Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 65

𝐒𝐨𝐲 𝐒𝐚𝐮𝐜𝐞 𝐑𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐧

The ramen that Cooker-kun made for dinner the next day turned out to look quite delicious. Cooker-kun faithfully follows registered recipes, but it seems you can also customize them to your liking, such as using less salt or making it sweeter.

Utilizing that feature, I had several types of soup made and blended them together.

Chris is.

“Generally speaking, I’ve got a good idea of how the flavor will turn out. Ojou-sama, please practice eating for the upcoming tea party.”

“Please make sure my boiled eggs are soft-boiled!”


Just by tasting and stating my preferred flavors, Chris swiftly prepared something delicious for me.

In the end, I just ended up giving directions with my fingertips. It’s very Tianne-like, so let’s be happy that I’ve become more like a noble lady.

“Ojou-sama, please taste it.”


The spoon offered to me was filled with steamy, delicious-looking soy sauce ramen broth. I took a sip without making a sound.

A variety of vegetables simmered in the soup, with the broth made from dried fish and kelp, and the fragrant aroma of charred green onions, all rounded off with refreshing soy sauce.


Chris started cooking after taking up crossdressing, but he seems to handle Cooker-kun better than I do. Roa-sama’s subordinates are all hard workers, it seems.

Toppings of chashu and boiled eggs were added to the ramen. Unlike the Fourth Knight Order, who don’t mind the smell of garlic, we are now all in positions where we interact with people as attendants.

“Chris, we’ll be interacting with people up close, won’t we? Is it really okay to put garlic in?”

“I’ve heard that Roa-sama likes it. I’ve prepared breath care products.”

“Well, then it should be fine!”

Without hesitation, garlic was added.

“Everyone, the ramen is ready! Can you bring it over?”

Chris was in a hurry, but while the two of us were carrying it, the noodles became soggy. Nothing tastes worse than overcooked ramen noodles.

Everyone excitedly came to grab their ramen and placed it on the table.

“Chris has also prepared seconds. This is extra garlic. Please consider adding lots of garlic. Let’s eat!”

“Alice, how should I eat this?”

Roa-sama asked in a puzzled manner, so under everyone’s attention, I decided to demonstrate eating it first. I’ll set aside noble-like gestures for now.

“This is not mandatory, but first, you savor the soup.”

Since there was no renge (a type of spoon often used for ramen), I used a spoon meant for soup to scoop the fragrant broth.

“Ah. . . delicious. . .”

Indeed, soy sauce is justice.

“Next, you slurp the noodles. If you don’t like the sound, place the noodles on the spoon and eat.”

I bring a single strand of noodle to my mouth using the spoon. It’s delicious, but ramen really should be slurped. Even if it’s considered poor manners by noble standards, to me, ramen is just that kind of food.


“That’s all. Everyone, please eat before the noodles get soggy.”

“Let’s dig in. . . .It smells delightful. So this is ramen.”

“Roa-sama, please be careful, it’s hot.”

“This ramen looks delicious! It’s much more normal-looking than when Alice suddenly served curry; that was surprising.”

“That time, Rene ate first in my stead. I was quite hesitant.”

“It’s understandable that Arthur-sama would feel that way. I also needed courage to take the first bite.”

“If I had eaten it, Edgardo would’ve eaten right after, right? I was surprised, but it was tasty. Will you make curry again?”

“If it’s a request from Rolf-sama, I’d be delighted to say yes. However, we’re out of curry powder and short on spices in the Fourth Knight Order’s fridge, so it’ll have to wait.”

“Ojou-sama, you can also make something like curry, huh.”

While chatting, everyone sips the soup.

Happy voices say it’s delicious, and I lock eyes with Chris and we share a relieved smile.

Later on, everyone was surprised at how I slurped my noodles using the awkward fork, but since it was cumbersome to lay each noodle on a spoon, everyone started slurping with forks too.

Everyone except me had seconds. Edgardo had even more, apparently a clean hit. The growth spurt really is something.

On the third day of going to school, I’m starting to get used to it. I’ve gotten quite close to Caroline, and it seems like she would forgive me even if I mess up in the tea party tomorrow.

Today, Arthur, Edgardo, and Roa-sama escorted me as classes ended.

School is incredibly boring, and it’s hard to stay awake. The history lessons just repeat what I studied at home, without touching on the subtle balances between nobles.

In classes like manners, dance, and embroidery, Tianne from another country doesn’t want to participate and mostly just watches. It raises the question of what Tianne is doing at this school, but that seems to be how a noble’s school is.

While walking down the corridor to return to the girls’ dormitory, Edgardo swiftly moves ahead.

“Ojou-sama, please wait here.”

Arthur gently nudges my arm, prompting me to stop.

“Ouch! Ahhh, my herbs fell! I have to gather them, oh, I’m so sorry!”

In front of me, a girl has tripped, scattering her belongings. She seems like quite a character.

“You, pick that up for her.”


Edgardo kneels and picks up the scattered herbs and papers from the carpet.

“Thank you so much!”

The girl who made a loud bow while holding her herbs wears thick bottle-bottom glasses. They’re framed in black and the lenses are so thick it’s hard to see her eyes.

Her hair is a cute shade of pink and is done up in long braids on either side of her ears. Because of the bottle-bottom glasses and the braids, she looks a bit plain. But her facial features actually seem cute.

“Be more careful.”

“Thank you so much! If you’d like, I can make some of my special herbal tea for you. How about it?”

“Herbal tea?”

“I’m researching herbs! Well, it’s not just herbs but also spices for flavoring food, with the aim of becoming healthy. . . Ah, I’m sorry! My language isn’t appropriate, I’ll correct it immediately!”


To be honest, I’m really curious. I want to hear the story. I also want to drink some herbal tea.

I steal a quick glance at Roa-sama. If he says it’s not okay, I’ll graciously give up.

“. . .A little bit is fine.”

Roa-sama’s eyes sway, filled with affection, as if to say, “Oh, fine then.” His slightly suppressed smile makes him look even more attractive.

I’m still not used to being spoken to so formally by Roa-sama with his low voice. While feeling my ears tingle, I gave her a defiant look.

“Let me try this herbal tea of yours.”


Despite my haughty words, this child who lifted her face with a smile must be a good kid. Sorry for acting so high and mighty!

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