Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 137

𝐋𝐞𝐭’𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐡! 

The morning I could hardly sleep due to nervousness. It was, just like yesterday, clear with beautiful air. The sunlight is dazzling to my sleep-deprived eyes.

Emilia, more nervous than I, combed my hair with unfamiliar hands.

“Though I was not of much help, I am glad we have reached this day.”

“If even I find it long, it must have been even longer for you, Emilia-sama. Today we should be able to capture Maurice.”

“Yes. I believe everyone can certainly do it. This is all I can do. . . When my Okaa-sama combs my hair like this, I feel motivated to live. No matter how much shame I endure, even when I think it would be better to be dead, I try to live as best I can.”

“Emilia-sama. . . Thank you. You have also lifted my spirits.”

Emilia’s mother is a noble, so she fundamentally wouldn’t have taken care of her daughter’s hair. Combing hair is an act filled with love.

“Thanks to Emilia-sama, it was revealed that Maurice was not procuring herbs from the merchant. It’s unclear why he wouldn’t use a wholesaler for such large quantities. . .”

“There are traces that he used one until half a year ago. Something must have happened with Dyson.”

“Does that mean. . .”

Maurice has started going out only about half a year ago, I’ve heard.

Since Maurice was disowned by the Maigret family and left home, his whereabouts have been unknown. It’s conjectured that he was developing poison under Dyson.

Maurice, utilizing his exceptional observational and memory skills, had been developing poison for years but for some reason wished to leave the laboratory.

However, Dyson did not allow it. Therefore, Maurice decided to threaten Dyson.

Negotiating with the recorded conversations with Dyson on a magic tool and poison, Maurice managed to go outside.

That seems to be the current situation.

I heard from a very intelligent person close to His Majesty who has speculated this for us.

“Do Dyson and Maurice each have something on the other, making them unable to act? But from what I’ve heard so far, it’s strange that Dyson hasn’t gotten rid of Maurice.”

“It’s mere conjecture, but could it be that Maurice has modified a magic tool to protect himself? A person who can preserve conversations with Dyson could do so, right?”

“Does he have a magic tool that prevents any kind of attack from killing him?”

“Yes. Something that defends against magic and physical attacks, and neutralizes poison. Moreover, Maurice might be the only one who can make the poison. There might be a promise to allow Maurice some freedom until he commits regicide.”

“I see! Emilia-sama, that’s amazing!”

Maurice appears mad but is cold and calculating.

If something happens to him, he seems likely to immediately send letters exposing Dyson’s schemes to various places, of course with evidence.

“We need to retrieve it before Dyson kills Maurice!”

“Yes. In the royal castle, a lot of people are keeping an eye on Dyson. I hear they’ve kept him busy with personnel changes, and we must make effective use of this time we’re given.”

“Just knowing that Dyson won’t interfere has lightened my heart a bit.”

Finished preparing, Emilia and I went downstairs to find everyone already gathered.

In the gentle morning sunlight, Roa-sama smiles.


“Good morning, Alice. You look a bit pale, how are you feeling?”

“Roa-sama, good morning. I’m nervous, I didn’t sleep well.”

“Actually, me neither.”

Roa-sama’s smile, as if sharing a secret, made me feel unexpectedly happy.

Arthur sighed and shook his head, his beautiful blond hair shimmering as it reflected the light.

“Actually, I didn’t sleep well either.”

“Liar. You went to bed before me.”

Shiro stared intently at Arthur, then stood up and pulled out Emilia’s chair.

“Please, Ojou-sama.”

“Thank you, Shiro.”

“Good morning, Alice. Everything will go well today! Even if there’s an accident, I will definitely take care of it!”

“Good morning, Rene-sama. I will count on you if anything happens.”

Sitting in the chair Rene had pulled out for me, Rolf poured me some water. The table was already laden with a delicious-looking breakfast, the aroma wafting through the air.

“I prepared your favorite lemon water, Alice. Cream cheese and honey Danish, and the sausage you liked. Today you’re the star. Please eat a lot.”

Relieved by Rolf’s normal demeanor, I basked in his charming wink.

“I’ll gratefully partake. It looks delicious!”

“We’ve specially prepared your favorite sausage, made by only a few. Please try it.”

“Now I’m even more excited to eat! Thank you, Edgardo-sama!”

Edgardo seemed utterly normal too. That was good.

I might have been disturbed here, unable to focus on the upcoming meeting with Maurice.

Enjoying the delicious food leisurely with everyone, chatting.

As I’m about to catch Maurice, I need to keep a calm mind. I swallowed the refreshing sausage that seemed endlessly edible and asked Roa-sama.

“There was only one laboratory in the Valka domain, right?”

“Yes. The Ouldra Count family searched their entire domain for us.”

“They really are fast. It hasn’t been long since Rolf-sama went to the Ouldra domain to explain the situation.”

Rolf made a bitter face and slightly furrowed his brow as he spoke.

“. . .My father, he is capable when it comes to work. Just work.”

Is this country filled with people who are competent yet eccentric?

After eating the fruit for dessert and finishing the tea, I packed everything needed to make curry into a bag.

Since I’m supposed to be a commoner, it’s a regular bag, not a magic one. I’ll procure the ingredients locally, so it’s not very heavy.

“Knights won’t come from the capital to keep Dyson from getting suspicious. However, people familiar with the city’s layout from the Valka and Ouldra families will capture Maurice. Nothing dangerous will happen to Alice.”

“Yes. I trust everyone, so I’m not afraid. I’ll be going now!”

Waving to everyone seeing me off, I boarded the carriage.

Today, I’m going to the city alone. Everyone else should be entering the city separately and watching from hiding to capture Maurice.

I clenched my fist with determination.

“Alright! Let’s catch Maurice Maigret! Ei, ei, oh!”

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