Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 133

𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐡’𝐬 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐮𝐞 𝟐

“Actually, I need to discuss something with you, brother.”

When Linus, who seemed deeply concerned, spoke to me, it was during a rare moment of spending time alone with my brother.

I look up at Linus, who has grown up and is now training his body.

Linus is already 20 years old. His once thin and fragile fingers have become rugged, but what’s cute is still cute.

“You don’t need to speak so formally!”

I want to grant whatever rare request comes from Linus!

I said it cheerfully on purpose, but Linus just gives a wry smile that only I can understand after glancing at my aide.

Linus thinks he is disliked by my aides. They’re just worried that I might become too attached to Linus.

I wish they would drop the suspicion that I might become like our father. I cherish my wife, and I adore our children so much!

I have a will to never let them go through what I did as a child!

“So, what’s worrying you?”

“It’s about Dyson.”

There shouldn’t be any suspicious movements from Dyson. There are bad rumors, so I’m keeping a close watch.

“. . .They are trying to make me the king.”

A tense silence crackles through the room.

“Why do you think that?”

“The attendants Dyson appointed are coaxing me. With words that won’t get me blamed even if overheard, they’re subtly persuading. Haven’t you heard anything from Dyson, brother?”

That being said, I don’t meet with Dyson very often.

“Dyson has mentioned a few times that he wants to go to the villa, to mourn his daughter.”

“Everything belonging to our mother was taken to the villa by our father. . .”

Inside a large magic tool preserved by a spell, our mother lies as if alive, but she will never open her eyes again.

Only I know the way to the villa, but I can’t enter because our father has locked it from the inside.

In the villa, I installed magic tools that finish bathing by merely lying down and others that clean with a switch’s flick.

With a huge preservation magic tool, I bring in meals on plates, allowing one to live solely in the villa without going outside.

The meals are plentiful enough for three times a day and will last for 50 years, so presumably, our father will never leave the villa until his death.

“The attendants under Dyson’s influence keep telling me that it would be better if you weren’t here. They list the benefits of your absence, trying to persuade me. Everyone around me has become Dyson’s pawn. They are even trying to distance my own aides, and I have very little time not under surveillance.”

“To that extent. . .!”

“At times, I feel a relentless obsession hidden deep within Dyson. If this continues, I will become a puppet for Dyson.”

I’m angry at myself for not noticing!

Obsessed with “a normal family”, thinking only of the country, and not noticing Linus’s crisis!!

“Understood. I’ll announce that Linus has fallen ill and needs to recuperate. Linus can live in my palace. It’s safe there.”

“I’m sorry, brother. . . I’ve never once thought of killing you. . .”

“I know that! I never thought of killing Linus either! It’s because of Linus that I was able to become king.”

I hug his now larger body with all my might.

He’s not as soft as he was when he was a baby, but that’s pleasing in its own way. It’s proof that he has grown up properly.


“Do you remember the story of the Fourth Knight Order?”

“Yes. It is to be established for me to join.”

“That’s right. I’m still making arrangements, but let’s get it done quickly. Only the close aides know that it is a knight order for Linus. If you join using a magic tool for transformation, Dyson won’t be able to find you right away. Take my magic tool with you.”

“No! Isn’t that meant for use in case something happens to you?”

“Now is that critical moment. If something happens to Linus, I’d throw away the throne.”

“Please stop joking.”

“I’m serious, though.”

The aide realizes I’m serious and looks shocked, but pretends not to notice.

“If Linus doesn’t take the magic tool for transformation, I will abdicate the throne right now!!”

“Wha. . .”

I take advantage of Linus’s unusually perplexed face to push through.

“This is a royal command! Anyway, I will establish the Fourth Knight Order shortly, so wait for it. Once the knight order is established, use the magic tool to transform and hide! That’s all! I haven’t told anyone here about Linus joining the Fourth Knight Order, so they won’t find you right away.”

With the magic tool that can change everything except for height, even if seen, it won’t immediately be connected to Linus.

I convinced Linus, who was still hesitant, to take the magic tool for transformation and to agree to live in my palace. After talking with Linus to my heart’s content for the first time in a while, my motivation has skyrocketed.

My wife and child even want to be with Linus, which seemed to perplex him quite a bit, but this is fine.

It would be troublesome if Dyson had filled him with notions that Linus is an obstruction or unnecessary. It is essential that he knows he is an important being.

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