Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Messenger

“The night sky is filled with clouds.

I, alone, descend to the Duke of Moore’s mansion.

I sneak into the mansion through a prepared escape hole, and stealthily walk through the sleeping mansion while being careful of the vigilant knights.

After confirming the presence of several carriages at the intended location, the Duke’s carriage storage, I take out a metal rod from my waist pouch.

I check that there are no people nearby while keeping an eye on the outside.

I hold up the metal rod in front of the carriage and swing it down vigorously towards the wheels.

I have been gradually preparing for something for a while now.

I travel between the capital and the Duke of Moore’s territory, and investigate the number and location of the carriages in the mansion. In addition, I secretly created escape holes to sneak into the mansion on the day of the plan’s execution.

I went to a tool shop in the city with my face hidden and obtained a metal rod.

And on the eve of the graduation ceremony, today.

I destroy the single wheels of all the carriages in the Duke of Moore’s mansion.


…To prevent the Duke and Duchess of Moore from dying in a carriage accident on the day of the graduation ceremony tomorrow.

“That’s all of them…”

After finishing breaking the single wheels of all the carriages in the mansion, I let out a sigh of relief.

I carefully confirm that all the carriages are in a state where they cannot run and put the metal rod back in my waist pouch.”

“In the scenario, the Duke and Duchess of Moore leave by carriage for official business on the day of William-sama’s graduation ceremony and suffer a fatal accident on the way. The reason why William-sama, who has graduated, will immediately take over as Duke is because of this.

I wanted to stop it in a more peaceful way, but I don’t think the Duke and Duchess of Moore will listen to my opinion as a knight escort for William-sama.

Moreover, if I were to say “please change the route to official business or stay in the mansion for a day without going to official business tomorrow”, it would be full of suspicion.

That’s why I decided to go with this method.

The wheels I damaged can be easily fixed by replacing them, but it takes at least one day to do the work.

Therefore, the carriages in the mansion cannot be used tomorrow, and there will be no accidents.

I sneak out of the mansion while being careful of any noise.

I disguise the entrance to the escape hole so it can’t be seen from the outside, and stand up in place.

Then I look out the window of the room where the Duke and Duchess of Moore are.

The reason why I am trying to save them.

Of course, there is also the feeling of wanting to save lives.

However, the main reason is my self-satisfaction based on my speculation that “it would be better for William-sama’s future to save them”.

William-sama, who has been coldly treated by the Duke and Duchess of Moore, his parents.

He is suffering from the relationship and, in fact, cannot bring himself to abandon his feelings for his parents.

What would happen if the Duke and Duchess of Moore were to die in such a state?

“…Whether to repair the relationship or to break up, if you don’t make the decision yourself, William-sama will surely regret it. For that reason, you must still be alive.”

That faint murmur dissipates into the sound of the wind.

I turn my heel towards the direction where the sky is barely white when I look away from the window of the room.


A magnificent venue with glittering chandeliers.

At the graduation ceremony where graduates are talking about the graduates here and there, there were three people talking with glasses in hand.

“We’re finally graduating. It’s been a long time, but it’s been fun.”

The Crown Prince Finlay said with deep emotion.

“Yes, it was a fruitful four years. I made a lot of friends too.”

Charlotte smiled, and William-sama nodded.”

“By the way, Charlotte, you’ve been recruited by several domains including the royal family as a botanist, right? That’s amazing.”

When William-sama praises her, Charlotte looks happy.

“Yes, it’s a wonderful thing!”

“As the royal family, we would be delighted if you could do plant research in the capital. Of course, I’m happy that way too.”

The Crown Prince Finlay interjected, and Charlotte giggled.

“Ara, Finlay, I don’t make decisions based on love. I’m going to look at all the options and go where I can live happily with my mother.”

Upon hearing this, the Crown Prince Finlay pouted.

The three of them had a peaceful conversation, watched by Edward-san and me.

As I stand here, thinking that such a scene may not be seen again, I notice that the movements of the venue staff are unusually busy.

The staff are running around frantically.

Then, as I watch one of the staff quickly approach William-sama, I have a bad feeling.

An indescribable, extremely bad feeling.

“Duke Moore…!!”

The staff member approaches William-sama and speaks to him quietly.

“Yeah? What is it?”

William-sama looks back at him with a curious expression.

The staff member opens his mouth with a tense expression.

“It’s a message! The Duke and Duchess of Moore…!!”

When William-sama hears the staff member’s words to the end, his expression falls.

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