Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 94

𝟏𝟎-𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠

It has been a week since purchasing items from the merchant, yet there has been no progress.

I would like to buy more goods to verify, but the quantity I bought last time was not something that could be consumed in a week.

I suggested making additional purchases of specific items that were liked, but I was told that doing so might lead the merchant to preemptively prepare only similar goods, so I decided against it.

It seems that a great variety of types is desired.

Roa-sama has asked us to carry on as usual, but it frustrates me to appear as if I am doing nothing.

Amidst this, I unexpectedly received a message from Marina. It appears she was waiting in front of the laundry room used by the servants of the girls’ dormitory.

“She is quite proactive, isn’t she.”

Chris, who was abruptly grabbed by the arm by Marina, was rubbing his arm. It might have been a bit painful.

That night, Marina secretly came to my room.

“I’m sorry for the late-night intrusion, everyone.”

“You must be analyzing with Thor. I am truly grateful. Please don’t feel sorry.”

“No, it’s for Thor and Tianne-sama!”

Marina, who doesn’t even pretend it’s for Roa-sama, is honest.

“Thank you, Marina. What would you like to drink?”

Marina, who seems to have been analyzing for a long time or perhaps because it’s late at night, has tired eyes. I asked her.

Marina vigorously shook her head.

“I may be mistaken, but there’s something I want everyone to see! May I use the kitchen?”

“No problem.”

We moved to the kitchen in a crowd, and Marina took out a bottle she had brought.

“I’ve always been interested in herbs and seasonings, and I’ve been researching how to make them more delicious. When everyone shared the results from the castle and Thor’s analysis, I found that many things familiar to me were being used.”

The bottle Marina opened seemed to contain various dried herbs, medicinal plants, and seasonings.

“This herb is sun-dried and powdered. Mix this in equal parts, add the mixture of these undried herbs ground in a mortar, a little honey. . . mix well, then salt, and more of this herb. . .”

Marina explained as she made something, but the process was complex, and I couldn’t remember it all.

After spreading the finished paste on thinly sliced bread and baking it in the oven, Marina turned around with a glowing smile after waiting for more than 10 minutes.

“Here, it’s poison!”

“What, poison?!”

I was so surprised that I inadvertently repeated her words.

Is poison something that comes up in a cooking show manner?!

“I’ve done a lot of research on how to eat herbs deliciously and found a good way to eat them. But after eating this, I gradually started to feel ill. . . When I stopped eating it, I returned to normal. When I heard about the herbs included in the products, this came to mind first. . .”

Marina, still peering to remember, stated it clearly nonetheless.

“This is based on actual experience, my family also showed the same symptoms. The doctor said that eating too much of something that’s supposed to be healthy might actually have been bad for my health. I haven’t verified this. The stuff bought from the merchant also includes various other things, some of which are unidentifiable. It might not be reliable, but I thought it’s better to speak up than to stay silent.”


Marina, lifting her face with a strong gaze, froze under the sharp stares directed at her from everyone.

While trembling, it crept up to me, so I hid it behind my back.

“. . .Marina. That’s a significant discovery. Well said. I thank you.”

“No, please. . . raise your head.”

“Could you teach us the method again? We will verify it at the castle.”

Roa-sama had a serious expression.

“Arthur, Edgardo, Chris! Eat this and inform us of any changes in your condition.”

“With pleasure.”


“If you feel unwell, we will prepare for you to lie down immediately.”

“Rolf, ask Marina and try to make the same thing. We’ll send it to the castle together.”

“I’ll make several.”

“Rene, write down the recipe while asking Marina.”


“Marina, what did you do when you felt sick after eating this?”

“D, Drinking a lot of water seemed to make it easier to feel better. . . .But! Eating this doesn’t cause immediate changes!”

“We’ll verify that as well. . . .I truly appreciate it.”

Roa-sama bowed deeply, and everyone bowed in turn.

As everyone started to move, expressing their gratitude to the flustered Marina, Rolf gave her a reassuring wink and led her away from behind me.

After some thought, I also decided to take on the role of tasting.

Roa-sama tried to stop me, but I couldn’t just stand around doing nothing while everyone else was busy.

I’ll bravely eat the poison!

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