of jerks.”

She was relieved to hear that.

“Then, as long as Husband is here, they won’t come.”

“That’s right. I will lock them up in Sam’s cell one of these days, for their misdeeds in this territory. Even if I’m not here, I’ll make sure they never step on this land again.”

The ice-blue eyes shone coldly. After all, Friedrich is Friedrich. When she sees the scars on his temple in these cold eyes, she can’t settle down. And the new fact that Sam, who was driven out of here, was thrown into a cell becomes clear. Well, since he swung a sword and injured the servants, including Howard, Liddellina has no objections.

Despite not having memories, Friedrich is quickly gaining control of the castle’s servants. He is a man of leadership, and probably a lord by nature. His personality seems to have changed in the opposite direction, but he seems to be excellent in the same way.

Is he also excellent as a soldier…? It’s hard to believe that he has become useless.

“Um, so what do you mean by throwing him in a cell?”

She asks about his uneasy statement first.

“Of course, it’s a crime of insulting and forging documents. I’ll also find the ghostwriter. I’ll make sure you’re convinced that I had no intention of divorcing you by gathering evidence.”

She swallows the words that she doesn’t need to do all of that. At least he didn’t cut off Hannah’s right arm on the spot.

“…I see.”

It looks like the marriage will continue.

“But I don’t have any clues from before I lost my memory.”

“Clues? Haven’t you asked the servants or the military?”

“Yes, I’ve asked, but the military says that most of them are silent and indifferent.”

She thinks she needs to follow up.

“Promises are always kept.”



She doesn’t know what to say because she doesn’t know him well.

“Tony told me that before and after I lost my memory, I was a completely different person.”

She nodded to that.

“I have to admit that the impression I get now is softer than before.”

He used to be scary normally.

“If “he” had left something like a diary, I would be able to find out what kind of person he was.”

“A diary…”

She can’t imagine the previous Friedrich being the type to keep a diary.

“Yes, a diary. It seems like the actions of my previous self were contradictory.”

“Is that so?”

She doesn’t know him that well. She even wonders if it’s okay for her to be his confidant. Howard or Andrea would probably know much more.

“It’s clear from the marriage contract that I was also a cold husband to you. But I kept your letters carefully and wore embroidered handkerchiefs and pressed flowers like talismans. It’s strange.”

“What? You were even wearing pressed flowers?!”

Liddellina’s eyes opened wide in surprise. There’s no way he looks like a romantic. Perhaps he had a deep attachment to his fief.

Friedrich nodded seriously and opened his mouth gravely.

“I think something happened in the past that made me unable to express my feelings openly.”

There were emotions in the past him.

But could it be that something happened that he had to bury those feelings deep inside?

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