Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 38


“Good job everyone for this week. Tonight’s special treat before the holiday is parfait!”

Ever since I found out that mom’s illness might be curable, I’ve been in a good mood all week. When I clapped my hands by myself, all the lord knights except Edgardo tilted their heads in confusion. They’re all eating sweets that are like works of art, so it seems they’re unfamiliar with parfait.

“I can’t make it as professionally as it’s served in cafes or patisseries, but I’ll use ice cream, whipped cream, and fruits. I’ll also add toppings according to everyone’s preference.”

I asked the cooker-kun to prepare various flavors of ice cream and sorbet, and there’s plenty of fresh, juicy fruits. Given that this is a knight’s order composed entirely of nobles, all the fruits are high in sugar content and without any blemishes.

“Cooker-kun has also made warm coffee and tea, so feel free to help yourselves. Who would like to go first?”

As I asked, I knew that Arthur would undoubtedly come up. As expected, Arthur stepped forward and scrutinized the ingredients laid out on the counter.

“I’ll put it in a smaller glass so you can have seconds.”

“Vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, and fruits like strawberries, berries, and peaches. . .I’d also like cherries.”


Using an ice cream scooper, I create perfectly round scoops of ice cream. I artfully place fruits between the layers of ice cream, then top it off with whipped cream and more fruits. Finally, I add a star-shaped cookie with “Arthur.” written on it to complete the dish.

I have a feeling I’ll be relying solely on Cooker-kun for desserts in the future. It made this cookie too, after all. I’m not breaking any contract by doing so, at least, I don’t think I am. I was just told to use it as little as possible, not to never use it. Yup, I’ll only use it for desserts, not meals.

While pondering my excuses, I make a parfait for Edgardo with heaps of whipped cream, melon, and peach. For Rolf, it’s centered around sour-sweet flavors with lemon sorbet and plum, and Shine Muscat. Rene gets a luxurious all-mango parfait. Varnier, the sweet-toothed muscle knight, shyly orders a chocolate-heavy parfait, making me feel all warm inside.

Each parfait has a cookie with their name on it as a decoration. Just as I’m feeling relieved that they’re a hit, Roa-sama walks in, looking a bit surprised to see everyone.

“I’ve made a customized parfait for everyone today. Roa-sama, I’ll prepare your meal ahead of time.”

“Thank you. It’s quite crowded today.”

Roa-sama, who usually dines alone quietly, might find this situation uncomfortable. Though Roa-sama’s regular seat is empty, it’s flanked by lord knights on either side.

Upon seeing Roa-sama, Arthur nods slightly and quickly stands up.

“Miss Norchev, may I have a second serving? Please make it with peach sorbet, a generous amount of whipped cream, and top it with peaches and melon.”

“Sure, here you go.”

“Are there no more cookies?”

“It’s one per person; they’re limited items.”

“That’s a shame. Could you prepare about three cookies for next time? I really love ice cream.”


As I watch Arthur stride away, Roa-sama smiles as if saying ‘it can’t be helped.’

“Let’s eat dinner and enjoy the parfaits. Everyone seems so engrossed; they must be delicious.”


Arthur and Edgardo had second helpings of parfait twice, but by the time Roa-sama had finished eating, they had already left the dining hall. Roa-sama was enjoying the parfait while sipping hot black coffee in the usual relaxed space for just the two of them.

“Having a parfait all to oneself is truly special and delightful. I would like you to make it again.”

Roa-sama finished eating the last remaining cookie and put the glass down to be washed. After checking to ensure nothing was forgotten or left undone, today’s work was completed. Just as I was about to turn off the lights, Roa-sama was standing right behind me. I was startled and jumped a little.

“Miss Norchev, I would like you to read this.”

What was handed over was a plain white envelope. I turned it over and looked at the back, freezing at the sight of the blue wax seal. The color of the royal family. The sender is. . .

“Linus Royalcrow. . .the royal prince?! Why has he sent a letter to me?”

“I heard that a letter arrived from the Norchev family recently. I know the royal prince and he asked me to deliver it to Miss Norchev. Your dad and brother are in public places and can’t deliver it, while on the contrary, there are too few people going in and out of the Norchev house, making it too conspicuous. He felt it would be unfair to reply only to Miss Norchev.”

Dad is in the royal palace, and Thor is at school. Considering the situation of the royal prince, he probably secretly sent the letter through Roa-sama to avoid as much contact with the Norchev family as possible.

“Miss Norchev, are you aware of the royal prince’s situation?”

“Yes, a little.”

“I would like you to inform me of the content of the reply when you find the opportunity. It must not be disclosed to anyone outside of your family.”


Encouraged by Roa-sama, I read the letter. The white stationery was sprinkled with shiny gold foil like stars, making it very beautiful.

The letter began with a greeting that was unexpectedly polite, considering it was addressed to a lower-ranking noble. It expressed gratitude and pride for his own actions as mentioned in the letter from the Norchev family, but also conveyed concern that his support might have negative consequences. He asked to keep the reply confidential and to feign ignorance and escape if anything suspicious happens.

Finally, there was a passage written for me in slightly larger but beautiful letters. Translated directly, it said something like: “Each and every word from you has become a comforting pillar for me. I hope we can meet someday.”

“Roa-sama, just to make sure, this is not a challenge letter, is it?”


“Is the royal prince aware that I still hold a flower in the royal colors? I’ve been just looking at it and reminiscing about happier days; I haven’t misused it!”

“T, That’s not it. The royal prince thinks it’s fine for Miss Norchev to have the flower. It’s purely a letter of gratitude!”

“Then why does it say he wants to meet me? Does he want to eat curry or something?”

“That’s. . .a feeling only he himself would know. You should ask him the next time you meet.”

“Meeting the royal prince directly is unlikely. But. . .if I ever do get the chance, I would like to thank him profusely. I am truly, truly happy that my mom’s illness might be cured.”

“If the royal prince hears that, he’ll probably be even more inspired.”


I sometimes laugh at Roa-sama’s jokes that come out of nowhere. Roa-sama slightly narrows his eyes filled with gentle affection. His well-shaped lips form a smile.

My heart flutters, and I quickly look down. I see, so this is the drawback of getting used to handsome men. This is not the pounding of fear or cold sweat, but the pounding for a desirable opposite sex. I find myself somewhat impressed that I still have such feelings. If I’m not scared even when looking at a handsome man, I should be fine in customer service.

“Recently, many good things have been happening. Roa-sama, thank you.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

“There have been many challenges I could overcome because Roa-sama was by my side.”

“Actually, I feel the same. I’m glad Miss Norchev is by my side.”

Unsure of how to reply, I silently fold the letter neatly. I’ll carefully seal this along with the blue flower. And, if the time comes, I’ll burn it.

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