Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 28

𝐏𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐜𝐮𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐦

The pork cutlet craze has arrived.

When I tried serving homemade tartar sauce, it was well-received. The lord knights said they’d like to eat it with fried food.

While contemplating what to fry, Roa-sama requested pork cutlet, mentioning that the Katsu Curry he had eaten before was delicious. When I made it, the lord knights were hooked.

Of course, there are similar dishes in this world as well.

The nobles usually eat meat that is much thinner and typically pour a lot of tomato sauce with cheese on top. Beef is often used. The meat is about half as thick as pork cutlet.

In contrast, pork cutlets are very thick and made from pork loin. It seems the lord knights, who are like high school boys coming back from club activities, preferred it over the noble dinner.

They seem to like hearty meals full of meat and carbs more than fine dining courses that come out little by little, requiring them to mind their manners.

I told them I couldn’t serve pork cutlet every day since I have to stick to specified ingredients. From the next day, the ingredients turned into chunks of pork loin.

I did think someone pulled some strings, but I decided not to delve too deeply into it.

“Welcome back. Thank you for your hard work today. The pork cutlet is ready.”

As usual, I greeted Arthur, who always leads the way. Despite looking a bit worn out, he smiled warmly. Arthur’s smile never changes; he must have been raised in a strict noble upbringing.

“Thank you. I’m happy to have pork cutlet again today.”

Arthur, with his princely manners, picked up two large pieces of pork cutlet. Then Edgardo followed, and Rolf also took some.

I made other dishes like cauliflower and edamame milk soup, honey-marinated cherry tomatoes, and warm vegetable salad with plenty of homemade mayonnaise, but they were all overshadowed by the pork cutlet.

I made less of the other dishes, anticipating this, but if it’s pork cutlet, then it can’t be helped. When it comes to pork cutlet, I also prefer to eat it with just shredded cabbage.

While I was frying pork cutlet and the lord knights were helping themselves to seconds, the dining hall got noisy. When I peeked in, the lord knights seemed to be having a discussion.

“I only said that tartar sauce is the best with pork cutlet.”

“No, Tabasco is the best!”

Tabasco on pork cutlet?

“Isn’t salsa sauce supreme?”

“Don’t forget about Worcestershire sauce!”

The lord knights, who belongs to the dog-loving category, is energetically raising their hand.

The lord knights from the dog-loving category, whose name is Shiro WanKo, surprisingly has the same name as their actual breed. Having the name “White Dog” is easy to remember, but it’s crucial not to accidentally call them that. It’s a matter of honor.

Normally, they have designated seats and leave shortly after finishing their meal, enjoying post-meal tea and conversation. However, it seems different today.

I understand the desire to discuss their favorite flavors. Noble cuisine is already determined in terms of taste as soon as it’s served, with the message being “Try it with this sauce, the result of countless trials by the chef!” conveyed in a single dish.

Of course, it’s very delicious, but it seems that what fascinated the lord knights was having numerous seasonings and sauces to customize their meal according to their preferences.

Watching them enthusiastically discuss their favorite way of eating, it seems that the pork cutlet trend will continue for a while. Personally, I think it’s time for some fish.

“Good evening, Miss Norchev. What’s this?”

“Welcome back, Roa-sama.”

Roa, who usually comes to a quiet dining hall after everyone has left, entered looking surprised.


“Everyone is discussing what goes best with pork cutlet.”

“Sweet sauce is probably the best.”

“I agree.”

The lord knights, who had been silent until now, joins in, saying, “It’s delicious with lemon and salt!” “Tartar sauce with Tabasco!” “Mayonnaise! Anything becomes delicious if you put mayonnaise on it!” The discussion heats up.

I serve fresh pork cutlet to Roa-sama and begin cleaning up, which is as simple as putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and pressing a button.

Edgardo prefers sweet sauce and tartar sauce, Rolf likes spicy sauce with Tabasco, and Rene argues for curry powder or salsa sauce. Before I know it, the clean-up is done.

Magic is really too convenient. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being unparalleled using my past life memories, but this world is overwhelmingly more convenient than my previous one.

As I stick my head out of the kitchen to ask Roa-sama if he would like seconds, my eyes meet with Shiro’s.

“What about you, Miss Norchev? What do you think?”

All eyes from the lord knights turn to me at once, causing me to tense up.

“We’re curious to know how Miss Norchev, who made this wonderful pork cutlet, likes to eat it!”

“No, I don’t have any particular way of eating it.”

“Miss Norchev, if you don’t mind, please share. We need a conclusion.”

“Dahlia-sama. . .”

Arthur’s smile has disappeared.

It’s a serious atmosphere, but it’s just about pork cutlet.

“What I can say is, the way to eat is up to each individual. . .there’s no right or wrong. Just eat it the way you find most delicious.”

“Miss Norchev. . .That’s true. So, how do you eat it?”

He didn’t let me dodge the question.

“It’s a long story. I don’t want to take up the lord knights’ time. . .”

“It’s alright. The late-night snack is ready.”

We just finished eating, why is there a late-night snack?

I thought Arthur was prince-like, but he might be a bit strange. Well, everyone has their quirks. Putting aside the matter of Arthur’s stomach, I decided to brace myself.

“Alright. Everyone, this will take some time, so feel free to leave midway.”

Being the center of attention in a room full of handsome men is still scary. But I have allies.

Roa-sama, who gives me a kind smile, Edgardo and Rolf, who look concerned, and Rene, who’s cautiously observing the surroundings.

And most importantly, Prep-kun who has been by my side since the first day of work. As long as it’s there, even a mountain of pork cutlet isn’t scary.


First and foremost, I have to talk about the main dish: pork cutlet and rice! White rice! This is non-negotiable for me. Alongside the white rice, the quietly accompanying pickles. Whether it’s lightly pickled, nukazuke, umeboshi, or tsukudani, there are too many to count. All of them are perfect with white rice, true rice thieves! If you’re aiming to please everyone, daikon and cucumber pickles are the way to go. But for me, I want pickled Chinese cabbage! Why? Because it’s my favorite type of pickle! I eat it as it is for a palate cleanser and roll it up in rice with a bit of soy sauce. . .Ah, why isn’t there any pickled Chinese cabbage here? Yes, it may not go well with bread, but I’ll have Prep-kun help me make some next time. Prep-kun is the best. As long as Prep-kun is around, everything will be fine!

Ah, I digressed. After talking about rice and pickles, what’s next on the list of essentials? You all know, right? Yes, it’s miso soup! Whether it’s white miso, red miso, or even sake lees soup, there are various options, but I prefer mixed miso. Then, the ingredients for the miso soup. What a tricky subject. . .Of course, everyone has their preferences. From classic options like tofu, green onions, and fried tofu, to unconventional choices like lettuce and bacon. As for vegetables, the possibilities are endless. I too should assert my preferences within that framework. But, even knowing it’s cheating, I have to say: I want pork soup!

For me, taro, burdock, and onions are essential in pork soup! Adding colors and sweetness are carrots, and fried tofu is also important. Daikon, konnyaku, leafy vegetables; the more you add, the tastier it gets. I want to garnish it with lots of chopped green onions and eat it! I want pork soup!

Even such a delicious and stand-alone dish like pork soup fades away in front of pork cutlet. . .pork cutlet comes in fillet and loin cuts, but I am all for the loin to enjoy the fat!

The crucial first bite of pork cutlet, where do you start? I am a sweet pork cutlet sauce person. I start with the smallest piece on the end, enjoying it solely with pork cutlet sauce. The sweet fat and crunchy texture get my stomach engine running. The second bite is. . .a dilemma. It depends on how many pieces are left, but it’s always a dilemma.

While contemplating, my answer is set. Grated radish with ponzu! Ah, I want to enjoy the texture of the fried batter, so I don’t apply the sauce directly to it. I pour the grated radish and ponzu on the side without the batter and take a big bite. The contrasting tartness refreshes the pork cutlet, revealing a new side to it. Here, I take a breather with some pork soup, enjoy some pickles, and eat shredded cabbage.

Nowadays, there are various types of dressings. Trying new ones is fun, but I always go for carrot dressing! I generously pour it on and eat as much cabbage as I want. Why is shredded cabbage so delicious when eaten with pork cutlet? Sometimes, I finish eating the cabbage and go for seconds. But I can’t just keep eating cabbage. On to the next piece!

In the past, this would have been a sauce festival, but now, I go for soy sauce with mustard! This is where I first unleash the mustard and enjoy its straightforward, tingling spiciness. The anticipation for the next piece keeps increasing!

From here, it’s showtime, in a way. I mix ground sesame seeds into the sweet pork cutlet sauce and add a bit of mustard. I eat this with rice! In between, there’s cabbage, pork soup, and pickles! If possible, second servings of cabbage! Rice! pork cutlet!

. . .It’s sad, but delicious moments pass by quickly. Although I’m tempted by dessert, I want to end with just pork cutlet. I sip hot tea and bask in the afterglow. . .and that’s it.

Silence envelops the room. Even though they insisted on knowing how I eat pork cutlet, all I get is silence after I’ve said my piece.

I smile warmly at Arthur.


“How does Dahlia-sama prefer to eat?”

It was the first time I saw Arthur falter. It was only for a moment before he resumed his usual smile and gracefully bowed his head.

“I found Miss Norchev’s enthusiasm quite instructive. Next time, I’ll try eating the way Miss Norchev does.”

“Is that so? Then, how does the current Dahlia-sama like to eat?”

I haven’t forgotten how you ignored my repeated refusals and forced your way.

In the silence, Arthur and I battled with smiles. In the end, it was Arthur who gave in.

“. . .I like a mixture of mayonnaise, lemon, and mustard.”

“It’s delicious, isn’t it! I also recommend adding mustard. Even so.”

Hmmm, I furrowed my brows.

“I made various sauces with development in mind, but maybe it’s better not to make them if it leads to arguments? I put in a lot of effort for sauces like pork cutlet sauce.”

The one who worked the hardest was the Prep-kun who did all the cutting and mixing.

At that moment, the lord knights rushed over in a hurry.

“No more arguing!”

“I can’t live without mayonnaise!”

“I apologize, Miss Norchev! So please do make the salsa sauce!”

“I will make whatever is requested of me. Everyone, please be at ease.”

In the end, I spoke in the ladylike tone I had forgotten, but it seems like it’s too late.

Seeing Roa-sama bow her head and tremble, I thought so.

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