Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 159

𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭

. . .Huh, what was that just now. . .?

The beautiful Pamela-sama, doll-like in appearance, spoke so quickly and nobly that I could hardly catch what she said.

It seems I am not the only one unable to keep up with the shock. Others are also wide-eyed, but only Roa-sama seems accustomed to responding.

Realizing everyone is taken aback, Roa-sama smiles wryly.

“My sister-in-law gets like this when excited. Today there’s an award ceremony, so she’s more intense than usual. Best to let her talk as she pleases when she’s like this, don’t mind it.”

. . .Certainly, I’m surprised, but even Pamela-sama must want to talk as much as she likes sometimes. Yes.

“Isn’t Pamela cute!”

His Majesty seems in good spirits, too.

“Even though I didn’t expect to raise a death flag within my own family, of course, Dyson is to blame, but the cause is too complex in the first place, and it’s a miracle that Linus grew up so straight! Linus is too beautiful for royalty, becoming a Duke is just right, I think. Even the difference in status is a little less, and Cinderella would have been better without any difference in status, I think. Marrying and suffering, royalty has no freedom, everything worn is for public duties, it’s not worth it!”

“Yeah, thanks always! I’ll prepare a macho as a thank you.”

“Thank you, dear!”

I couldn’t hear Pamela-sama’s words clearly because of her high-speed, high-pitched voice, but I clearly heard the mention of a macho in His Majesty’s thanks.

I glance at Roa-sama seated beside me.

. . .Could it be, the macho thanks are for Roa-sama?

“. . .Not me. I’m not to my sister-in-law’s taste.”

“Eh, but Roa-sama is so handsome?”

“Ah, well. . . My sister-in-law prefers biceps.”

Roa-sama’s face turns slightly red.

The first thing I learned that Pamela-sama likes is biceps.

. . .What is this.

“I’m really glad to have met Miss Alice. Surely we’ll have lots to talk about, ah, and if not, that’s okay too, since we’re both human, it’s just a ‘too bad, so sad’ thing! But I think we can talk about many things, like sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, and I want to do a fashion show, and have an event where we make lots of delicious bite-sized foods to eat a lot, and I want to play ‘Daruma-san ga koronda’!”

Getting used to Pamela-sama’s rapid speech, I begin to catch a bit more.

. . .Sushi, tempura, sukiyaki. Daruma-san ga koronda. Cinderella.


. . .Could it be, Pamela-sama is.

“Rest assured, Miss Alice, the top two of this country are on your side, there’s nothing you wish for that can’t be fulfilled! You can travel luxuriously as much as you want and live playing without working a single day.”

Pamela-sama’s words are sweet and compelling.

Having a lifetime’s worth of money without trouble is honestly delightful. Money is important in the world. It’s no exaggeration to say that everything can be solved if you have money.

. . .But. However.

What I want is to live on the money I have earned by working. Even if I received a lot of money as a reward this time, I might have to return it if something happens.

I want to live my life with money that can’t be taken away by anyone.

“. . .Then, may I ask for an introduction to a blacksmith?”

Pamela-sama and king Coleesh’s eyes sparkled amusingly.


“Actually, I’ve always wanted a takoyaki maker.”

“Well, how wonderful! You’re too charming, Alice! May I call you Alice?”

“Of course, Your Highness.”

“Alice, please call me Pamela too! How wonderful, a takoyaki party! Things like carbohydrates and calories are trivial before takoyaki. I adore fried takoyaki but haven’t eaten it in so long. But you know, takoyaki is round, right? Round equals zero, so that means zero calories. It’s truly marvelous that such delicious food has zero calories!”

“Mayonnaise, pickled ginger, grated radish ponzu, and cheese, I’ll prepare plenty of green onions too. I’ll serve them in a boat-shaped container with toothpicks.”

I tried to smile gracefully, but I ended up grinning. Pamela-sama, overcome with emotion, stood up and embraced me.

“Oh my! I adore you, Alice!”

“Eh? What about me, don’t you love me?”

“I do love you, Your Majesty!”


Everyone looked at us blankly.

As I buried my face in Pamela-sama’s clothes, I turned sideways to avoid getting makeup on her dress, and just then, I could see Roa-sama clearly.

“Alice is. . . kind of amazing. . .”

“No, it’s just a coincidence that I’m amazing.”

I shake my head at Roa-sama’s astonished mutter.

It’s not me who’s amazing, but the coincidence that Pamela-sama and I met in this world.

And the universal truth of life, irrespective of gender.

The person who captures the hearts through their stomach is quite strong!

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