Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 54


“Welcome back!”

I greeted them with a smile, but the people who returned were three complete strangers.

Each of them is incredibly handsome, but their good looks make me cautious.

“Wh. . . who are you?!”

I don’t have anything that could be used as a weapon. Despite scanning the area desperately, there’s nothing within reach.

“Calm down. It’s me, Roa.”

Despite what he says, he still looks like a stranger to me.

Arthur stands up and smiles reassuringly.

“Miss Norchev, don’t worry. We’re just using magical transformation items.”

Finally, calming down a bit and looking around, I see that Arthur isn’t on guard.

The person behind who seems to be Roa-sama takes off a necklace, and the unknown face slowly fades away into the scenery.

It turns out to be Rene and Edgardo.

“I’m back, Alice. You’re awake now.”

“Rene-sama. . .Welcome back.”

“I’ve just returned. You look better, which is a relief.”

“Welcome back, Edgardo-sama. I’ve had a good rest.”

Roa-sama alone stands still, looking intently at me.

“Welcome back, Roa-sama. Is something the matter?”

“Do you know that you can only use one magical transformation item at a time?”

“Eh? Yes, using more than one would make the appearance distorted, right?”

It should look like a mishmash of totally different portraits, like a haphazard puzzle.

I heard you can tell right away because the outline shimmers like a mirage.

“That’s correct. So now, I’m going to show Miss Norchev my true form.”

“Ah, I see. . . You were using it when you were in the knight’s order, and when you escaped, weren’t you?”

“Yes. . . The color may be slightly different, but this is the real me.”

Roa-sama, resolute, takes off his necklace. Gradually, the real Roa-sama appears.

With silver hair loosely swept back. . . and green eyes.

His physique, which has grown since the time we escaped, remains the same. His face, once soft, has turned gallant and is now significantly handsome.

A perfectly straight nose, refreshing eyes, and lips that are neither too thin nor too thick. Even the eyebrows are gallant.

“Miss Norchev. . . may I ask why you look disappointed?”

“Because you’ve turned into a handsome guy. . .”

“Is that a problem?”


“I see. . .”

With that, the conversation comes to a halt.

When I look at Roa-sama’s beautiful silver hair, I can’t help but think of the royal prince. He’s the only silver-haired high-ranking nobleman of the opposite sex I’ve encountered recently.

If Roa-sama turns out to be the royal prince, everything would make sense. But I can’t be certain that Roa-sama is the royal prince.

When we spoke at the party, we were several meters apart, and he was backlit. I couldn’t see his face clearly, but I remember silver hair and royal blue eyes.

Roa-sama’s eyes are green now. There are many nobles with silver hair, so I can’t declare that he’s the royal prince based solely on that.

“I’m sorry for not recognizing who you are, Roa-sama. . .”


The next one I can think of is Alois. He should have been the eldest son of the Duke’s family and the leader of the royalist faction. According to friends, his emerald-colored eyes are captivating and charming.

I feel that Alois has a higher chance than the younger prince. Could it be possible that the younger prince would flee with such a small group?

“No, it’s fine. It might be better if Miss Norchev remains unaware.”

Roa-sama’s voice was visibly relieved.

“This is a set of magical tools. Those who wear them will see their true form, while others will see a different one. Let’s give one to Miss Norchev as well.”

I receive the necklace. It has a hexagonal gem that shines in rainbow colors.

. . .It’s the core of a magical tool. I must be extremely careful not to break it. It’s beyond any compensation.

“I will continue to use Roa’s name. Please refer to Miss Norchev as ‘Ojou-sama.’ Miss Norchev, please refrain from using everyone’s names outside. It’s common for a young lady not to address her servants by name.”

“Y, Yes.”

“Rolf will be here soon. . . Ah, he’s here.”

The door is knocked, and Roa-sama quickly puts on the magical tools. Prompted by her, I also put on the transformation magical tool. Instantly, everyone around me turns into familiar faces, and I feel relieved.

Arthur opens the door, and Rolf and Miss Maid return. The door is quickly closed, and it feels like a barrier between the outside and the room.

Miss Maid bows slightly and begins to speak.

“Indeed, for now, it seems the school is safe.”

“I see. . . Let’s stay hidden here and wait for the right moment! We must obtain evidence of Count Dyson’s intentions by any means!”

Everyone agrees with Roa-sama’s strong voice and nods with determination.

I keep a straight face, hiding the fact that I’m a bit behind and can’t keep up.

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