Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 22

𝐁𝐥𝐮𝐞 𝐬𝐤𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮

Early in the morning of the day I was to go out with Roa-sama, I put in extra effort to make a lunch box. I had prepared curry the day before and, with Roa-sama’s permission, borrowed plates used by the knights.

With a plate that not only retains heat and cold but also neutralizes poison, everyone can eat with peace of mind.

I put rice and curry into small lidded plates and top them generously with cheese before baking. Then, I make dough for bread using a convenient cooking appliance and wrap it around the curry.

The regular bakery won’t be coming today as the knights are off, but as long as I have this handy cooking device, I can make bread. Once you know this, it becomes harder to return to your original form. It’s a dangerous magical tool.

The curry bread fries up nicely with a satisfying sizzle. After it turns a fox-like color, I take it out and start making pork cutlet.

Once the pork cutlet is well-fried, I place it on a tray to drain the oil.

In a lidded plate of a different color from the baked curry, I place rice, curry, and the pork cutlet. Bread may be popular among the knights, but for Katsu curry, rice is non-negotiable for me.

I tried eating one of the curry breads that burst, and it was delicious. This should be fine. Probably.

If there are leftovers, I can take them home and put them in the time-stopping magic bag that Edgardo gave me. I can casually bring it out during tea time, and everyone can eat.

I pack everything into a basket, and after some thought, decide to also bring bottles of tea and coffee that are ready to pour.

By the time I include cups and hand towels, it’s almost time to meet up. I rush out, heading to the meeting place at the fastest speed that still appears graceful.

At a spot a little distance away from the back entrance of the knights’ quarters, Roa-sama is already waiting. Standing aimlessly, looking somewhat restless with his long legs.

“I apologize for being late!”

Roa-sama’s eyes widen just a bit, but quickly soften.

“No, it’s fine. You were making lunch for me, right? It smells good. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I ended up making all things curry, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

“We have a bit of a walk to our destination. Let’s take it slow.”


The Fourth Knight Order are located quite deep in, so wherever we go, the distance is significant.

As I walk a bit behind Roa-sama, he looks back at me with a troubled expression.

“Would you mind walking beside me?”


I line up on Roa-sama’s left and we walk through a small path in a somewhat wooded area. The well-maintained trees have been appropriately thinned, and flowers bloom beside the path. The wind feels good.

“Miss Norchev, let me carry the luggage. It must be heavy for a lady.”

“Thank you. I appreciate the thought.”

I can’t have a high-ranking noble carry my luggage! If someone saw this, my dad would lose his head!

. . .And I mean that literally.

“Please let me carry it. I was told to take a break from training today, but I can’t seem to calm down.”

“In that case, all the more reason I can’t let you carry it.”

“But. . .”

“Roa-sama, look. What beautiful flowers.”

I forcibly change the subject and direct his gaze to the flowers blooming along the path.

“Even the flowers blooming here are blue. How beautiful.”

Blue is the color of the royal family, so you won’t see it outside the royal castle.

The flower looks like a small lotus, but its color is a pale sky blue. The contrast with the fresh green is beautiful.

“Then, this is for you, Miss Norchev.”


Roa-sama knelt down and picked a flower.

Gently brushing off the dirt from its stem, Roa-sama tenderly placed the flower in my hair. Behind his large hand, Roa-sama blushed.

A little above my ear, the color of the beautiful sky swayed.

“It’s a gift from me.”

“Hmm. . .”

Blasphemy. . .!!

He touched the blue flower that only the royal family is allowed to touch directly! Not only touched but also picked it!!

And I got dragged into this! Ah, it’s scary, the swaying flower in the corner of my vision is terrifying. . .!

“I, I didn’t see anything. Please quickly destroy the evidence!”


“Quickly! Throwing away the flower. . .or burying it will leave traces! Ah, what to do. . .! Roa-sama, please dig up the roots of the flower you picked earlier. Let’s burn it all.”

“W, Why?”

“If the royal family finds out, Roa-sama might get killed!”

Roa-sama looked puzzled, but eventually shook his head slowly.

“The place we’re going to today requires permission from the royal family. Everything I do today has been approved by the king.”

“. . .Really?”

“Yes. Neither Miss Norchev nor the Norchev family will face any punishment.”

“What about any discrepancies, like punishment being seen as a reward?”

“I swear on my name.”

Swearing on his name? But Roa-sama, that’s a fake name. . .

I inadvertently looked up at Roa-sama with skeptical eyes.

Roa-sama, seemingly forgetting he’s using a fake name, looked surprised but eventually burst into laughter.

“Hmm, hahaha. . .burning it to destroy evidence, hahaha! Miss Norchev, you think quite boldly!”

“I don’t want to hear that from Roa-sama, who just ripped off a flower!”

“You said earlier that I picked it off, hmm.”

“You did rip it off. Snapped it.”

“A normal young lady would say ‘picked the flower,’ but. . .ah, I can’t hold it in, pfft.”

Roa-sama burst into hearty laughter, leaving me annoyed.

Does Roa-sama have a hearty laugh? Since yesterday, he’s been rolling with laughter because I’m not a typical young lady, but I have some shame, so I wish he’d stop.

After his bout of laughter, Roa-sama took the basket from my hands.

“As an apology, I’ll carry the basket. Please cheer up.”

Roa-sama started walking, and I reluctantly followed. Noticing Roa-sama walking quite slowly, it dawned on me.

. . .He’s matching his pace to mine. Given Roa-sama’s status, he could make me run, but without complaint or arrogance, he’s matching his pace to mine.

At the corner of my vision, the sky-blue color swayed, reminding me of the flower we failed to destroy.

It should be burned because getting caught would be blasphemous, but for now, I want to keep it a bit longer. I certainly can’t burn it in front of Roa-sama after all.

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