Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 12

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐢𝐩 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐤𝐞?

It took a while to buy a large amount of cake, and I didn’t get back to the castle residence until just before noon.

The item Edgardo handed me was a magic bag, so it took time to check what was inside before entering the royal castle, not to mention the long distance from the gate to here.

After passing through the gate, it takes another 15 minutes to get to the dormitory using the special carriage for moving within the royal castle.

Finally, when I reached the live-in residence, Edgardo hurriedly ran up to me.

“Miss Norchev! I apologize for any inconvenience I’ve caused you.”

“I simply went shopping for myself. I wouldn’t want anyone to know that I’ll be eating all of this alone. Would you care to join me, Valka-sama? Of course, you don’t have to eat the cake if you don’t want to.”

“It’s a gracious offer, but. . .to be alone with a lady in a private space is. . ..”

“Then, may I ask to have a table brought outside? The weather is good today, and having tea outside should be quite pleasant.”

The table that Edgardo swiftly set up is where I place the magic bag.

Last night it was just casually hung on the doorknob, but it’s actually a very expensive item. One that virtually stops the flow of time. Honestly, carrying something that I could never afford was terrifying.

Along with the cake, I serve bottled tea and coffee. I didn’t know Edgardo’s preferences, so I bought both at the cake shop. They’re in bottles, so all you have to do is pour.

There are many types available, like straight and for milk, and just looking at the beautiful bottles is enjoyable.

Once I set out the cup and saucer, we’re ready for a refined tea time under the trees.

“Well then, I will be inside the house.”

“No. Please stay.”

“Oh is see, it would look suspicious if I’m not here.”

“That’s not what I mean. . .”

Edgardo looks through the glittering cakes, as if searching for the words, then looks straight at me.

I’ve only met Edgardo’s eyes a few times, but this time it’s different.

His clear, dark eyes distinctly recognize me, and I too am looking at him as Edgardo, not just some handsome man.

“. . .I want to share this joy. With none other than you.”

“I’m honored, but. . .we’ll run out of cake.”

Edgardo looks slightly surprised and laughs.

“Women do enjoy sweets.”

I take slight offense at his roundabout way of saying I’m greedy.

“Delicious things are justice.”

“Delicious is justice. . .Indeed, that’s true. So why don’t we share the wine of victory? Besides.”

He pauses, a hint of allure lighting up the corner of his eyes, capturing me in his gaze.

“If we run out of cake, we can always buy more, can’t we? You taught me that.”

I never taught him that.

But I can’t say it.

Smiling, without confirming or denying, I sit in the chair next to Edgardo. Just as I was about to pour some tea, Edgardo stops me.

“I can handle myself, so no need to fuss. Why don’t we each do as we like?”

“I agree. . .You won’t call it disrespectful, right?”

“Of course not. There’s no need to be formal.”


Edgardo poured himself a cup of tea and stared at the sparkling cake.

What he picked up was a simple yet classic cake, the most popular one. Edgardo gently put his fork into it and took a bite, closing his eyes in sheer delight.

It would be rude to stare too closely, so I looked away and chose a cake. After a few minutes of indecision, I decided to go with something that wasn’t a limited-time offering. If it’s always available in the shop, I can buy it again even if I eat it now.

Sipping the tea I had been curious about, I took a moment to relax before eating the cake.

“Ah, it’s delicious. . .! Valka-sama, it’s really good!”

“Ah. . .this must be a miracle bestowed by God.”

Edgardo, already on his third cake, hasn’t slowed down his eating pace. I sense a true sweet tooth at work.


Our tea time, filled with cakes, concluded as Edgardo and I engaged in occasional light conversation. Eating 10 cakes is certainly overdoing it, though I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

I tried to hand him a magic bag filled with cakes as we were leaving, but he declined.

“I do understand that I shouldn’t eat this every day. If I have it close at hand, I won’t be able to resist the temptation. . .I apologize to Miss Norchev.”

“Please don’t worry about it. I was also pleased to have delicious food.”

“. . .Miss Norchev is like the sparkling tip of a gemstone cake.”

. . .Am I being complimented. . .? I can’t really tell.

Edgardo is blushing a bit, so it’s probably a compliment in his eyes.

“May I visit again on the next holiday? Miss Norchev, you can do whatever you like.”

“Of course. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

On holidays, in the residence where I live, I can openly practice cooking to prepare for the future. No one would complain if I bought cookbooks or recipes for work!

After all, it’s frowned upon for nobles to work. Working at the royal castle is an exception, seen as an opportunity to demonstrate loyalty to the king.

It’s unthinkable for a noblewoman to willingly engage in menial tasks. Cooking as a hobby is tolerated, but if one were to buy cookbooks, apprentice to someone, or seriously aim to learn, that would spark outrage.

That’s why I had to practice in secret until now.

But from now on, I can learn freely under the guise of it being for work. And I can make a living from it in the future!

Since I can’t remain idle at home, I will likely live almost like a commoner. But as I come from a common background, I don’t mind. Now, how to convince Thor. . .hmm. . .

Remembering my brother Thor, who is overly attached to his sister, I decided to quit thinking about it for now. If Thor finds someone he loves or gets engaged, he’ll probably become a bit more independent. Probably.

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