Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Name calling

As the days flew by, the control within the Duke of Moore’s household knights had been established due to the successful joint training.

News of the simultaneous appearance of magical beasts in various places reached the knights.

When the knights arrived, the houses in the affected area were partially destroyed by the energy waves emitted by the magical beast, and people buried in the rubble or critically injured from having their energy absorbed were seen everywhere. The scene was terrible.

While the knights were conducting rescue operations, another area saw the appearance of a magical beast, causing panic among the people of the country.

The Martinez royal family, with the help of scholars, conducted an urgent investigation into the cause of the situation. And today, a summons was issued to the nobles of the country on behalf of the royal family, indicating the king’s intentions.

In the grandly designed audience chamber,

The leaders of the nobles from all over the country stand shoulder to shoulder in the particularly spacious space, even within the palace.

As for me, I was standing by the seat prepared for the head of the three major ducal families… next to where William-sama was seated.

Under the noisy situation where the nobles were anxious, a loud bell sounded.

“His Majesty the King has arrived!!”

At the announcement of the King’s arrival by an official, the audience chamber fell silent.

Amid the silence, a huge door at the back of the throne opened.

Emerging from the door was His Majesty King Henry, crowned with golden hair, a symbol of the royal family.

Following behind him were Her Majesty Queen Harriet, His Royal Highness Prince Finlay, and Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia.

His Majesty King Henry turned his red coat and sat on the throne, looking at the leaders of the nobles.

“Everyone, it was a great effort to come such a long way.”

At these words, the nobles all kneeled in unison.

The king looked at the nobles and spoke solemnly.

“The purpose of this summons is to inform you that we have found a clue to solving the massive outbreak of magical beasts that have caused panic in our country, and to explain the method.”

The nobles murmur.


At the official’s voice, the room regained its calm.

Waiting for the nobles to quiet down, the king began to speak.

“The scholars deciphered ancient documents and found that a similar phenomenon occurred hundreds of years ago. The signs of magical beast outbreaks, the trend of multiple locations… everything matched. And the cause was a crystal called the “magical beast core” that exists in the ancient forest and can be destroyed to stop the outbreak of magical beasts. This is something that the scholars of the country have investigated to the best of their ability, and for which I, as king, am responsible.”

As the king said this, the scholars who were standing by the throne bowed their heads.

“And regarding this solution… Prince Finlay, come here.”

At the king’s words, Prince Finlay stepped forward.

“As the duty of the next king, I will entrust the task of destroying the “magical beast core” to Prince Finlay.”

At this announcement, William-sama gasped.

I, standing next to William-sama, noticed that his expression froze.

The reactions of the nobles are generally positive, with some praising Prince Finlay as the future king and others relieved that the situation has been resolved and the country is safe.

Looking down on them from the throne, the king continued to speak.

“Prince Finlay will be accompanied by the national military and will undertake this mission…”

The king’s voice, which had been ringing loud and clear, suddenly stopped.

The king, who had become unusually silent, covered his face with his hands.

“I can’t…”

The king muttered suddenly.

His Majesty King Henry turns to Prince Finlay.

His face was distorted and covered in pain.

“Oh Finlay, my dear son.”

The voice of the king, who stood up from the throne and walked towards Prince Finlay with heavy steps, was so heart-wrenching that it seemed to tear the hearts of those listening.

“After all, I could never send Finlay to his death.”

The wrinkled hand was stretched out towards Prince Finlay.

Prince Finlay gently took his hand and softly held it.


He smiled at his father, who was sorrowfully sad.

“I will go to the ancient forest. For the people, for the royal family, and for myself.”

Upon hearing this, the king’s face became even more pained, but Queen Harriet hugged his shoulder.

While her eyes were filled with grief, she looked at the king with a dignified expression.

“Your Majesty… this is a necessary trial for Finlay. If he can solve this problem successfully, his position as king will be solidified. Believing and waiting is the only thing we can do.”

The king looked down at the queen’s sad but determined smile.

And when he looked up again, there was no longer the figure of a “father”, but that of a “king” of the country.

“… You must make it back alive.”

At these words, Prince Finlay kneels.

When the king and queen nod, a girl jumps out from behind them.

“Big brother!!”

The girl embraces the prince.


The girl called out by Prince Finlay hugged him even tighter.

The prince stroked Sofia’s head.

“Sofia. Let’s play together again when I come back.”

When Prince Finlay said this, Sofia looked up at him with tear-filled eyes.

“Really? Big brother, definitely.”

“Oh, I promise.”

Prince Finlay laughed confidently at the princess, and then raised his voice towards the nobles.

“I, Finlay Martinez, the prince, will undertake this mission!”

That was when he said,

“I would also like to have the lord of the Moore duke family, William Moore, accompany me on this journey.”

A familiar voice struck my earlobes. Amidst the silence of everyone, William-sama looked directly at the king.

“Your majesty, I request permission to join.”

The king glared at William-sama with a look of no hesitation after hearing this.

“William Moore, Duke of Moore. I have heard that you used to be weak. This mission is certainly not a kind one. Are you still going?”

William-sama shook his head without hesitation at the bold question.

“I understand. I have already overcome my weak body. If you want me to prove it, I will solve any problems assigned to me.”

The king glared at William-sama with sharp eyes, but eventually softened his expression.

“Good. I permit you to join.”

William-sama deeply bowed at those words.


Prince Finlay stared at William-sama in surprise.

William-sama returned the gaze straight on.

“As I said before, “Your problem is my problem”.”

William-sama smiled at Prince Finlay.

“Let’s live and return together, Finn.”

That night.

While I was on duty in William-sama’s room in the palace, I was turning my thoughts around.

(He probably knew that this might happen.)

Even though I think that, the anxiety that eats at my chest only increases.

(What if, like with William-sama’s parents, I can’t avoid his fate of death?)

Such thoughts keep swirling around.

Before I knew it, I felt like I would open the door behind me and run to William-sama, yelling for him to withdraw from the mission.

I desperately hold down such feelings.

(It’s impossible for William-sama, who has a personality like that, to abandon Prince Finlay in his desperate situation. Persuasion is impossible. He has also trained his own body and the control of his direct protection squad is going smoothly. The joint training is also proceeding without any problems. All I have to do is do what I have to do.)

Even though I think that, my anxiety doesn’t disappear.

My nights were spent in agony at the vision of losing Master William.

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