Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 10

𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐰𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐬

The sandwiches made from the leftover bread that the bakery delivers every morning were finished in half the time I had imagined.

I’m glad I had the help of Prep-kun. With it around, most of the cooking gets done.

Based on the reactions of the lord knights so far, I’ve packed what seems to be popular. Roa-sama’s requested teriyaki chicken, eggs, and thick bacon with slits for easy eating. I also made a fruit sandwich in case someone wants something sweet.

The fruit sandwich was tricky with the balance of fruits and whipped cream; I had to redo it multiple times and ended up making it to my liking. I’m curious about the reactions.

After finishing training, I greeted Arthur, who was the first to open the door today.

“Good work today, welcome back.”

“Ah, it smells good. What’s for dinner tonight?”


No one dislikes dumplings (according to my research). They turned out perfect, as I made the wrapper from scratch. The moment you put them in your mouth, the juicy filling bursts out.

“I’ve prepared some late-night snacks, so feel free to take some. It’s four per person.”

“I gratefully accept. Thank you as always.”

Arthur is always polite, but his aura of being used to women makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Edgardo, who always comes in after Arthur, is expressionless as usual today. Because we never make eye contact, I feel a little at ease.

When he takes his meal, he usually gives a slight bow and leaves; however, today, he unusually paused.

“. . .Are there any seconds?”

“I’ve prepared plenty. I also have fried and boiled dumplings for the second round, so feel free to help yourself.”

From behind Edgardo, Rolf’s bright red hair peeks out.

“What are boiled dumplings?”

Despite being slender, Rolf eats a lot. He seems to look forward to meals and often starts conversations. Although he appears flippant, I recently noticed he’s actually quite serious.

“They’re dumplings that are boiled. We have three types today, so try and compare them.”

Rolf, who was casually taking dumplings, suddenly stopped and gently put down the tongs.

“Putting off the joy, how could you.”

His exaggerated sorrow made me chuckle inadvertently.

Starting to work here, I quickly realized just how much of a scoundrel the man around me in my previous life was. He acted kind, but it was all for selfish reasons. When I rejected his advances, he would angrily explode and spread baseless rumors.

In my previous life, I was wounded and couldn’t recover, with no one to rely on. I was always overwhelmed. Lacking self-confidence, I wanted to be loved, even though I had given up. I think that desperation seeped through.

The lord knights of the Fourth Order are all decent people. They seem to have noticed that I’m uncomfortable around the opposite sex and maintain their distance.

At first, they interacted formally, but it seems they realized I’m not here to find a spouse. In the end, taking one’s job seriously is what matters.

“It looks delicious today as well! Thank you!”

Rene, as always, thanked me brightly. Due to his younger age and light pink hair, he feels more like a younger brother than the opposite sex. Among the Fourth Knights, he’s the easiest to talk to.

“If you don’t mind, please tell me which dumpling you liked best later. It will be a reference for the future.”

Afterwards, the lord knights ate a lot of dumplings. Despite preparing so much to ensure that everyone could have seconds, they were all gone.

. . .I underestimated the appetite of athletes.






“T, This is scary. . .Why are forests so terrifying at night? It’s like Jason Voorhees could pop out at any moment.”

Muttering to myself because of the fear, I head towards the Knights’ dormitory to pick up something I forgot.

I could go tomorrow morning, but it’s a day off. I don’t want to wake up early on my day off and go to a workplace where I don’t have to be.

Relying on the moonlight, I open the back door of the dormitory, and in the darkness, a large shadow slowly moves.

“Ah. . .!!”

Is it a bear? A thief? This is bad, I’m empty-handed!

Just as I take a breath to scream, something large stretches out and covers my mouth.

“Mmm—! Mmm!!”

“Ouch! Calm down, it’s me. Edgardo Valka.”

Freed, I almost trip as I put distance between us.

Nursing the hand I bit hard, it was indeed Edgardo, who is calming me down like one would calm a wild beast.

“Valka-sama. . .?”

“I’m sorry for startling you. I didn’t want to cause a commotion, so I acted rashly. You must’ve been scared.”

“I, I’m so sorry! I ended up biting your hand!”

“Being able to do something like this when something happens is actually a good thing. So, lower your voice.”

Edgardo doesn’t want to cause a fuss, it seems. Nodding, I hug my trembling body.

It was scary. Just when I was finally getting used to the men in the Knights’ Order.

A hand extending in the darkness. Struggling is useless, overpowered by the difference in size and strength. If this were a villain, by now I would be. . .

“I am truly sorry. I’ve disgraced myself as a knight for injuring the lady I’m supposed to protect.”

“. . .No, no! It’s my fault for not being prepared. I should’ve had a self-defense tool on hand.”

After all the trouble I went through with men in my previous life, how did I not realize until now that I lack the means to protect myself?!

“Tomorrow, I’ll look for some self-defense tools. Valka-sama, thank you for making me realize.”

Edgardo shows an unusual troubled expression and clearly shakes his head.

“Prioritizing my own convenience and making the lady I’m supposed to protect fearful shows my own lack of maturity. No need to thank me.”

Edgardo lowers his head and lets out what sounds like a sigh.

“Ah, it got squashed.”

What he was holding was a late-night sandwich.

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