Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 79

𝐁𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟-𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬

“Alice might not want to hear this, and might even scorn it. But, I have to tell her.”

His overlapping hands gently pushed mine away, and Roa-sama took on a serious expression.

“I had. . . a fiancée.”

It felt like being hit squarely on the head without any restraint.

My vision swayed uncertainly. The sound entering my ears reverberated unpleasantly.

“A fiancée, you mean. . . that fiancée?”

“Yes, that fiancée. It’s a long story, but I have to explain from the beginning.”

No, I don’t want to hear it.

I don’t want to imagine Roa-sama whispering sweet nothings and smiling with someone else.

“She was ill. Threatened with the withholding of medicine and possibly the lives of her family if she didn’t become my fiancée. Even knowing this, she was going to decline the engagement. That’s when I knew, and I entered into the engagement with her.”

“. . .She sounds like a very noble person.”

“Yes. I initially accepted thinking it was a good deed, but later regretted it. What was I doing creating a vulnerability?”

. . .Doing a good deed, how like Roa-sama.

“We were engaged, but it couldn’t be said that we were on good terms. If I developed romantic feelings for her—no, even sympathy could be exploited. She was right; I had created a weakness for myself. However, I couldn’t leave her to die when she had chosen death. It may have seemed like we were cold to each other, but I thought of her as a comrade.”

A sense of relief washed over me at Roa-sama’s calm expression.

The lord knights who had accompanied him to the school seemed more like subordinates than friends. I was glad Roa-sama had a friend.

“There were movements to change the fiancée, but I stopped them. Eventually, I realized that she and my servant were in love with each other. That was the moment I knew what I had to do.”

Gripping our entwined hands firmly, Roa-sama spoke decisively.

“Once Dyson’s crimes are exposed, the engagement will be called off. I’ll arrange for her and my servant to get married. It’s not permissible for someone to become a sacrifice for someone else’s desires. Even if it sounds idealistic. . .if we don’t voice our ideals, what are we aiming for?”

Roa-sama, who had been looking down, suddenly looked up at me.

His serious face was a bit scary. It was as if I was being hit by an aura from which I couldn’t escape.

“And my happiness was not included in that. Because I didn’t wish for it. Including my own happiness increases the difficulty, but I’ve decided to keep struggling.”

“I think that’s good. You don’t want anyone to be sacrificed, right?”

Roa-sama nodded, his expression clouding.

“I received a message earlier. My fiancée has been declared missing.”

“What?! She’s not, not dead, is she?!”

“No, she’s alive. I know where she is, but officially, she’s missing. Eventually, the engagement will be called off. Her family, fearing Dyson, is planning to flee. Once the anti-king matter is resolved, something can be done. Even so, I’ve forced them to give up their long-standing family name for now. . .”

Roa-sama, likely a high-ranking noble, must value lineage. It seems he regrets making them abandon their house.


“Isn’t it your personal opinion that they made the best choice?”

“Is that so, I wonder. . .”

“If it were my family, we would never choose the Norchev house over someone’s life if it was at stake. Perhaps that’s a failing as nobility. . . As for their fiancé, it seems possible that they would die and the bloodline would end if they didn’t abandon their house. They may have just chosen what’s more important between the house and the family. If it’s a house that has valued its children, I think their ancestors wouldn’t have any complaints.”

After thinking for a while, Roa-sama showed what seemed like a faint smile.

“It’s a family that values each other above all else. They probably chose the lives of their family over the house. But still. . . the sin of forcing them to make that choice is great.”

“Then we have to catch Dyson quickly! If we do that, they can go back home without their lives being threatened, and they can reclaim their house! The fiancé could marry the person they love and aim for a happy ending!”

Roa-sama and I locked eyes, both of us looking surprised. After a moment, Roa-sama began to laugh as if amused.

“. . . . . .Heh, haha. Yes, that would be best!”

“You’ll try to make that happen, right? Because you are Roa-sama, the King of Effort.”

“Yes, I will try.”

Roa-sama’s hand reached out. His body, bigger than the one I’m familiar with, is larger than mine.

There was no fear or revulsion, only surprise as Roa-sama hugged me.

I was embraced by a body that was a straight line without curves, but with enough looseness for me to pull away if needed.

. . .It smells good. He smells better than I do. Why does such a good scent come from his sturdy chest. . .?

“Talking to Alice always makes me optimistic. Probably because Alice is always looking forward.”

“T, Thank you. . .?”

“Should I also strive to be happy?”

“I think that’s fine. . .?”

“Haha, why have you been speaking in questions?”

“Well, you smell so good, so. . .”

“It’s thanks to Chris, who takes care of my clothes.”

“Is that so. . .”

I’m barely responding, but nothing is really registering.

I spent a considerable amount of time being hugged until Chris came back. I don’t remember anything that happened after that.

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