Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Friedrich’s brokenheartedness

Friedrich was firmly rebuffed by Liddellina and returned to the office in a huff.

Friedrich, who had lost his memory, was looking forward to returning from the battlefield and seeing his wife.

He had heard some grating rumors about Liddellina, such as that she was taking advantage of her ex-fiancé by marrying so soon after their engagement was called off, or that she was changing too quickly, but after reading her letter, which reported in detail about the territory, Friedrich thought that she must be a sincere, intelligent, and wonderful woman.

It was also nice that there were always words of concern for Friedrich at the end of the letter. Friedrich was attracted by her warm personality and her determination to protect the territory while her husband was away. Or rather, he thought he had fallen in love again at that time.

Inside the envelope, there was always a pressed flower of the season of the territory attached.

Friedrich himself, before losing his memory, had also treasured it, so the two of them thought they were a loving couple who cared for each other.

It is said that when he lost his memory and wandered the battlefield injured, he was clutching an embroidered handkerchief given to him by his wife.

And the woman he saw was much more beautiful than he had heard in the rumors, like an angel, and his heart warmed at the moment he saw her.

However, for some reason, she was distant and Friedrich was confused.

From his friend Tony and the people in his unit, it was said that Friedrich before he lost his memory always acted as a cool and perfect commander , no matter the situation, with no emotional ups and downs.

However, that also meant that he was a cold-blooded man. Every time he saw Liddellina’s timid attitude, he was worried that he might have done something to her.

Liddellina stubbornly tries to move to a separate house. She said that this marriage was based on a contract. When he went to the office with a gloomy feeling, he found O’Neill and his daughter Hannah, who claimed to be relatives. They were not very likable. Especially Hannah, a woman who persistently stuck to him, was uncomfortable.

Yesterday, when he was sleeping in the master bedroom, he heard a knock and thought it was Liddellina, but when he opened the door, she was standing there. His skin stood on end and he immediately chased her away.

Tony told him that after the war, distant relatives who had been distant before often came and took away his property. He is currently investigating the people who claim to be relatives.

If Sam pulled out his sword and injured the servants, as he claimed, it would be easy to chase them away, but these people have known Friedrich since he was a child, and claim that they have been trusted with the territory when something has happened to Friedrich.

In addition, Liddellina was supposed to break up with him and marry Hannah, their daughter. He didn’t want to believe it, but the divorce papers were written in Friedrich’s handwriting.

Since he has no memory, he doesn’t remember writing it, but there is no evidence of forgery, so it is troubling.

After chasing the two relatives out of the office, he read the documents again. The servants all say that before the relatives came, the documents were properly organized and tidy, but they were scattered while they were looking for a house.

Liddellina stopped them, and Sam stopped swinging his sword. It makes him want to cry to think that such a slender and lovely person stood as a shield to protect the servants. He doesn’t want to think that he was trying to break up with her.

He searched every drawer. Then he noticed that the second drawer from the top of the desk was double-bottomed. Finally, Friedrich found the marriage contract with Liddellina and began to devour its contents.

When he learned about the marriage, he was so shocked to learn that, as Liddellina claimed, he had asked for a separate residence that he almost collapsed. This proved her story and their white marriage. Then her sincere personality.

That’s why she was packing her things.

“Isn’t this more like a labor contract than a marriage?”

Friedrich collapsed in guilt. He has no idea why he entered into such a contract with such a charming person like her.

But why did he go to the trouble of hiding the contract? Maybe he hid it in case something happened to him and his relatives came in, so that Liddellina wouldn’t be disadvantaged.

Suddenly, O’Neill and Franny entered without knocking.

“Yes, that’s right. It seems like they are targeting my wealth, so let’s have them leave quickly.”

Friedrich, who had lost his memory, was told by Andrea that he held powerful lordly powers.

“You finally have the right attitude, Friedrich.”

“Is Howard here?”

“Yes, Danna-sama. Over here.”

He was properly waiting by the entrance. He was a newly made servant. Always following the master like a shadow.

“Immediately, O’Neill, Franny, and Hannah, kick them out.”

“Yes! As you command.”

Howard responds with a lively voice and expression.

“What are you talking about! I’m your relative.”

“We found a document outlining the conditions of the marriage.”

“That’s ridiculous, It wasn’t there when we were looking for a house the other day!”

O’Neill looks up with raised eyebrows.

“As the servant said, you were indeed looking for a house on your own. I found a document where Liddellina asked me to protect the servants from you.

It seems that I had previously told you not to enter my territory. Why are you here? Get out of here immediately. If you cannot do that, I will exercise my lordly authority. You are aware that my lordly authority takes precedence over national law, aren’t you? I have the right to judge crimes that occur within my territory. I cannot allow you to take advantage of the chaos and do as you please in someone’s mansion. Leave at once!”

He immediately exercised his power. First, he cleaned up the castle.

“What did you say!”

The wife screams in a high voice.

“You ingrate!”

O’Neill shouted as if he were angry.

“Be quiet, you shame!”

Friedrich’s angry voice, which had never been heard before, echoed down the hallway.

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