Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 153

𝐋𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦 𝟓

“I am not well informed about the old customs of marriage. I apologize for my ignorance.”

“Fine. The Norchev family was wise, simply not familiar with it.

In the past, the closer the blood relation, the more suitable for marriage, so well, there were fewer children. It has been quite some time since that was seen as a problem, but the aftereffects still remain. Like that king.”

Even now, people related by blood to his Majesty are not referred to as “father,” but as “the former king.”

Even I can perceive a slight but unmistakable loathing that seeps through.

“Sometimes there’s a surge of victims from the aftereffects, but there were many this time. Still, it’s better than in the past. . .”

For a moment, his face becomes that of a king contemplating measures, but it collapses as soon as he notices my gaze.

“The Norchev family seems to have avoided marrying close relatives as much as possible. With the recent achievements and the pure blood of the Norchev family, one could marry anyone.

I’ll stress again, this is if you want to marry. Don’t feel pressured. Really.”

Honestly, I’d rather own my shop than marry. That has always been my goal.

With the reward this time, I should receive some money, so the financial problem is solved.

“This was just to inform you that there are no obstacles to marrying Linus. He said he would tell you, but he absolutely didn’t want to. He didn’t want to seem like he was pressuring Miss Norchev into marriage. So what I’m saying here is just a bit of brotherly concern.”

“You really care about Prince Linus. He said the same. He wants you to care about yourself more than him.”

Thinking back to that time, a smile involuntarily escapes me.

“Since Prince Linus values you more than the king himself, when I pointed that out, he agreed.”

“. . .I see.”

As if picturing Roa-sama behind his eyelids, the king closes his eyes. His face softens slightly, the atmosphere relaxes.

Being constantly talked to about marriage by his Majesty, it’s naturally impossible not to be tense. From what I’ve heard of his Majesty’s character from Roa-sama, he seems to really think it’s okay not to marry, but there’s something called a prelude in this world.

Don’t push! Don’t push, I mean it!

“I’ll say it once more, you don’t have to marry. As an honorary reward, that would be allowed. But, could you tell Linus your true, unfeigned feelings?”

“. . .Yes, I promise.”

“Good, then! My meddling as a brother ends here!”

With a sun-like smile, his Majesty drinks his cooled tea. Following suit, I take a sip and realize I was thirstier than I thought.

Resisting the urge to gulp it down, I drink just enough to moisten my lips and set the cup down.

“I would like to introduce you to Linus and others right away, but everyone is busy. I thought at least Miss Emilia, but, you see, Miss Emilia had disappeared and was missing, presumed dead.”

“Yes. . . She had disappeared.”

“I’m laying the groundwork. The official appearance will be at the award ceremony, so it’s a bit further off.”

“If Emilia-sama is well, that’s enough for me. In fact, I feel almost sorry for having too much time on my hands.”

It seems that I had been a little tense after all.

After capturing Dyson, I felt relieved and began to sleep well. With nothing to do, I spend my time sleeping well and looking forward to meals, but I am essentially idle.


“Ah, no, that’s a matter of our own convenience. There are many who aim for Miss Norchev.”

“Are Dyson’s associates still. . .?”

“It’s not that, it’s that there are people trying to attack Miss Norchev. Attacking to create a situation where she has no choice but to marry.”

In the presence of His Majesty, I couldn’t help but let out a big sigh.

“Why does my life have so much of this. . .”

“If you marry Miss Norchev, you can reach the top of the power struggle in the royal court and social circles at once. Opportunities to get into the royal family are rare. I’ve been warning people here, but just to be safe, it would be better to stay in your room.”

“Yes, I will do that.”

I must stay in my room without fail. I also need to have a magic security device with me.

“The official announcement about Miss Norchev’s marriage will be at the award ceremony, so please wait until then. Sorry.”

“No, thank you for your concern. If I’m attacked, I won’t hesitate to fight back, so it might be best for us to avoid meeting.”

“Haha, you’ll fight them off!”

“Of course. Since we know who the opponent is this time, we can’t run or cover it up, so we’ll properly sue them and wring out a settlement.”

“. . .Yeah. That might be better.”

His Majesty, after cloaking himself with a gentle aura, looked at his aide standing behind him before standing up.

“I’m glad I could talk to Miss Norchev. If there’s anything you want, don’t hesitate to tell the maid. I can’t promise anything. . . but we can provide most things.”

“I am quite satisfied with the way things are now. Thank you.”

“Then, see you later.”

I bowed deeply, seeing off king Coleesh.

After the door closed quietly, my body, which felt like it could collapse at any moment, was supported by a maid who had been with me all along.

“T, Thank you. . .”

“Despite the sudden events, you were calm and splendid. Let’s head to your room when you feel a bit more settled.”

I wasn’t calm at all, but I was too weary to speak, so I just nodded.

Suddenly dealing with royalty is bad for the heart.

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