Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 69

𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐫

Today is the day to bring the payment for the herb salt to Marina’s place. Although I could afford it with the money I have, everyone disapproved.

“I think it’s strange for Alice to pay for the seasoning used in everyone’s food alone.”

What Roa-sama said was quite reasonable. Since the money will come from our fugitive lifestyle fund, and we were told we could buy other things as well, my steps are light.

I am also looking forward to trying various other things that Marina seems to be making.

Arthur knocks on the room that Marina is renting at the school.

“Come in!”

A cheerful voice is heard, and the door opens energetically.

“Ah, welcome Tianne-sama! Please come in!”

Without mentioning the stumble in her speech, I enter. The room has a unique fragrance of mixed herbs and spices.

“Please have a seat! I’ll make tea right now! Now! Immediately!”

“Don’t rush and burn yourself.”


“Calm down!”


“Ojou-sama, I will take care of it.”

I’m honestly relieved that Chris offered. Marina’s hands are shaking, and I can constantly hear her exclaiming “Ah!” and “Ouch!”

“Go ahead.”


Prompted by Chris, Marina comes over looking downcast.

“I’m sorry, it’s because I’m clumsy. . .”

“It’s not that you’re clumsy. I had Chris do it so that I could talk with you. Waiting would be a waste of time.”

“I didn’t notice that! Haha~!”

I hurriedly stop Marina, who is trying to prostrate herself even though she’s sitting.

“Didn’t I just say that wasting time is pointless? Listen normally.”


“Your herb salt was delicious. I’ll buy it when it runs out, so keep that in mind.”


“Yes. I’d also like to purchase other things if you have them. I also came today with a request.”

I signal to Arthur, and he opens the box we brought.

The pleasant aroma of fried food wafts over, making Marina’s stomach growl.

“It’s fried chicken. I mixed your herb salt with some spices and flour and deep-fried it. It’s already quite good, but I think you could make something even better to go with it.”

It is fried chicken made from thigh meat, not meat around the bone. Although biting into the meat around the bone is delicious, I couldn’t do that this time.

“May I eat it?”

“Yes, of course. Give it a try.”

Everyone loved it and asked me to make it again. At this rate, dinner will turn into ramen and fried chicken.

Junk food is tasty, but Chris, who is in charge of everyone’s nutrition, looks frightening.

I convinced him by heaping lots of sautéed vegetables on top of the ramen, but if meals like this continue, Chris’s wrath may descend.

“Oh, delicious! So delicious!”


I tried various combinations while making it.

“Garlic and. . . a slight hint of ginger. . . bouillon?”

“Yes, I turned various things into powder and mixed them with flour.”

Prep-kun and Cooker-kun were involved.


“You have to do it manually, so I’ve brought various things ground into powder here. If you need anything else, just let me know. Whatever you make, feel free to sell it. Of course, I’ll take my share.”

“Is it. . . is it okay?! This can be sold! I don’t have the talent for selling, so I’ll consult with my sister, but still. . .!”

“It’s fine. Delicious is justice. Since I’m having you make what I want, it’s okay if you’re angry.”

“Angry?! No way! Thank you!”

With great enthusiasm, Marina lowers her head quickly, and her pigtails fly through the air.

“For the cosmetics, I’ll consult with someone who’s been looking out for me. That person has repeatedly said they want to make it for Onee-san and has come here many times.”

“I hope that yields results as well.”

“Yeah! Once it’s done, I’ll bring it to Tianne-sama!”

“. . .Can you cook?”

“I’ll have someone do it!”

She said it so confidently that no further questions were asked. Marina probably shouldn’t cook.

“Then, I’ll come again.”

“Yes, happily! We’ll be waiting!”

Nodding to the izakaya-like response, she decided to leave the room after purchasing new spices when a knock sounded.

Arthur steps in front of me. Chris steps forward and opens the door.

“Excuse me. May I go ahead?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

To Chris’s words, the one who courteously made way was, surprisingly, Thor.

My heart thumps unnaturally.

. . .Dangerous. It’s Thor.

Thor who will find me no matter where I am at a party.

I think I won’t be discovered if I don’t talk. Probably. I’m wearing a bodysuit now, so my movements should be different from usual.

“Ojou-sama, please.”

Chris checks both sides beyond the door, and Arthur stands between Thor and me.

. . .I want to believe it’s okay.

I walk out a bit awkwardly. Only looking forward, I head in the opposite direction from where Thor is.

Behind me, the sound of the door quietly closing is heard.

“Nee-sama, what are you doing?”

An eerily calm voice stops my legs.

It was the beginning of a slight horror.

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