Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 85

𝐏𝐢𝐜𝐧𝐢𝐜 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐬

“Marina-sama is requested to act with Thor as much as possible. The days she returns from the lab alone will be decided as before holidays.”

The merchant were to approach Marina, it would likely be when there are few people around and when Marina is alone. And the chances of them coming are higher when it is darker rather than brighter.

Thor will basically escort her to the girls’ dormitory, but on the day before holidays, Marina will return alone. And everyone will secretly escort her.

I alone have nothing to do, but doing nothing is the best help.

Thor, sitting snugly next to her, smiled with puffy eyes.

“It’s because Nee-sama is here that everyone could cooperate like this. It’s because Nee-sama, who is with the knight, got along with Marina. The reason I was in Marina’s lab is also because I was developing something to give to Nee-sama. Thank you, Nee-sama.”

“But. . . I haven’t done anything.”

I really haven’t done anything.

I proposed to become a substitute so that Marina doesn’t have to experience that fear, but it was vehemently rejected.

Especially by Marina, she was very much against it.

“I will absolutely not let Tianne-sama do it! Absolutely not! After having been frightened once, to go through it again!”

“If it comes to that, I will become Nee-sama!”

“I’m sorry, Nee-sama was wrong.”

“Tianne-sama is taller than me, and no one can imitate the way I talk! It’s been targeted at me from the start, so please leave it to me!”

Indeed, Marina’s accent is not something easily imitated.

Marina can say ‘I do not understand’ with tense concentration, but apparently, the intonation is different.

It’s like when people from Kansai speak in honorifics, you can tell it’s Kansai dialect from the intonation, it’s similar to that.

Also, the phrase ends with ‘dasu.’

“If anything happens, I will definitely come to help. Always clutch the anti-crime magic tool.”


The transformation magic tool is also a precious item, so there is no spare.

The transformation magic tool is something that changes one’s appearance to a registered form. It seems it takes effort and time to undo once Marina’s appearance is registered.

If we are to disguise more conveniently, there are things like eye drops that change the color of the eyes.

What can’t be helped by that is the difference in facial level between me and Marina.

No matter how much highlighter is applied, it doesn’t change the height or shape of the nose, just a cruel reality that was presented.

“The merchant has only set his sights on Marina for now, but it’s thought that he will start searching in earnest from now on. The day after tomorrow is a holiday, so if he moves, it will be then. Everyone, do not neglect your vigilance.”

At Roa-sama’s voice, everyone nods.

And then, two days later.

On her way back to the girls’ dormitory alone, that merchant appeared. It was the most likely place he would approach her, as we had predicted.

It’s as expected, but still too soon. No matter how much he insists on being the successor, even if he has come to school with official documents, he must be anxious.

Roa-sama said that the documents are most likely forged. If we suspect him, send the document for appraisal and inquire with the merchant association, the lie would soon be revealed.

“Are you alright?”


Arthur asked softly.

As a precaution, we’re masquerading as a picnic. It’s an evening picnic in the bushes, but it is indeed a picnic.

I reseated myself on the spread and nodded.

“I had Alice confirm the sighting, and she assured me it was him. You may stay in your room now.”

“No. If I move now, the number of people involved will decrease.”

“But you’re shaking.”

“It’s anger. That merchant. . . no, it’s an insult to other merchants to call him that. I was worried I’d be trembling in fear at the sight of that scum, but it was an unfounded fear. I will definitely catch him.”

“Yes, that’s the spirit.”

Then, I’ll make him stagger and gasp in defeat!

Suddenly, Arthur narrowed his eyes and tensed his body.

“. . .Rene. Look at his neck.”

“Eh?. . . Is that?”

“Is something wrong?”

Marina and the scum are far away, so our conversation cannot be heard. From what I can observe, there is no unnatural attempt to get close to Marina.

“I’ll be going. Alice, don’t move from here.”

With agility and quickness, Rene ran off and in 10 seconds, the scum fell.

“. . .Could it be that Rene-sama did something?”

“Yes. Let’s go. If you don’t want to approach that, shall we wait here?”

“I’m going.”

I emerged from the bushes and approached the collapsed scum. Rene was stripping the scum of his clothes.

“Look, this. . . .It’s a collar of submission.”

Around the scum’s neck was something like a 3 cm choker, seemingly made of black metal, reflecting the faint light.

“Is this. . . a collar of submission?”

“Yes. Probably a modified one. Alice, don’t touch it.”

“Trying to remove it forcibly could be lethal. Let’s report to my lord and seek instructions. I’ll carry him to the infirmary, Rene, you go report to the other knights with Alice.”


“Let’s say something flew from behind and unfortunately hit his head, causing him to faint. Marina-sama went to call for help. That’s good, right?”


Marina nodded vigorously, attempting to lift the scum.

“I will carry him. Please return to the dormitory, Marina-sama.”

“But. . .”

“I have entrusted you with a dangerous role. Please, take the rest of the day off.”

“. . .Okay.”

After sending off a worried Marina, I decided to go with Rene to where Roa-sama and Edgardo were.

“. . .Actually, I was a little scared. Rene-sama, you hit him with something to knock him out, right? It was refreshing. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Rene-sama smiled kindly, then soon pursed his lips.

“This isn’t drawing the short straw but rather a stroke of luck.”

“Rene-sama sometimes says things I don’t understand.”

“Isn’t it okay to mutter to myself occasionally? I’ll beat him down so he can’t ever approach again. As long as we’re here, we won’t let him lay a finger on Alice!”

“Yes. I’m counting on you.”

Truly, I felt reassured from the bottom of my heart.

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