Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 31

𝐈𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠

I don’t know if the pork cutlet trend is over, or if there’s been a halt to using only pork, but I’m finally free from pork loin. I love pork, but I miss fish.

Shrimp with mayo, oyster and mushroom gratin with lots of cheese, octopus and lettuce sautéed in garlic, beef stewed in wine, and ratatouille loaded with vegetables.

The lord knights seemed a bit dissatisfied since there was only one meat dish. But I’m using the designated ingredients, so they should take their complaints up with the higher-ups.

While I was tidying up with just a click, a lord knight with a slightly stylish bowl cut approached me.

This lord knight is strict with those of lower status and apparently was harsh with Rene. He didn’t talk to me more than necessary, but that changed when he got hooked on mayonnaise.

Whenever he wanted mayonnaise, I made it or adjusted it to his liking, and his attitude softened. It seems he became kinder to Rene as well.

Rene quietly asked if I had added anything illegal to the mayonnaise. A reasonable question, given the change.

“The shrimp with mayo is delicious, but isn’t there too little mayonnaise?”

“No extra mayonnaise today.”


“We’re off tomorrow, right? I plan to make things everyone likes that go well with alcohol for tonight’s dinner.”

The eyes of the nearly finished dining lord knights shimmer. It seems like a good time to start cooking.

I ask prep-kun to wash and cut the potatoes. There are two types: crescent-shaped with skin and long, slender ones. While they’re frying, I take out the marinated chicken and coat it in a mix of cornstarch and flour. I always use a lot of cornstarch because I like it crispy.

Once the french fries are done, next is fried chicken. I place the freshly fried potatoes and chicken in a tray and line up a lot of lidded cocottes.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea of everyone’s preferences. Curry powder, tartar sauce, pepper, salsa, mayonnaise, lemon, and even chili powder! I’ve made plenty of each, so take as much as you want. The container filled with lots of mayonnaise is over here. Please go ahead.”

“Hmm, well done! So, there’s also lemon and chili powder. Hehe, even tartar sauce.”

“I’m also making sweets. Freshly made donuts.”

I take out the dough I made in the kitchen appliance, and all that’s left is to cut the shapes. I want to do the cutting myself.

“Lord knights, would you like to cut the shapes. . .Oh right, men can’t do this. It’s quite fun, you know.”

“. . .May I do it?”

The one who raised his hand was Edgardo. His face was tense, his hands slightly trembling. Unbelievable and bewildered faces were turned toward Edgardo.

Without taking my eyes off, I check Rolf’s reaction; he widens his eyes and shakes his head slightly. Even among commoners, it’s rare for men to cook, let alone among nobles, where it’s considered heretical.

“Thank you. I plan to let everyone add their favorite toppings to the donuts, so could you ask the lord knights what they would like? I’ve prepared icing, chocolate, and whipped cream.”

Edgardo, who had volunteered himself, started to look somewhat relieved as he began asking around.

Meanwhile, I put the dough for the donuts I’d planned to fry myself into the kitchen appliance. When Edgardo finished asking and saw the remaining dough, he offered to help. But first, I have to finish making the donuts.


“It seems they want nuts and custard cream.”

“I’ll make it right away.”

In the midst of the bustling atmosphere, Edgardo, who seems to have nowhere to place his growing large body, mutters softly.

“I’ll be making freshly fried doughnuts tonight. Please come by later.”

Edgardo’s face immediately lights up with a nod. He looks his age when he does this, belying his initial reticent impression.

That night, after Roa-sama finished his meal, Edgardo arrived. Making sure no one was in the dining room, he quietly walked in.

“I’m sorry about dinner time. I was spinning my wheels. . .Rolf got angry at me. He told me to take things step by step.”

“I’m fine. I’m just worried about you, Edgardo-sama.”

“Rolf covered for me well.”

Lowering Edgardo, who follows like a chick in the kitchen, I fry the doughnuts. I put icing on the freshly fried doughnuts, and half of them I coat with chocolate. Piles of whipped cream, custard cream, and nuts are heaped onto the same plate as the doughnuts.

“Sorry for the wait. Please go ahead.”

“Thank you. . .It’s delicious.”

Edgardo’s cheeks relax as he stuffs his mouth with a chocolate doughnut generously topped with whipped cream. Even though I made five large ones, they’ve disappeared.

“I have a request, Miss Alice. Would you go out with me tomorrow on the day off?”

“Sure, which shop will we go to?”

“To a cake shop. Just the two of us.”

“Then, I won’t wear my uniform.”

I’ve been warned by Rene.

Edgardo lifts his face with momentum and nods several times.

“I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow morning!”

“I’ll be waiting.”

After feasting on doughnuts following a hearty dinner, Edgardo, bending his tall stature, smiled. His face looked somewhat strained.

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