Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 44

𝐅𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐅𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐥 ~ 𝐒𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐧 ~

After parting ways with Arthur, I headed to the buffet corner and bumped into Edgardo. It seems like he expected me to be here. And indeed, I am!

“I’m glad to see you, Miss Alice. You look stunning.”

“Thank you. You look wonderful too, Edgardo-sama.”

The formal attire made of glossy black fabric suits Edgardo’s black hair well. Although it could easily look like mourning clothes if done poorly, the attention to detail and the added color accents make it look refreshingly elegant instead of heavy.

“Miss Alice, would you dance with me?”

Hesitating at his outstretched hand. I’ve heard that Edgardo’s family is strict and that there are prescribed behaviors. Edgardo should already have a predetermined dance partner.

“Won’t you get in trouble?”

“It’s fine. The person I want to dance with is you, Miss Alice. Would you please take my hand?”

“I’ve only danced at my debutante ball, so I’m probably worse than you’re imagining.”

“That’s okay. In fact, I had a big fight with my family for the first time.”

While pondering whether or not to ask for details, the music ends. Unable to withstand Edgardo’s pleading look and the gaze of the surrounding people, I placed my hand on his.

As people switched partners, we took a less noticeable position and the next song began. A slow tune, suitable for beginners, started playing.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I’ll lead. . . .Yes, just let go.”

I always wonder why noble dances require such close bodily contact. I could easily feel Edgardo’s well-trained body. Even though his height is intimidating, when it’s Edgardo, it doesn’t seem that way.

“I’m fortunate to dance with Miss Alice.”

“T, Thank you.”

“Your blushing face is adorable, too.”

What’s going on today?!

I heard Edgardo’s stifled laughter from above me and thought about lightly stepping on his foot, but it seemed he sensed it and turned me around.

“Thanks to my grandfather, the House of Valka has ascended in rank. My father started emulating him, comparing himself to an excellent man. What to eat, wear, how to study and behave. . . He became even more obstinate whenever Grandfather advised him and enforced the same onto me.”

Pulled closer by the waist, I executed a soft turn. Edgardo’s chest is right before my eyes, and I don’t know where to look.

“People in the house think it’s strange too. But nobody can oppose the head of the family, my father.”

Edgardo’s face slightly sank, then he smiled.

“After joining the Knights, I found that there are people other than Rolf who support me. They are not employed by my father, so they won’t get fired for opposing him. Although they don’t speak out because it’s a family matter, you can’t imagine how relieved I was.”

Bending down, Edgardo’s mouth approached my ear.

“It started with you, Miss Alice. Thank you.”

“Y, You’re welcome.”

“Haha, you’re cute when you’re red.”

“Don’t tease me!”

“I’m not teasing. It’s the truth.”

“That’s what you call teasing!”


Something seems off about Edgardo today.

As if to stifle any objections, he gently pulls me into an embrace. While I manage to hide my blushing face, his closeness leaves me unsure of where to look or how to angle my face. Come to think of it, when watching dances from a distance, the partners seemed to be looking at each other.

When I try to look up at tall Edgardo’s face, I have to tilt my head way back. Is that okay? I’ve never seen a lady look straight up during a dance. . .

While pondering, the song ends and we both bow, concluding our dance. He escorts me away from the dance floor.

Edgardo smiles wistfully.

“That dress was a gift from someone, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. I chose the dress, though.”

“I didn’t know. . . I was worried, so.”

I feel a surge of strength in the hand escorting me. It’s a soft grip, yet strong enough to ensure I can’t escape.

“In the end, I arrived at the same conclusion. I’ll do everything in my power to do my best. Be it for my lord, the state of the royal castle, or for Miss Alice. My lord has given me permission for that. He even said, ‘Let’s fight this squarely.'”

“That’s good to hear.”

Even though I have no idea about the situation, seeing Edgardo’s cheerful face makes me happy, so I say it with all my heart. Edgardo smiles like a child.

“I’ll work hard to be chosen by Miss Alice.”

Before I can ponder what that means, I spot a demon behind Edgardo.

“Edgardo-sama, run! A siscon is coming!”

“Huh? Whoa!”

Thor, with a demonic expression, comes dragging his friends who are trying to stop him.

“Edgardo-sama, hurry!”

“But, I can’t just leave Miss Alice!”

“Your presence here will only make things worse! I can’t handle this alone!”

“But, but. . .”

“We don’t have time to waste! Edgardo-sama, hurry!”

“Darn it. . . Miss Alice, I’m sorry!”

It’s only after Edgardo’s presence vanishes that Thor arrives. His lips are bleeding from biting them too hard.

“Miss Norchev, please do something! Thor is. . .”

“Yes, thank you everyone. Thor, calm down.”

“Nee-sama, dance. That guy, get rid of him.”

It took 30 minutes to calm Thor down afterward. I can’t thank Thor’s friends enough who were desperately holding him back. Please, I hope they don’t stop being friends with him. I really hope they don’t. I’ll send a letter and a special gift box of sweets next time.

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