Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Sunset (William’s Point of View)

“Your Grace, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and an old school friend from your academy days are here.”

Sitting next to Leah’s sleeping bed, I turned my face towards the servant’s voice that was heard from the entrance of the room.

“Let them through.”

The servant, who had heard my instructions, bowed and turned on his heel.

Before long, footsteps could be heard from the corridor outside the room.


My friend, who had burst into the room, hugged me with all his might.

“In such a battle, I left you behind!! I’m…”!!

While listening to Finn’s wet voice, I stroked his head.

“Finn, welcome back. I heard from the messenger that you successfully destroyed “the core of the magical beast”. You did a good job.”

Finn’s hands, which were grasping my back, grew stronger.

At that moment, lighter footsteps approached the room a little more than Finn’s.

“Finlay, please don’t leave me behind. Unlike Finlay, I don’t understand the structure of this mansion…”

As she spoke and appeared, the woman’s soft grey eyes softened as she saw me.

“William, it’s been a long time. Seeing your appearance again makes me relieved.”

I nodded to Miss Charlotte’s words while rubbing Finn’s back.

After Finn calmed down and they sat down in chairs, sniffling through their noses.

Miss Charlotte took the initiative.

“…I knew it, but it doesn’t seem okay.”

I ambiguously smiled at Miss Charlotte’s concerned gaze.

Finn, who was looking at me worriedly, opened his mouth.

“Hey, are you taking in enough nutrition? Your body doesn’t look well.”

“I’m eating properly, it’s okay. More importantly, is it okay for Finn to be here? You’re the one who’s supposed to be leading the parade, aren’t you?”

If asked that, Finn turned towards me to straighten his posture.

“Yes, the people do want a victory parade. However, there is something we have to do before that.”

I understand that statement.

“Clarify the affiliation of the military force that attacked us in the ancient forest and take measures…Is that what you mean?”

When I said that, Finn and Miss Charlotte nodded.

“Now, the country is in a festive mood. Hearing that His Royal Highness Finlay wiped out the disaster-like magical beasts, they are overflowing with joy. But in this country, there are those who attacked Finlay and William like this time… the anti-royalists lurking.

Miss Charlotte’s voice lowers.

“Finlay is using the dark side of the country, and I am working with the animals to proceed with identifying the anti-royalists. However, there is still not enough information. William saw the anti-royalist army face to face in the ancient forest. I want you to tell us what you know.”

I nodded to those words.

“Understood. I’ll talk about what I know.”

By the time I finished talking about the overview, it was the time when the setting sun was shining through the windows of the room.

“I understand the general situation. Thank you, Will.”

“Was the information useful?”

I asked, and Finn groaned.

“Yes. When I connect what I have investigated with Will’s testimony, I have a feeling that the outer shell has become much clearer. But, one more push… something…”

At that time, Miss Charlotte lightly tapped Finn’s shoulder.

“Finlay. I think it’s time we left.”

At those words, Finn’s eyes twinkled.

Miss Charlotte looked at me, ignoring Finn.

“William, you don’t look well. I’m sorry, I made you remember a lot of painful things in the process of talking.”

When Miss Charlotte said that, Finn opened his eyes wide.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t notice. We’ll go home now.”

Finn and Miss Charlotte stand up.

“Will, how about resting today? You really have a terrible face.”

I returned a smile to Finn’s words.

And I shook my head.

“Thank you. But I can’t relax unless I’m next to Leah. I’m scared that something might happen while I’m away.”

“I see…”

Finn bites his lips.

Then they said goodbye and left the room.

In the room where the setting sun shines, I am alone with Leah.

A young man named Riley, who Leah says is her friend, is heading to the neighboring country to search for kinu grass, but I don’t know him well.

I knew that if I went with him, I would only be a burden for collecting herbs.

So I saw off the young man named Riley without going with him, and I felt uncomfortable that I couldn’t do anything for Leah, relying on a stranger.

“Leah, the sunset is red. It’s almost like when you took your knight’s oath.

Even if I mutter that, Leah lying on the bunk bed doesn’t move at all. The deep green eyes, like the lakeside of that forest, are still hidden behind her eyelids.

I put my hand on Leah’s cheek.

“There are so many things I want to ask you. Why did you lie about your gender? When did you start? What was the reason? And I still don’t understand why you wanted to be such a strong guardian knight for me when my body was still weak.”

I stroke her cheek with my palm.

“Come on, open your eyes, Leah.”

My whisper disappears into the air of the room, illuminated by the sunset, without anyone answering it.

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