Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 122

𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐯𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

One morning, about a week after Rolf had gone back to his family home, as I descended to the first floor, I found Rolf had returned. He was so naturally drinking coffee that I didn’t realize it for a moment.

“Rolf-sama?! When did you return?!”

“Early this morning. A servant Ninja? was kind enough to help me return early.”

“You look a bit pale.”

“It’s just because I’ve been traveling for a long time, nothing else. I’ll get some sleep after breakfast. Rene was out for a bit too, right?”

“He’s already returned.”

Despite saying it would take a week to reach the territory of Ouldra, it’s no wonder he’s tired from returning so quickly.

Edgardo and Rene aren’t awake yet, but I’ll prepare breakfast for Rolf’s sake.

“Roa-sama, may I serve breakfast to Rolf-sama?”

“Of course. Let’s eat together. Rolf, could you please wake up Edgardo and Rene?”


In the kitchen, a ninja couple was preparing breakfast. It’s very helpful as meals made by others are a reference.

The bread, still slightly warm, will be cut and lightly toasted. Various kinds of butter and a rare jam made from flowers harvested in the territory of Valka. The jars sparkle with many colors.

Plenty of white sausages. Thick bacon. Vegetables covered with lots of cheese. Poached eggs accompanied by scrambled eggs and asparagus. There’s also plenty of beef stew.

. . .Eating beef stew in the morning. It looks delicious, but for a body accustomed to miso soup, it feels quite heavy. I’ll eat it, though, and think it’s delicious every time.

As I was arranging these on the table, Shiro and Arthur came to help. While appreciating their kindness, I decided to check on Rolf and Edgardo, who had not yet arrived, by opening the door to look.

“Are you really okay not going to punch your father? I could throw ten punches!”

“That would certainly cause problems. Haha, thank you, Edgardo.”

“It’s obvious that Rolf would risk his life for Prince Linus! Why can’t he see that!”

“I’ve been living carefree up until now. That’s why there’s no trust.”

“There is! Rolf is a man who can risk his life for others. He won’t run away when it matters! . . .I’m really going to punch him.”

“Your feelings alone are enough, Edgardo. . .Really. Thank you, Edgardo.”

“Rolf. . .”

“I also didn’t fully trust myself. But if Edgardo says so. . . to not betray Prince Linus’s trust. I wouldn’t hesitate to throw away my own life.”

“Don’t throw it away!”

“Ouch, don’t hit me.”

“I’ll hit you!”

“Hey, it’s noisy! If you’re going to have that conversation, do it away from my room!”

“. . .Sorry, Rene.”

“I understand you’re happy that Rolf is back, but can you calm down a bit? Welcome back, Rolf. I’ll tell you about what Edgardo did while you were away.”

I overheard the conversation of the three who seemed to have just come out of the room and quietly closed the door.

It’s good to see such harmony, very good indeed.

As I was preparing drinks and plates for Rolf and Edgardo, the door opened and the three entered.

“I apologize for making you wait.”

“Good morning, Prince Linus. I apologize for being late.”

“Edgardo and Rene had the night shift, so they haven’t slept much, have they? After breakfast, you should take a nap with Rolf.”

“Thank you.”

“We will do so.”


After a while, Emilia also woke up, completing our group. Despite being a noble lady, Emilia is an early riser.

She tries to adapt to Roa-sama and the others’ lifestyle, but still takes time to do things for herself. She has asked me not to help, so I only respond and give advice when asked.

For me, having someone take care of all personal affairs is a dream, but Emilia seems different. Perhaps it’s because all the maids and servants are under Dyson’s influence.

Emilia is adorable when she is pleased with herself for being able to fasten buttons properly.

“Everyone’s gathered. Let’s eat.”

Bright voices exclaim “Itadakimasu!” as everyone reaches out for their food.

There’s no one serving; it’s not that only one’s own portion is placed on the plate. We take what we want ourselves. Emilia, who was initially surprised, seems to have gotten used to it.

She enjoys some intricately cut fruits with her tea, radiating an unmistakable Ojou-sama aura.

Me? The beef stew is delicious. It’s not too rich, so it’s easy to eat.

“This sausage is exquisite. I definitely want to buy some for the Dahlia family.”

“I’ll find out where it’s from.”

“Tell me too! Is there lemon in it? It’s refreshing and easy to eat!”

“Wanko-sama should definitely consider purchasing it.”

“Oh, nice one!”

Edgardo laughs mischievously, and Shiro laughs back, eating sausage heartily.

“I want some too. And the jam! It’s really good! I’ll send some to my sister next time.”

“That’s delightful. I’ll prepare something special for Rene’s sister to enjoy.”

The dining table, bustling with everyone’s presence after a long time, is lively. The meal, filled with light banter, is fun and tasty, leading to overeating.

Rolf, while cutting bacon, strikes up a conversation.

“It seems a lot has happened in Ouldra’s territory while I was away. I was surprised when I came back.”

“I was surprised too. I didn’t expect them to reach out first. . . especially for such a reason as not recognizing the face.”

“To think Maurice had such an ability. He must have been hiding it, but it’s a bit troubling.”

It seems as if Shiro and Rene’s identities are now confirmed. Anyone else going there will be recognized just by their face. Roa-sama, for instance, would be noticed right away.

“Roa-sama said we don’t need to go to town for a while, but the townspeople are so worried that I decided to go. If I don’t show my face, they might try to find out where I’m staying.”

“Indeed, that’s possible. If so, it would reveal that Alice isn’t in town. We can still deceive them for now, though. . .”

“Every time I meet Maurice, he somehow strikes up a conversation. I might end up being favored by him for a casual chat. . .”

I might be attracting eccentrics.

Come to think of it, everyone I know, including my friends, is somewhat odd, and I’ve just been going with the flow, thinking, “That’s just how people are.”

“It seems that my initial rejection of Maurice’s creepy comments was a good move in Maurice’s eyes. He’s grateful for clear communication because he doesn’t understand a lady’s heart.”

Normally, one would keep a distance, but it’s not good to do so now. At the moment, I am the one who interacts with Maurice the most.


“Maurice is quite different. He’s eagerly waiting for the day he can be reborn and show his grown self to Marie Ange-sama.”

When this was said, I was really torn about whether to report it to Roa-sama, and I even considered consulting Shiro and Rene about it on the carriage ride home.

Wouldn’t it feel weird if one’s mother, even after death, is known to be so obsessively held onto by someone other than her husband?

After much deliberation among the three of us, we decided to report it. It must certainly be Maurice’s weakness.

Even now, when the topic of Marie Ange-sama comes up, I can’t help feeling awkward, although Roa-sama always seems detached.

Roa-sama, who had been silently smiling at everyone’s chatter, elegantly placed his cutlery down.

“My mother was often liked by people who were capable at work but difficult in personality. She was delighted by expressions of affection that normal people would reject. She never doubted what was given to her as love. It’s still hard for my brother and me to accept, but. . . my mother was happy. Of that, there is no doubt.”

After reporting about Maurice, Roa-sama began to occasionally share stories of the family, always in the privacy of the night.

Roa-sama’s mother, who thought being reported on every single thing she said during the day to the former king was love, was shocked to learn that even the number of times she went to the bathroom was documented and kept in a safe that only the former king could open.

It was conveyed in Roa-sama’s typically mild manner, but I was also taken aback. One should at least be free to go to the bathroom. . .

“Tomorrow, Grion is coming. After visiting the Valka family’s residence, there’s a plan to serve Maurice some curry. It’s going to be a busy few days, so everyone should rest up today.”

With Roa-sama’s words, we resumed our meal.

I’ve already told Maurice I won’t be coming for a few days, so today I will take it easy.

After finishing the cleanup from the meal, I stretch deeply. I’m not sure if it’ll reach him, but I think I’ll write a letter to Thor. Nee-sama is very curious about how things are progressing with Marina.

“Alice, may I have a moment?”

“Roa-sama. Would you like some coffee?”

“No. I was thinking of taking a break after a long time. I’d like Alice to join me.”

“If I’m suitable, I would be delighted.”

It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone out with Roa-sama, just the two of us.

The weather is nice today. It seems the ninja couple is patrolling around the villa to keep people away, so it should be safe for Roa-sama to go outside.

Roa-sama’s eyes sparkled brightly.

“Would you give me your hand, my lady?”

“Oh, come on, I know how to escort!”

Even though I got a bit angry, Roa-sama just laughed as if it were funny.

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