Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 90

𝐏𝐮𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐮𝐭

I’ve been advised not to get too close to Marina and Thor unnecessarily. It’s also best to avoid the laboratory as much as possible, so after classes, I’ve started to head straight home.

It’s a bit. . . no, quite lonely.

There are few people following me to look for those wearing the collar of submission. Today, it’s only Arthur.

I thought I could be alone if need be, but that was definitely not allowed.

Ever since I started school, everyone has been careful not to leave me alone.

Whether it’s because they think I’m unreliable, out of guilt for involving me, or due to a knight’s chivalry that can’t leave a lady alone, all of it is underlined by their consideration for me, which I’ve decided to gratefully accept.

Chris also said that it’s a lady’s kindness to accept gifts from a knight.

“Ojou-sama, please wait.”

Unusually, I stop walking at Arthur’s call.

It’s just an ordinary path dyed in the evening twilight on the way back from the school building to the girls’ dormitory. There’s no one around.

Arthur stands before me, ready to draw his sword at any moment. Amid the sharp tension, the merchant emerges from the shade of the trees.

“Ah, I’m glad to have found someone.”

“. . .!”

Goosebumps rise all over me at an incredible speed.

Even though his face had become vague, the moment I heard his voice, my body screamed to flee.

There’s no mistake in the face, the voice, or the build. It was the person who tried to attack me that time.

“What do you want?”

Arthur’s voice, full of thorns as he steps forward to shield me so that my face isn’t seen.

“I’m a merchant allowed to come and go in this school. Embarrassingly, I’ve lost my way.”

“The exit is over there.”

“Thank you for your kindness. I’ve been lost for quite some time now, looking for someone.”

. . .If he’s targeting Marina, he might also know about me frequenting the laboratory.

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence. There’s a high possibility that it was an ambush.

With a likable smile, the merchant opens his bag.

“This is a token of my gratitude. It’s a product that will soon be on sale at the trading company, and it’s valuable because it’s before its official release. If I can offer it to my benefactor, there’s no greater joy.”

This merchant knows how to appear harmless. Even now, he must be pretending to be grateful for this chance encounter.

I really don’t want to accept it, but it could be an item of value connected to Dyson.

“. . .Then, I shall gratefully accept.”

Arthur approaches to receive it, then quickly returns to my side.

The small box wrapped in lovely pastel colors looks beautiful. If I had received it from anyone else under different circumstances, I surely would have been pleased.

“No, I am the one who is overwhelmed with gratitude.”

The merchant bows deeply with a gentle demeanor. There’s something too smooth about the way he’s ready to leave, so I call out to him with a voice higher than usual.

“. . .Wait.”

Surprised, I grab the hem of Arthur’s clothes. So that the merchant can’t see, so that it’s not noticed.

Just the tips of my fingers are holding the fabric, but it’s enough to stop the shaking a little.

“If I take a liking to this, I will send a servant. Tell me the name of your trading company.”

“Then, I shall be here at this time every day.”


The merchant smoothly announced the name of his trading company, smiling as if pleased.

“This is a product of our trading company, one we take pride in. I would be delighted if it pleases you.”

“If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t come.”

“Of course, that’s quite alright. I am confident that you will find our products to your liking.”

“Is that so. You’re in the way, hurry on now.”

“I beg your leave, my lord.”

Before the merchant had disappeared, having bowed excessively, I sternly informed Arthur.

“What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and return to your room.”

“My apologies. Let’s go.”

“You have prepared today’s tea, haven’t you? I detest it if it’s anything but that.”

With this, I must have managed to appear somewhat like a capricious young lady.

It had been decided beforehand that if I were to speak in front of the merchant, becoming a lady who could demand products on a whim would prevent any suspicion.

On the way back to the girls’ dorm with Arthur on the lookout, I enter my room. As soon as the door closes, my legs begin to tremble belatedly.

“Are you alright, Alice! You had decided not to speak, didn’t you? You’re shaking so much. . .”

Arthur, who firmly supported me, explained the situation with the merchant to Rolf who was in the room.

Rolf was surprised and got angry on my behalf.

“Alice, that was reckless. . .! Just hearing about it makes me feel like my life has shortened. Please, take care of yourself.”

I couldn’t simply nod in agreement to Rolf’s plea.

“I understand that both of you are worried about me. I truly appreciate it. But, I didn’t want to run away from there.”

With Arthur’s arm supporting me, I stood on legs that had stopped trembling.

“I absolutely didn’t want to continue living in fear of that scoundrel like this. Arthur-sama would surely guide the conversation as he had decided, even without me speaking. But, hiding behind that, I didn’t want to feel safe without talking.”

Even after letting go of Arthur’s arm, my legs continued to support my body firmly.

“I was definitely trembling at that time. Suddenly appearing and speaking to me with a face that looked like it had never hurt a fly was scary. But what I’m feeling now. . . is anger.”

What was driving me was unmistakably anger.

In the past, when I was deceived by that merchant, I felt resignation. The feeling of “I knew it” filled my chest, and I came to dislike him just because he was a slim pretty man.

I prioritized taking care of my family, who blamed themselves for not noticing, more than myself.

But now, it’s different.

Twice, he have targeted me, made Thor practice killing for me, and now he’s aiming at Marina, a hardworking individual with no wrongdoing.

“I can never forgive him! Absolutely. . . absolutely!”

Every cell in my body is burning. Fine hairs standing on end, body temperature rising.

I will absolutely not forgive the one who left indelible scars on my family!

“This time, I’ll tear him apart!”

For some reason, both Arthur and Rolf’s hands, which were spread open, were gently lowered.

I refrained from touching the posture that seemed to be protecting their groin for some reason.

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