Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Who are you

“Hannah, please come here. She’s my daughter.”

Franny introduces proudly. The number of relatives has increased again. It would be good if this woman was not selfish.

“You are Liddellina, right? Fufufu, you seem quite impressive.”

Hannah smiles with confidence and says that. She had a bad feeling.

“Hey, I’m holding this from Friedrich-sama.”

A document is presented in front of her.

“You got this from my husband?”

She had never heard such a thing. Friedrich had said nothing. Suspiciously lowering her eyebrows, she received it and looked at it…

“This is … a divorce letter.”

The familiar signature of Friedrich is on the document and everything is written down. All that remains is for Liddellina to sign it. The handwriting is definitely that of her husband.

“Friedrich-sama intended to divorce you as soon as he returned from the battlefield. You didn’t hear anything?”

While Hannah tilts her head in surprise, the pretense she has been working hard until now collapses and falls apart. She is shocked and her body feels shaky.


He was not a woman hater and it was Liddellina who was hated.

“Oh, it’s shocking, huh?”

“Poor thing.”

They say while laughing.

“Quickly sign and get out of this castle!”

She can hear O’Neill’s angry voice from a distance.

(I have to stand up to them, but…)

“Okusama! This must be some kind of mistake! The master never intended such a thing. The master entrusted you to take care of things while he went to the battlefield!”

Howard desperately tries to say, but a heart that has once collapsed cannot be easily repaired. Tears are pouring down. It was the moment when everything she had been holding back was cut off. All the servants gathered to protect Liddellina.

“Okusama! Oh my God!”

At that moment, the gatekeeper’s loud voice echoed up to the second floor.

When everyone turned to see what was going on, Dorothy, panting with the gatekeeper, came up the stairs.

“Okusama! The master!”

Dorothy rushes to Liddellina in panic when she sees her tears.

“What happened!”

“Dorothy, first I have to tell Okusama something.”

Dorothy comes to her senses at the gatekeeper’s voice.

“The master has returned! Okusama, please come to the salon. Colonel Andrea is accompanying the master.”

“Thank goodness…”

Liddellina mutters. This means the servants will be protected.

However, when the relatives heard Dorothy’s words, they scowled and ran towards the salon as if racing each other. But Liddellina was relieved to hear that her husband was alive and her waist collapsed all at once.

Liddellina slowly descended to the first floor with the support of Dorothy and Howard. Then several knights and officials from the capital were waiting in the hallway on the first floor, and Liddellina received a polite greeting.

If her husband has returned, she can be relieved. While feeling relieved, she also decides to be prepared to leave, considering that, judging from the divorce certificate, she must leave at last.

(I liked it here… he didn’t like me.)

Her parents’ house will not accept Liddellina. But for now, let’s first be happy that her husband is safe.

Liddellina gathered her spirits and stood in front of the door of the salon where her husband was waiting.

Then she could hear a voice leaking out from the slightly open door.

“Your relationship with that woman was frosty. There is no child as proof. You said that when you returned from the war, you would divorce that woman.”

O’Neill’s heartless words stabbed Liddellina’s weakened heart.

“Even if you say that.”

She can hear her husband’s voice, as if he is bewildered. There is no point in standing here. Liddellina summoned her courage and stepped into the salon.

Friedrich, who was slightly thinner than a year ago, sat in front, with Hannah next to him with a wife-like appearance, and Tony, Andrea, who accompanied him, on the left.

O’Neill, Franny, Sam surrounded him. Liddellina already had no place to stay. Even though Friedrich had always rejected Liddellina’s touch, he does not reject Hannah being nearby. That was the most shocking thing. Holding back the tears that were about to spill, she straightened her chest.

(I have to greet him first…)

However, when Friedrich noticed Liddellina coming in, he stood up. His blue eyes are wide open in surprise.

“Welcome back. My husband, I am glad you are safe above all else.”

With a false pretense, Liddellina elegantly folds his knees.

“Are you Liddellina?”


Did he forget the face of his wife, whom he had not seen much of? Such callousness. Liddellina is crying again.

The two of them stood and stared at each other for a while. However, his cheeks are flushed and his ice-blue eyes are shining brightly.

It is certainly Friedrich’s figure, but his expression is too rich for him. Liddellina forgot the shock she had received and stared at him intensely.

“I’m surprised. What a thing. My wife was so beautiful.”


While Liddellina is stunned, Friedrich walks towards Liddellina with long strides, and suddenly embraces her tightly. Liddellina is motionless as if she were in shock.

(Why? How? What’s happening?)

Liddellina is in complete confusion.

“Liddellina, I’m home! My goddess.”

He shouts as if he is overwhelmed.

“What? Wait a minute! Who are you?”


When she realized it, Liddellina shouted and tried to escape from his arms, pushing back his thick chest.

But his trained body doesn’t move at all. She doesn’t know what’s going on. Had he lost his mind on the battlefield?


Liddellina struggles in his arms and calls for help in a thin voice.

It must be an imposter in disguise, Liddellina thinks at that moment.

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