Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 135

𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐡’𝐬 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐮𝐞 𝟒

The video begins with Chris entering the girls’ dormitory room.

Miss Norchev, peeking out from the kitchen, was wearing an apron over her uniform.

“Welcome back, Chris. I’ll make some tea.”

“I will do such a task. Please take a seat, Ojou-sama.”

Miss Norchev glanced at Chris just a little. Her first thought was that she should not stare into someone’s eyes like that.

“Then, please do. I just finished baking cookies. The tea you make is tastier.”

“I will bring the cookies as well.”

“Chris just came back and must be tired, so I will carry them. Besides, the tray with cookies is hot and heavy.”

“. . .Ojou-sama, I am a man.”

“Do I not possess more strength?”

“Ojou-sama, that cannot be. Please, have a seat and wait.”

Miss Norchev looked unconvinced but followed the instructions nonetheless.

I understand the feeling. Chris looks incredibly cute in a maid outfit. Even knowing he’s a man, one might think he can’t even hold a knife.

When Chris returned from the kitchen, Miss Norchev was sitting properly on the sofa, gazing out the window.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Thank you, Chris. Please have some cookies yourself.”

“I’ll gladly accept.”

Miss Norchev ate a small cookie in one bite. Her cheeks relaxed instantly, and her eyes softened and narrowed.

“Freshly baked cookies are indeed delicious.”

“Yes, truly. Ojou-sama, you are also skilled at making sweets.”

“It’s thanks to Cooker-kun.”

What is Cooker-kun?

“Ojou-sama, you seem down.”

“. . . . . .Chris is amazing. Actually, since coming to school, I’ve been buying less sweets.”

“Instead, you have been making them.”

“Yes. The sweets I receive from Caroline are really delicious, but it’s not good to rely on them alone. And I realized. . . no, I was forced to confront something I had been ignoring.”

Miss Norchev clenched her fist tightly.

“Sweets are delicious when you use a lot of butter and sugar. . .!”

“Yes, that’s an immutable truth.”

“I’ve gained weight!!”

“Ojou-sama need not worry about such things.”

“Everyone is just being considerate when they say that! But I know! If I ignore it now, it’ll become harder to lose fat as I age!”

Miss Norchev looked up at Chris with teary eyes and a slight upward gaze.

Is this a technique to charm men? It’s too basic to be interesting, but then Miss Norchev bowed her head energetically.

“May I take off the body suit after the bath? I want to do strength training!”

“Strength training is not something a young lady should do, is it. . .?”

Unaware that Chris was implying “lose weight through diet and spa,” Miss Norchev continued.

“No, muscles are important! Having muscles makes a world of difference compared to not having them!”

“But Ojou-sama is. . .”

“Listen, Chris. The ample busts of young ladies are supported by muscles. Hips and wrinkle-free faces, all are solved by muscles!”

“Is, is that so. . .?”


Hey Chris, it seems you’ve been a bit taken for a ride.

“Moreover, if there comes a time to flee from school, I do not wish to be a burden again. I doubt I can keep up with the speed at which the lord knights run, but still. . . I want to do what I can.”

“. . .Understood. Please refrain from overdoing it with the training.”

“Thank you, Chris! Today, I will make soy milk dan dan noodles that you like! The fruits you brought look delicious too, so I’ll add them to the dessert after the meal.”

“Thank you. If it’s recommended by Ojou-sama, it’s surely going to be delicious.”

“I will substitute noodles with plenty of cabbage for a delicious diet!”

Miss Norchev, smiling happily, ate a cookie and then realized something.

“Oh no, I ended up eating it. . .!”

“Even if you gain a little weight, Roa-sama surely won’t mind.”

Roa is a pseudonym used by Linus when he is alone with Miss Norchev.

Even when Chris threw bait, Miss Norchev didn’t change.

“Roa-sama is truly kind, isn’t he? I wish I could also be of some help.”

This statement was just as Chris had reported.

Despite being at the center of things, there’s a lack of confidence somewhere. Not accurately grasping what she has done.

This is the feeling of a sheltered Ojou-sama. According to the report, the only parties Miss Norchev attends are the National Foundation Day and those held by close friends.

She has overwhelmingly little experience in social circles. And she wants to open her own store in the future. Moreover, she’s a Viscount’s daughter.

“I want to forgive Linus’s feelings, but this wall is just too thick. . .”

The footage from Chris ends, and the attendants who watched it with him start to murmur amongst themselves.

Chris perfectly met the request for an unembellished video of Alice Norchev.

“I’ve heard everyone’s opinions. I judge that Alice Norchev has no connection with Dyson.”

Everyone had the same opinion, so the conclusion was reached quickly. There was nothing suspicious about Miss Norchev from the beginning.

Afterwards, there was a discussion about the reward for Miss Norchev, who had contributed so much. There was a consensus that it was not good to have any dissent when awarding her.

So, it was decided to allow Miss Norchev to accompany them when leaving the noble school.

She had achieved enough at school, so it was certain that she would be rewarded from now on without having to do anything else.

And that was the thought.

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