Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Responsibilities

Having completed the funeral as a pallbearer, William-sama was left with the duties of the lordship without any handover.

He searched for necessary documents, conducted diplomacy with surrounding nobles and foreign countries, and ran back and forth to the people of the domain.

Various tasks descended on William, and he worked from early morning to late at night.

I struggled day and night to alleviate some of William’s burden, but I was also overwhelmed by the work of my new role, given to me.

The new role given to me… it was the role of captain of the guard knights.

The head bodyguard knight of the next duke will be appointed as the captain of the Moore ducal guard knights at the same time as the duke is replaced.

This is basically the rule that has been passed down and there are no exceptions.

When I knew this rule, I was happy to be able to defend William, but when I actually found myself in that position, I was dizzy with busyness.

William’s protection, document organization, management and training supervision of the knight brigade… I seriously wish I had more than one of myself.

On this day, I will devote myself to the training of personnel in the knight corps to protect William-sama on the day that is to come.

I give training instructions to the guard knights and start my own training while they are doing it.

“Haa… Haa… Captain Flores…”

(This is no good, the movement is too big. More sharply…)

“Captain Flores! Are you listening?!”

As I was concentrating on my training and raised my face, a man with brown hair, panting, was standing there without my noticing.

He narrowed his hawk-colored eyes, taking deep breaths.

“The… Haa… The training I was told to do… Haa… Everyone has finished it… I can’t… I… I’m at my limit…”

I smiled at him as he repeated rough breathing.

“Thank you for the report, Johnson. It’s about time for lunch break. Shall we have lunch?”

As soon as I said this, he jumped up and was delighted.

“Yahoo! Lunchtime! I’ll let the guys in the knight’s squad know!”

He ran towards the training grounds, shouting with joy.

(What, isn’t he still energetic?)

I watched his back and chuckled wryly.

He, Daniel Johnson, is someone I selected as the vice captain of the guard squad.

Although he has certainly proven himself to be capable, he has not been properly recognized until now due to his background as someone from the slums.

He also has a high level of communication skills, and his timing to discreetly assist his fellow knights during training is just perfect.

That’s why I thought he was a gem and placed him as the vice captain.

In fact, that judgment was correct.

When I couldn’t spare the time to even handle the deployment of the guard squad due to assisting William-sama, Johnson has skillfully taken care of things between me and the knights.

(The training for the guard squad is progressing smoothly. However, there are limits to what can be achieved by only training the guard squad. Considering that there is a possibility of fighting against the anti-royal forces in the near future, it is necessary to cooperate with the peacekeeping squad that is responsible for deploying in case of an emergency. I need to somehow contact the knight captain of the peacekeeping squad and see if we can have regular joint training…)

While I was thinking about this,

“Captain Flores! Let’s go quickly!”

Johnson waved at me from a distance.

“Let’s go, captain!”


The other knights also called out to me.

I interrupted my thoughts and turned my feet towards them, and walked slowly towards everyone.

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