Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 75

𝐈 𝐜𝐚𝐧’𝐭 𝐬𝐚𝐲 𝐢𝐭

I seem to have a high fever, and my lips are dry. I haven’t started sweating yet, so the fever might still rise.

Roa-sama entered the room and Chris adjusted the blanket for me.

“I apologize for entering a lady’s room.”

“No. . . I’m sorry you had to see me in this state.”

“You don’t look bad at all. I’d rather be sick myself than see Alice suffering like this.”

“Fufu. . . if that happened, it would cause quite the uproar, wouldn’t it?”

If Roa-sama fell ill, it would likely cause a lot of commotion.

“I’d like to call the doctor from the women’s dormitory, but it could easily reveal that I’m using transformation magic tools. I’ll wait a bit longer to see how you’re doing. Sorry for the inconvenience while you’re feverish.”

“I’ve had fevers like this before; I’ll be fine. It’s a bit shameful that I’m the one who got sick first after you brought me here.”

“I should have considered women’s lower physical strength. I had you work non-stop ever since you arrived here. . .”

My loosely tied hair is probably a mess, and my face is not worth looking at. I’d rather he didn’t look too closely, because he might catch the fever too.

Chris gave a slight nod when he saw me.

“Getting any closer could risk you catching the fever. Please prioritize your own well-being.”

“. . .I see.”

Roa-sama bit his lip tightly and took a few steps back.

Roa-sama, who has become quite gallant, looks good with such an expression as well.

“Is there anything you’d like? I can’t allow any outsiders in here, so no maids, but still. . .”

“I want to eat ice cream. Really good vanilla ice cream. And watermelon.”

Roa-sama’s eyes widened, and he sighed in relief.

“If you have an appetite, then it’s a good sign. It’s very like Alice to prioritize food first.”

“. . . . . .Do you think I’m a glutton?”

“I mean it in the sense that I’m glad you’re still yourself.”

“I don’t always think about food, you know. I have other concerns as well.”

Perhaps that’s why I caught a fever.

Roa-sama did not blame me even though I spoke with a sulking voice like a child, my head spinning aimlessly.

“Roa-sama, you’ve really become quite splendid.”

“That sounds almost regretful.”

Roa-sama grinned, showing his teeth. They’re as white as when we first met.

“You should rest. Someone will stay behind, so if you need anything, ring the bell. Don’t hesitate and make sure to call.”

I nodded at his motherly tone.

“I can’t assist you with changing clothes or bathing, my apologies. Those are the moments you’ll need help the most.”

“You’re a man, Chris. I can handle this level of fever on my own, so don’t worry.”

“I appreciate your consideration. I’ll be right back with ice cream and medication.”

The room feels much colder after the two of them left.

This is the first time I’ve fallen ill without my family around, and I can’t help but feel lonely.

I hate being sick. Unwanted memories come back to haunt me like nightmares.

“I’ve brought your ice cream and medication. Would you like to change clothes?”

“Thank you. I’ll change when I wake up.”

After eating the ice cream and taking the medicine that Chris brought, I fell asleep right away.



When I woke up next, it was before dawn. A faint white light characteristic of morning was seeping through the bottom of the curtains.

The medicine seemed to have worked; my fever had somewhat subsided. I probably only have a low-grade fever now.

I wiped my body with the prepared hot water and towel and changed my clothes. After refreshing myself by washing my face, I rang the bell.

I didn’t think anyone would be around at this hour, but a knock came immediately.

“Alice, it’s me, Rene. Are you awake? Can I come in?”

“Certainly, Rene-sama.”

Rene, looking concerned, seemed a little relieved upon seeing my face.

“Is it alright if I open the window?”

“For security reasons, it’s better not to open it. The room is ventilated all the time, so don’t worry about that. Alice, how are you feeling? Do you still have a fever?”

“I’ve improved a lot, and it’s only a low-grade fever now. I wasn’t sure whether to take more medicine, so I called you. I’m sorry for the inconvenience so early in the morning.”

“Alice, you’re the one who’s sick. Don’t worry about it, you’re allowed to be a bit needy! It’s time for your medicine, so I’ll bring it. What would you like to eat? Ice cream?”

Given permission to be a little selfish, I decided to indulge myself for once.

“. . .I’d like to have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, please. . .”

“Okay, leave it to me. Is solid food still hard for you?”

“Not really. . . ah, but I missed out on watermelon. I’d like some watermelon.”

“Ah, Chris bought some. Let’s start with the watermelon, then.”

The watermelon Rene brought was cut into bite-sized pieces. As I took a bite, the juicy freshness and gentle sweetness filled my mouth.

“I left it to Prep-kun, the one you told me about, Alice. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Even cut the watermelon in no time.”

“Prep-kun is really great!”

“And it even removed the seeds! Amazing, right? Maybe I should gift one to my sister.”

“I think she’ll be delighted!”

I was happy that Prep-kun was praised. While munching on watermelon together, Rene gave me a kind smile.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“. . . . . .I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Don’t worry about it. It was our mistake to think your stamina was the same as ours. We’re working you too hard. Everyone recognizes that you’re doing your best every day, so remember that.”

“. . .Yes.”

Rene’s words are always strong and give me joy.

“I’ve already scolded Edgardo, so don’t worry. You wouldn’t have, I know.”

My heart skipped a beat when Edgardo’s name came up. I don’t know how much Rene knows.

“I’ve heard about Edgardo confessing to you, Alice.”

“. . .I think I’m going to have a fever for the rest of my life. Definitely.”

“I’m sorry for asking without permission. It seemed like I was prying, so I couldn’t help but say it. Edgardo is just not the type for secrets or scheming. It doesn’t mean I ignored Alice.”

Rene continued as if to console me.

“It’s not good to speak without asking Alice, but I also think Edgardo is being swayed by love. He’s filled with his own feelings, and he can’t think deeply about Alice. It’s a sweet and cute love, isn’t it?”

“. . .You sound older than Edgardo-sama.”

“The only thing I can say to a weakened Alice is just one thing.”

Rene looked at me with a serious expression, gazing deeply into my eyes. Rene is always straightforward.


“If things get tough, come to my territory. It’s rural, but that gives you freedom. Nobody will say anything if Alice opens a shop. My sister also likes Alice, so she’ll help out. Remember, Alice herself said she might come to my territory if things get difficult, right?”

“. . .Yes.”

“Seriously, just keep it in mind as an option if things really get tough. As for me. . . I don’t think I can say anything to the current Alice.”

A fleeting smile from Rene was uncharacteristic.

“It’s time for your medicine after eating ice cream. Do you think you can sleep?”

“No. . . ah, please keep your distance. You might catch what I have. I’ll just read a book by myself.”

“Alright, I’ll bring you a random recipe book. If something happens, ring the bell immediately!”


I watch Rene leave, feeling comforted despite him being two years younger than me.

After the silence settles in, I take a bite of ice cream. Being sick with a fever is tough, but ice cream tastes exceptionally good at times like this.

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