Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 147

𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞

The following day, after having an early lunch, we departed with the Valka family seeing us off. Nobody commented on Edgardo holding a whip, so I didn’t mention it either, but that’s okay, right?

Riding something larger than the magic tool we had when we arrived, the people seeing us off quickly disappeared from sight.

Emilia, who had recovered her health and was on the magic tool with us, was unusually excited as she looked around inside.

The inside of the magic tool was spacious, with sofas and tables arranged comfortably. You can enjoy the scenery from the large windows, but from outside, you can’t see inside the magic tool.

There was no shaking, and a faint pleasant aroma was present, making it very comfortable.

“This is the magic tool only the royal family can ride. This wallpaper, isn’t that from Konatotti. . .?! How wonderful!”

Emilia’s complexion was good, so it seems the medicine worked well.

I’ve heard that the medicine research for Emilia and mom’s illness is progressing well. Though there isn’t a cure-all yet, something close has been made, so the symptoms have been significantly alleviated or healed.

I heard that mom also became healthy, so I’m looking forward to meeting her now.

Shiro took out a tea set from the magic bag and started making piping hot tea.

“Please calm down. You’ll end up bedridden again.”

“Yes, that’s right. This magic tool is fast, and we will arrive at the royal capital tomorrow.”

Arthur elegantly sipped tea while sorting some documents on the table. Roa-sama picked them up, looked at them for a while, and then placed them somewhat carelessly back on the table.

Edgardo, Rolf, and Rene, who were guarding near the walls, watched Roa-sama’s actions. They seemed a bit surprised.

I am also slightly surprised. It’s my first time seeing Roa-sama like this.

“It’s been quite a while since we hid with the Fourth Knight Order. Trustworthy companions have increased, and now we can return to the royal castle openly. Since it’s a rare opportunity, let’s talk until we reach the royal capital.”

Roa-sama’s words made my heart tighten.

Returning by train would make us easy targets for the surviving members of the Dyson faction. So we decided to return by magic tool, but initially, it seems that only Roa-sama was supposed to ride this magic tool.

It’s a royal family’s exclusive magic tool, so that’s expected. But then I heard that Roa-sama said we should all ride together.

This magic tool is designed to withstand all kinds of attacks. Being inside is the safest, Roa-sama said.

If we ride the magic tool in small groups and there’s someone among the guards who’s after our lives, the chances of dying increase.

It’s better to ride together in the strongest vehicle available.

Roa-sama argued that, but I think there’s a different true feeling.

Because the chance of all of us being together here is surely never going to happen again. Even if we meet, it would be individually or with servants around.

Arthur placed the documents on the table and made a stern face.

“Until the day we meet again, until Aunihi!”

“. . .Huh? What was that just now.”

Shiro, who had inadvertently spoken frankly, was met with a cough from Arthur to clear his throat.


“What’s that, just a joke. How about it, Alice. Better than last night, right?”

“Ah, yes. . . I suppose so, but what is an Aounihi?”

“You don’t know?! The Aounihi that holds everything close and warms it up like an egg?!”

“I don’t know it.”

“Since it’s a demon, it’s no wonder the lady is unaware.”

If you think of me as a lady, I wish you would stop using demon names in puns.

“Hmm, I have to think of a joke that will make Alice groan again. Don’t worry, we will meet many times even if you say you hate it. I am planning to join the First Order of Knights.”

“Eh, aren’t you to succeed the Duke family?”

“Originally, it was still a future plan. When Marie Ange-sama was alive, many who would become part of the Dyson faction joined the First Order of Knights. Its influence still lingers, so Rene and I will go to the First Order and change it from within.”

“You could go elsewhere, but since we are knights, it’s best to join the Order. Arthur will be gone someday, but I aim to be active for life! I’ll make sure everyone swears fealty to king Coleesh!”

Not swearing fealty to Roa-sama?

Surprised, I glanced at Roa-sama, who noticed my gaze and nodded in agreement.

“I don’t need a sword. I already have enough people who have sworn loyalty to me. The swords of this country should be dedicated to the country.”

“Rolf and I will go to the Second Order of Knights. I will eventually inherit the Valka family, but I’ll manage somehow until then!”

“The Second Order has always had many from the royal faction. Edgardo and I will be the first to sort it out.”

Rolf seemed calmer than ever. He had shed his old skin.

Glancing at Edgardo, Rolf continued with a serene face.

“. . .I will make the Second Order royalist and train someone to take over. After that’s done, I will support Edgardo at the Valka family. Of course, I’ll always rush to Prince Linus’s side in times of crisis.”

“That’s reassuring. I’m counting on you.”

Shiro puffed out his chest proudly.

“I belong to the Third Order of Knights. I have the strength and I’ll cling to victory by any means necessary, so I’m suited for the Third Order. I’ll continue even after marrying Emilia!”

. . .I see. Everyone has decided on their future.

Roa-sama has companions, but most of the knights are here.

The knights will join the Order and support Roa-sama and the king. It’s logical, and ideally, everything will go smoothly.

“I also have many things to do. Announce that my entire family is alive, spin the annulment of my engagement with Prince Linus into a good story, and first of all, restore my family’s standing. My engagement with Shiro will have to come afterwards. . . My house is full of Dyson’s people, so it will take time to rebuild. . .”

“It’s okay, Emilia. I’ll wait!”

“Shiro. . .”

Amidst the sparkle of a shoujo manga, Emilia turned towards me.

“What will you do, Alice?”

“I haven’t decided as firmly as everyone else. . . The only thing I’m thinking about with Prep-kun and Cooker-kun of the Fourth Knight Order is getting as much money as possible.”


“Actually, I would also like to receive a shop and land, but if I were to ruin the shop, wouldn’t that be disrespectful? And it would become public that a noble daughter is working. . . So, I’ll receive as much money as possible! After all, money is important in this world! With money, most things can be taken care of!”


Gripping her hand tightly, Rene burst into laughter.

“Ahaha, Alice, you haven’t changed in that regard since we first met, have you?”

“Money is important, you know?!”

“That’s true, but it’s kind of reassuring, you know.”

The air was filled with everyone’s agreement to Rene’s words, restless and uneasy.

Maurice was so unpleasant that they were all worried about me for dealing with him.

He had been somewhat creepy since we met in the city, but after he was caught, it was terrible. . . 

There’s no need to hide his madness anymore! It seems like the jailer was utterly exhausted, as if he no longer had to conceal his feelings for Marie Ange-sama.

Marie Ange-sama was a married woman in her lifetime, and moreover, her husband was the king. I guess he could show his affection, but never voice it.

After that, everyone headed to the royal capital while engaging in pleasant conversation.

. . .After capturing Dyson, there was no opportunity to talk alone with Roa-sama. I understand that was the exception and this is the norm, but still, it feels lonely.

I remember the time at the Valka family’s villa, looking at the lake alone with Roa-sama.

. . .How should I express my genuine feelings?

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