Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 161

𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫

Emilia was amazing at the party.

She faced off against the nobles one by one without stepping back, taking care of both my share and Marina’s in dealing with them.

“I wasn’t much help in the Valka territory. Now is the time for me to demonstrate my strength! Please feel free to rely on me!”

She offered, but it wouldn’t be right to take advantage of her offer and do nothing.

After each conversation, she explained what everything meant, and I combined this with Chris’s intensive training.

Thanks to Emilia’s detailed advice and guidance in the conversations, I soon became able to engage in nuanced conversations on my own.

I even met Caroline and some old friends along the way, and I started to enjoy the party, which I usually found challenging.

“Alice, you are very talented. If you continue Chris’s intensive training and have someone to accompany and guide you at parties, you’ll become the belle of the ball in less than a year.”

“It’s nice to hear that from you, Emilia-sama.”

“I’m sorry. . . I couldn’t. . . be of any help. . .”

Marina was downcast, wearing her usual thick glasses. Her makeup was modest, but it highlighted her beautiful skin.

The award recipients today are all wearing matching sky-blue formal attire, so Marina is approached as well, but she doesn’t speak much due to her accent.

Emilia gently embraced Marina’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, Marina. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to force yourself to overcome your weaknesses, especially if socializing isn’t your thing. You’re better suited for research, so you should focus on your strengths. And if you have to attend a party, I’ll be by your side.”

“Really. . . thank you. . .”

I held Marina’s still disheartened hand.

“That’s right, people complement each other’s deficiencies. We may not be good at parties like Emilia-sama, but there are things we excel at where she may struggle.”

“Is that. . . so?”

“Of course! I can’t analyze poisonous substances like Marina, nor can I be as cute and honest, and I truly admire your earnestness!”

“I admire you too! Unlike me, who is frail and always causing trouble, Marina, you have been properly recognized for your achievements. Actually, I’m quite envious. . .”

Despite the circumstances, the three of us felt a bit melancholic.

. . .Perhaps everyone feels envious and admires someone else.

When we looked at each other and someone laughed, a gentle laughter spread among us.

There was a sense of unity and the remnants of eased tension floating among the three of us.

I felt a sense of relief, as if the weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I felt both focused and relaxed.

As we were discussing taking a break before moving again, a figure in a sky-blue formal attire approached and bowed respectfully.

“Excuse me, I’ve come to escort the most beautiful lady in the world.”


Emilia’s cheeks flushed, colored with the hue of love.

“I’ve finished all the greetings, so from now on, I’ll be with you, Emilia.”

“Oh, you bad person.”


Emilia, who chuckled softly, placed her hand on Shiro’s arm.

“Then, I shall also go to greet together.”

It seems Shiro had come to Emilia before the greetings were finished.

Feeling lonely without Emilia, but such things cannot be said. Marina and I exchange glances and decide to send Emilia off cheerfully.

Emilia smiled softly and looked behind us.

“Both of you, do not make such anxious faces. I will leave you in the care of a proper knight until I return.”

In the direction of Emilia’s gaze were Thor and Arthur.

“Now, I shall be going. If anything happens, I will rush over, so please avoid any careless responses.”

After seeing off Emilia and Shiro, Thor spoke as if he couldn’t contain himself. His flushed cheeks were cute like a small child’s.

“Nee-sama! You look very beautiful! Congratulations!”

“Thor was also commended, wasn’t he? The proud brother of Nee-sama! Say, Thor, did you properly praise Marina too?”

Marina is wearing her usual unfashionable glasses, but the dress and hair are well-arranged, and it suits her well.

“Of course! Uh, Nee-sama. Could you not remove Marina’s glasses? Until, uh, she marries me.”

“Oh, Thor!”

Thor, turning red and fidgeting, is incredibly cute!

He has grown so tall that I have to look up, and he has gained muscle, but he will always be my cute brother.

“From now on, prioritize Marina over Nee-sama! Absolutely!”

“But, but, I was thinking of going out with both Marina and Nee-sama!”

“Eh?! No way, Thor, that’s a sure way to get rejected!”

“I don’t want that, please come with us!! My heart will burst if it’s just Thor and me!”

“Yes, Nee-sama! Please save two hearts!!”

“Oh dear. . .”

Arthur, laughing, came to help as Thor and Marina each pulled on one of my arms.

“Let’s not trouble sister too much.”

“Thank you, Arthur-sama. So you were helping Thor.”

“Yes. Since I am known to be an aide to Prince Linus, this time I left staying by Prince Linus’s side to Rolf and the others. It’s necessary to make them remember faces and names here.”

It seems Edgardo, Rolf, and Rene are by Roa-sama’s side.

“However, the party is now midway. More people will take breaks, so we will rest as well.”

“Please take care of Thor.”

“Yes. Please leave Marina-sama to me.”

Eh, should I not rest?

Feeling flustered by the air that I should not follow, Arthur smiles at me. Perhaps because he is surrounded by familiar faces, it’s a natural smile.

“Alice, please go over there.”

Following Arthur’s gaze, I saw Chris nearby. Chris, in the guise of a man, was dazzlingly beautiful.

“Miss Alice, this way. I will guide you.”

Without a moment to ask where, Chris began to walk.

Exiting into the corridor, turning a corner, passing through rooms. . . The complex paths soon became impossible to remember.


Chris, while being cautious of the surroundings, arrived at a place that was a large balcony.

. . .This place. This location.

Chris bowed his head slightly and urged me to step out onto the balcony.

As I stepped out onto the balcony, the double glass doors were closed. Light scattered through thin, white curtains that rustled and flowed down.

In a space that seemed to be cut out just for the balcony, the person I had envisioned was there.

In the darkness of the night, a person stands bathed in light.

“. . .Roa-sama.”

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