Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Disaster of the Baroness

—Goodbyes come suddenly, even on a sunny spring day.

Under the bright sun, Liddellina was hanging laundry in the mansion’s garden. A refreshing breeze rustled the white shirt.

At that moment, Gilbert, Liddellina’s fiance and the next Viscount, came. Liddellina waved to him grandly. However, his expression was unusually stiff. Yvonne, her cousin, stood next to him. Liddellina tilted her head, wondering what was going on.

With a tense face, Gilbert stopped in front of Liddellina and deliberately opened his mouth.

“Liddellina, I’m sorry. A child has been born between Yvonne and me. Could you please break up with me?”

Liddellina was stunned by the sudden news.

“I… I don’t understand what you’re saying at all.”

Was this some kind of joke?

Yvonne was Liddellina’s sister-in-law (cousin). She didn’t understand why a child had been born between her and her fiance Gilbert.

“I’m really sorry.”

Gilbert bows his head.

“Liddellina, I’m really sorry. We just fell in love with each other.”

Yvonne is crying softly beside Gilbert, and he is supporting her.

“N-No… why?”

Liddellina was planning to marry Gilbert in three months, and she thought she would finally be freed from this house.

After that, she goes to the salon in the mansion in a state of confusion, and sits facing the uncle and aunt. There, she is told that Gilbert and Liddellina’s engagement has been nullified and that Gilbert and Yvonne will now be married.

“I’m already talking to Lord Tunges.”

“Then what should I do?”

Liddellina manages to squeeze out a trembling voice. She doesn’t know if she should be sad or angry. She is confused by the sudden news. She doesn’t even know when they fell in love.

For the past few years, Liddellina has been living a cramped and inconvenient life, taking care of her uncle and aunt. She was planning to marry her childhood friend Gilbert in three months and build a warm home like her father and mother. But now…

“Liddellina, can’t you step back for the sake of the child she’ll give birth to?”

Uncle Michael Drimore says. In the first place, it was Uncle who proposed this engagement, so it’s a selfish conversation.

“Yes, I’ve been taking care of you for free parentless so far, can’t you repay me for that favor? You can’t make Yvonne’s child a fatherless child, right?”

Aunt Minerva says as if it’s natural, taking Yvonne’s side.

Liddellina’s parents passed away five years ago. The only cousin, Kurt, who was Liddellina’s ally, has been studying abroad for three years and is not present here.

“…I understand.”

There was no other way for Liddellina if she wanted to continue living in this house, so she answered in the affirmative. Will she continue to be used like a servant, never getting married?

It is clear that Gilbert’s heart, which used to be close to Liddellina, is no longer with her. She knows that no one will extend their hand to her, no matter how much she cries and clings.

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